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12 Best Apps For Couples That Will Grow Your Relationship

Today we’re talking about 12 of the best apps for couples that will help you grow your relationship. 

It’s harder than it used to be to dedicate yourself 100% to your partner. But, there’s good news! The best apps for couples available to download right now put the relationship reins back in your hands.

To help you pick the best of the best apps for couples that will fit you and your significant other best, we’ve made this top 12 apps for couples list. You’ll still need to put in the effort though! The hard hard work doesn’t stop after opening up Google Play or App Store.

Even if you’re married, keep in mind that the “I do” is only a beginning. Now you have to sustain the flames of love that much harder. You have to put love into every single day that you spend together with your spouse.

Top 12 Best Apps for Couples

It’s no news that relationships require hard work from both sides. However, you can use a mobile app that’s directed towards your love life to make it all easier.

Here are our favorite best apps for couples:

1. Better Topics – Fun & Replayable Conversations

The basis of a healthy intimate relationship is open communication. But not just any communication. “How was your day” and “can you pick up the kids today” is fine and all, but those topics aren’t even scratching the surface.

You and your partner are together because of the love, respect and admiration that you share for one another.

So, why stop talking about the really important things? Better Topics is a fun couple’s game that brings meaningful conversations to the table, in a special way!

Each day, you’ll be able to send your S.O. 3+ question cards. There are a range of topics, from past memories, to goals, curiosities, and everything in between.

You each get points for answering the questions.

The points can then be spent on goodies such as Modifier cards. You use Modifiers to spice up questions, ask for more details, or even flip questions to the other player (much like the “reverse” card of Uno).

This keeps the conversations going, making them more dynamic.

Also, you’ll periodically get Rewards cards, just for playing! Think along the lines of “breakfast in bed”, “read a chapter from my favorite book”, “dine together at my favorite restaurant” etc. 

And, for the truly dedicated to the success of their relationship, there are weekly secret couple challenges! You’ll get a lovely, romantic task to make your partner feel appreciated, and they have to do the same.

If you’re among the people that want to grow their relationship continuously and achieve new, wonderful stages, Better Topics is for you. Play just 1-3 rounds a day, or more, your choice!

Price: FREE

Platforms: download on Android, or download on iOS

2. Kukini – Family Organizer

Like we’ve already said, most of us are swamped with tasks. We find Kukini to be great because it’s a user-friendly organizer for everyone! And when we say everyone, we mean the whole family.

This is an app you’ll want to check out if you’re already married and have kids that can navigate a smartphone. You can create lists of shared tasks, activities, map out your days in the calendar, and also track health and meal plans!

There are reminders available for each day, so you’ll always be able to follow what the plan was. Do you also want simple to-do lists? A shopping list maybe? Kukini has you covered. 

You can also get into tinier details, such as setting reminders for daily medication. Color coding is available as well, so you can easily differentiate between meal planning and soccer games. 

Additionally, since the app has its own messaging features, there is no need for a third party solution to keep in touch with the whole family.

3. Merge – Couple Organizer

So you don’t have kids yet, and Kukini is a bit much for you. No worries, you can use Merge instead. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for the past 10 years or just started dating.

It’s important all the same that you share tasks and help each other out.

Besides, let’s be honest, we’ve all had a little fight at least once because we forgot to pick up groceries or tidy up around the house, right? Merge helps you deal with daily chores by letting you tackle them as a team; together with your partner.

When you add a task that must be done, you can assign it to yourself or your significant other. Errands, dinner orders, birthday gifts for friends, you name it. There’s also an option to add details and clarifications.

If the task isn’t clear enough, you can ping your girlfriend or boyfriend through the app to request extra info. Especially helpful when you’re staring at a products aisle in the store but don’t know what you should choose.

From reminders, to paying bills, to voting on your preferences and assigning who will take out the trash next, Merge organizes your couple’s life.

