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The 28 Best Wedding Gifts for The Bride (That Anyone Can Buy)

Looking to buy the most thoughtful wedding gifts for a bride for an upcoming wedding? Or maybe, your upcoming wedding? Whether you’re the groom or a bridesmaid, it can really be a tough challenge to pick something that says “I love you”. 

It’s also tricky if you agreed to stay within a budget limit. At some points, it can feel like everything good has already been purchased. Sure, you could just look at the wedding registry (if it’s available), but where’s the fun in that?

A great gift is either unique, or practical, but it should have a few “parts” of yourself in it. You could always go for some home items, monogrammed or not. However, there are more meaningful options too.

Do you need wedding gifts for the man of the hour too? Here are 30 gift ideas for the groom.

Our Favorite Wedding Gifts for The Bride

1. Better Topics – Fun & Unique Wedding Gifts

How about you buy the bride something really unexpected, but that she’s going to totally love? Instead of going with something classic, we propose this unique and engaging card game. It is made specifically for couples!

It can be hard to hear, but a lot of new marriages in the US alone end up in divorce (about 800K for every 2 million). That’s almost a statistical 50/50 for the newlyweds to be together for a few years only. 

Better Topics is an approachable way to improve communication, honesty and openness in an intimate relationship.

It gets couples to truly talk with one another, helping them understand each other better. 

In the long run, this means that their relationship will grow and evolve much more than they thought it possible. At the same time, through this game, you’re simply having fun chatting!

All of the great benefits happen without the need for active effort. 

One player plays a Question card, and then their partner answers to the best of their ability. Other cards can then come into play, called Modifiers, which spice things up. 

Whoever uses all of their cards first draws a Reward card, which entitles them to a special boon from their partner!

Think of breakfast in bed, swapping household chores, getting a foot massage, going to a favorite restaurant, etc. 

Above all, Better Topics helps spouses connect with each other on a daily basis in significant ways. No “how was your day?”, no “what’s your favorite color?”.

If you also believe in preserving love (and think that playing a card game is plain old fun), get the Better Topics Complete Collection today!

We’re sure that the bride is going to appreciate you going outside the box with your wedding gift choice.

2. A Love/Friendship Letter

If you’re the groom, there are few other more romantic gestures that you could do for your wife-to-be on your big day. Romance is flowing all over the air, and what girl doesn’t wish for a romantic declaration when she’s getting married?

If you’re one of the bridesmaids, a friendship card will go a long way. It’s the perfect way to remind the bride just how much you love her too, and that you wish her all the best in her new marriage.

3. A Unique Art Piece

Since home decorations are top picks for wedding gifts, you could go with one that stands out. There are a lot of interesting paintings, little sculptures or other types of items which you can display in your home.

Pick something artistic that symbolizes love. Something that will remind the bride about her special day for the rest of her life. We advise perusing some local art shops; they’re bound to have something you wouldn’t expect.

4. A Pair of Heels

It’s no secret that many women love a pair of fancy shoes. Nowadays, it’s become trendy to also have them engraved with a special message. It’s not kitsch if that’s what you’re wondering. The message is actually on the sole.

You could go for some pump heels, heeled sandals, or even stilettos (although they’re not as in fashion anymore, and they take their toll on the feet). 

5. Custom Wedding Rings

Granted, you’ll have to plan this one out at least a few weeks before the wedding. It’d be pretty awkward to show up with another pair of wedding rings if it wasn’t in the schedule.

Other than that, let your imagination run wild (but definitely consult the bride)! Think about her preferences, most loved things, what types of rings she already likes to wear. Brainstorm from there.

6. A Wedding Dress Label

This is a lovely patch of cloth that’s sewn on the inside of the wedding dress. It could have a loving message, or simply mention the wedding’s date on it. 

It’s a special way in which the bride will be able to reminisce about her wonderful day. Be very careful if you’re trying to do the sewing yourself though. We advise contacting a tailor for it.

7. A Jewelry Box…

Straightforward and pretty risk free. All women need to store their jewelry somewhere, and you can make sure they’ll have a customized space for it. 

You can engrave the inside and also pick a design that you know the bride is going to love. It doesn’t have to be a box either. Get creative if you have an awesome idea!

8. …or Jewelry Itself!

This could go both ways truth be told, so make sure you really understand what the bride enjoys wearing. If this is your decision as the groom, we recommend double checking with the maid of honor. 

You know it’s good advice.

9. Lots of Chocolate!

Despite their significance, weddings can be very stressful. If you anticipate that the bride is going to be anxious on the big day, have a selection of delicious chocolates sent her way. That’s bound to give her a few moments of relaxation.

You can also throw in a lovely flower bouquet for good measure.

10. A Wedding Painting

Having plenty of pictures from the wedding is a given, but what about a canvas? You can sort through all of the photographer’s work and pick something that just screams “happily ever after”.

If the engagement was photographed as well by chance, you can also turn that into a painting. How many people can claim to have such an art piece in their home?

11. “Mrs.” Merchandise

Getting married also means switching from “Miss” to “Misses” for the bride. That’s why a personalized “Mrs.” wedding gift is a great present. 

You also won’t have a shortage of options. There are mugs, pillows, bathrobes, t-shirts, you name it. If you want to add some humour to it, we suggest going with “Mrs. Always Right”.