4. GoodBudget – Track Finances

If you and your partner share your budget, it’s important to keep track of how it is spent. No one’s saying to police each other or spy on each other, just to be aware how you’re spending money. 

We think this app is great because sometimes you really have to be paying attention. This is especially true if you’re saving up for a bigger event, like a vacation abroad.

Overall, the app is pretty much “standard accounting”. 

You input how much you each earn monthly, what expenses you have, and include what you’re purchasing. This lets you see if you’re in the green and what’s eating up most of your budget. What’s more, you can also set budget limits:

  • $100 for X
  • $1,300 for Y
  • $200 for Z

If you have some debt to take care of, you can also add that into the app so it’s calculated. The app also updates in real time, so you won’t be paying for the same thing as your partner.

5. Love Nudge – Love Languages

Just like Better Topics focuses on providing you subjects for quality communication, Love Nudge is about finding how your partner wants to feel loved. You may know about the 5 love languages already.

If you don’t, they refer to how a person is most likely to feel loved. They could prefer physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service or quality time.

This app has you and your partner take a short quiz together. The quiz then takes your answers and figures out the most appropriate love language for you.

Perhaps it is most important for you that your partner washes the dishes and vacuums the carpet. That’s how you feel they care.

But, they might only feel loved by you if you give them a tight hug each morning. Furthermore, the app creates personalized goals for your couple life, so that you’re both happier. 

Thanks to this, you won’t have to come up with the ideas yourself. Love Nudge directly recommends you to cook dinner, or to buy a surprise gift, or to block time during the day to watch a movie together. 

If you’d like something in particular, you can highlight that in the app for your partner. This really helps take out the guesswork.

6. Winnie – Child Activity Ideas

Once you have kids, it becomes more difficult to share quality time together. Winnie is an app which helps you find activities for your children. You’ll be rejoicing in the best local park or playground together in no time.

There is also a feature oriented towards child care. You can research daycares or kindergartens in your area; photos, prices and parent reviews included!

If you wish to go out for date night, Winnie can also assist you in finding a nanny or babysitter. The community around the app isn’t that large yet, but more moms and dads are steadily joining.

You can add your own advice for others too!

7. Been Together – Relationship Tracker

Do you tend to forget important relationship milestones, days wise? Been Together tracks every second that you’ve been in a relationship with your S.O. 

You can celebrate all special occasions easily, as the app shows you at a glance the number of days, even on the widget (no need to open it).

There’s a tracker for anniversaries, main screen customization and notifications every 100 days about your relationship’s progress.

Finally, if you want to track multiple important dates at once (days since you got together vs days since you got married), you can do that as well.

8. Cobble – Date Ideas

We’re gonna go on a whim and assume you already know how dating and the best apps for couples work. So, normally, you use them to find a new partner. Cobble takes that concept and flips it on its head. There’s still a lot of swiping involved, but this time for date ideas!

That’s why Cobble is one of the best apps for couples. Both you and your boyfriend/girlfriend receive the same date ideas. If you swipe right on an intriguing idea, and your partner does the same, it’s a date! 

The app works by giving you a selection of carefully curated ideas. By swiping more and more, you’re constantly narrowing down the possibilities to a suitable date night!

You’ll find different categories: from restaurants to bars, and from clubs to special events. Overall, there are more than 3,000 options to choose from!

After you decide, Cobble also comes in handy with scheduling the date. Do you need a reservation for that place you’re visiting? Do that through this app that is one of the best apps for couples.

You can also schedule multiple dates and add them to the map view, getting a visual on what you want to do together.

Sorting the date ideas in categories, cost range and location is possible too. 

Don’t worry, there are “staycation” ideas too, no need to leave your house. Movies, TV shows, cooking or other home activities; they’re included in Cobble.

The only real downside is that the app’s only available in New York City. So…time to visit Manhattan?