12. A Gift Card

A tad uninspired? Sure. A solid wedding gift nonetheless? Definitely! If you really can’t pinpoint what the bride would love, just go with a trusty wedding gift card. 

For example, you buy one for a local spa, so that she can de-stress after the wedding day. Or you know, just an Amazon card. That way she can buy whatever she wants.

13. A Custom Cutting Board

A lot of married couples spend quality time together in the kitchen. There’s just a special feeling to cooking something awesome together.

So, you can easily put an out-of-the-ordinary cutting board on your wedding gifts for the bride shortlist. Maybe have it inscribed with their names and wedding date.

14. A Trendy Purse

Another idea with which is easy to hit the mark. Take note of the bride’s wardrobe. Buy her a purse that would compliment the colors and styles she wears most. It could be a minimalist purse, or something bigger and colorful.

15. Household Appliances

Practicality has its many merits. If the bride and groom aren’t living together yet, chances are they could really use a helping hand with household items. 

Vacuums, washing machines, fridges, blenders, coffee makers, microwaves, toasters…they’re all spot on housewarming wedding gifts. 

16. A Chef’s Knife

Remember the cutting board idea? A sharp and professional knife would compliment it very nicely. When you’re cooking together with your significant other, you don’t want to be delayed by bad tools.

There are also a ton of fancy kitchen knives to pick from. You could go for a wooden handle, an inscribed blade, different shapes and sizes, etc.

Think of it this way: every time the bride’s going to smoothly chop up a tomato, she’ll think of you.

17. A Keepsake Box

We all have treasured items that remind us of special moments in our lives. A photo, a medal, a piece of jewelry, a childhood toy. You can find many great boxes for memorabilia online, with customization options too. 

Furthermore, each day is a new opportunity for a loving memory. For example, when you’ve just completed a romantic and caring couples challenge from the Better Topics app. You could add a special note in that box every time.

18. A Fancy Vase

Flowers literally bring more life into one’s home. Buying a classic (or modern) type of vase will let the bride display a multitude of floral arrangements in a special way. You can opt for opaque vases, transparent ones, brightly or lightly colored, your choice.

Depending on the vase, it will suit one room better than another, as well as varying types of flowers. If you pick a larger bowl type of vase, it would be perfect for greenery arrangements. 

19. A Trip Abroad

If you’re in it to win it, a whole vacation is going to earn you the bride’s gratitude for a long time to come. You could plan ahead of time so that it’s her honeymoon; or, if you want it to be a surprise, it could be a reservation for the following year.

It’s also one of the easier wedding gifts to make (finances aside), because all it takes is asking what country she’d really like to visit. 

20. Scented Candles

A sweet scent can really bring relaxation into one’s home. With the amount of aromas available on the market right now, you’ll easily find one that’s suitable for the bride. 

You could also go the extra mile and pick a scent that would make her remember the wedding. Think sea salt if the wedding was on the beach, or pinewood if it was in a forest/park. 

21. An Elegant Wine Rack…

Wine is one of those drinks that you just love to share with your S.O. Take the initiative and get the bride a marble or wood wine rack. They go well in many rooms, and there’s the extra advantage that they’re hard to tip over and break all the bottles.

22. …And Maybe Some Wine Bottles

Since you’re getting the wine rack anyway, might as well buy its first additions. Go for a white Chardonnay or a red Cabernet Sauvignon. They’re generally popular and the bride and groom are going to enjoy them together.

23. Theatre Tickets

There are usually a few plays happening at local theatres. Comedies, tragedies, poetry, ballet, even classical music concerts. Going to the theatre isn’t a frequent occurrence anymore, so the tickets would be a wedding gift that stands out.

24. Dance Classes

Dancing with your spouse is pure love and joy. We’re certain that the bride is going to agree with that. You can sign them up for a few lessons as a wedding gift. If you’re not exactly sure what type of dancing would be best, speak to a few instructors.

They’ll be able to help you out.

25. Book an Escape Room

Marriage is basically the absolute highest level of teamwork. And what better way to put that teamwork to good use than to collaborate and be creative together?

Escape rooms are fun activities that test your thinking and logic. They’re a great method of coming to appreciate just how smart another person is, and to feel good about your own deductive skills too!

26. Hair Salon Appointment

This one is self-explanatory. Do try to book a nice one though, maybe something high-end. You want to make the bride feel completely spoiled when she goes there. As the above image suggests, we highly advise paying for a head massage too.

27. Photo Shoot With The Girls

The wedding day is about her and the groom. But, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a follow-up session of admittedly too many photos of her and her best friends. 

It’ll serve as a great tangible memory later in life when she’ll remember her younger years.

28. Record a Song

If you’re handy with a guitar, piano, violin or any other musical instrument, you have the opportunity of creating something truly unique.

Together with other important people in the bride’s life, you could record a funny or heartfelt song. We bet she won’t be expecting it.

You Can Always Mix & Match

Choosing multiple wedding gifts for the bride isn’t out of the question either. For example, if you buy her a Better Topics deck, you can also get her a membership plan for the Better Topics app (available to download for free on both iOS and Android). 

This way, she can stay connected with her husband-to-be throughout the day, and engage in valuable conversations and weekly couple challenges!


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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