8. Between – Private Couple Messaging

WhatsApp, Twitter DMs and Instagram are all fine and good, but how about an app for messaging just your loved one? Moreover, Between also lets you save special occasions and play around with your selfies, turning them into adorable gifs and stickers.

After you’re done making unreasonably cute versions of your photos, you can also sort them in custom albums. And yes, you can add stickers or heart-ified versions of your snaps to those albums.

Before you know it, you’ll have endearing memories of all special events like Christmas, Thanksgiving or one of your holidays together.

Even more so, you’ll have those memories in wonderful photo format, saved in your Between album.

To give you some built-in chatting topics as well, Between throws custom artwork, themes and event planning in the mix.

In the shared calendar, you can plan future date nights, anniversaries, and see active countdowns until your next milestones.

10. Coral – Couple Intimacy

Intimacy is one of those subjects that some people see as taboo, but they really shouldn’t. It’s a normal and healthy part of couple life, which should be discussed openly. Only through honesty can you reach real happiness together with your partner.

It’s not always easy to talk about uncomfortable things though, so Coral places intimacy experts at the touch of your fingers.

They’ll help track your love journey and give you meaningful couple exercises to perform with your significant other.

Coral doesn’t beat around the bush either, with a quiz about your satisfaction with your sex life out of the bat. It is optional, but filling it in will help you get more accustomed to the subject. 

Besides, it’s sort of the point of the app. You’ll start receiving a variety of intimacy exercises, which will be suitable for both yourself only, as well as some you’ll do together with your partner.

No need to keep Spotify on hand to set the mood either, as Coral has its own library of spicy music.

On top of that, Coral also has a built-in messaging feature. It’s a great one because it stimulates conversations by providing you with a starting question. Where you go from there is up to you, but you’ll end up enriching your intimate life regardless. 

If you aren’t quite there yet with openly discussing any intimacy topic with your partner, you can use the anonymous feature. There’s a whole community of experts that can help you grow emotionally.

11. Coupleness – Active Love Tools

Regardless of your tightly packed schedule, you for sure have 3 minutes available in a day. That’s all that this app asks of you. You get a single question every day, which you can answer whenever you want.

It’s a simple and straightforward option to deeper conversations, but it can be helpful at times because it gets to the point. By providing a heartfelt answer, you’ll get valuable insights into how both you and your S.O. are feeling right now. 

The app actually relates to your feelings a lot, giving questions about your emotional state, or if anything has affected you recently.

You can keep it pretty basic and react just with an emoji, or go with an explanatory paragraph and some GIFs to help it along.

If you like to order your thoughts each day, Coupleness also has a journal feature. It creates a little note, tying your answer to a specific day and reminding you how you felt and about what. 

Additionally, the app will also give specific tips and articles about achieving a better couple life: less screen time, more time together and cuddling!

Insights are available daily, allowing you to have a better grasp of your couple life as a whole.

If you’re into it, you can also let the app give you a “rating” for your relationship every day, with tips on how to improve it. 

Since Coupleness is focused on feelings, it can also act as a tracker for burnout. See what causes you a lot of mental drainage, and what makes you smile.

Tracking all of this is pretty painless and to the point. You just need a few minutes a day.

12. Desire – Challenge Your Partner

For the more adventurous of you, there’s Desire. If you’re looking to engage with your partner in a series of flaming hot dares, you don’t need to search further.

You can also pick and choose your favorite dare categories, such as: love sensations, outdoors, roleplay, etc.

There are pretty constant updates too, so the dares are not going to get repetitive. 

By completing a dare, you get points, which you can spend on unlocking real life lovable moments. For example, for 15 points, you unlock getting woken up by your partner’s naked body instead of an alarm clock. Yes, it is a spicy game!

Custom dares can be created too, in case you have some particularly naughty ideas in mind. The more you play, the higher the level of dares go. In other words, they’re hotter and hotter, up to the “chilli” level.

You can also opt for the app to give you a “quickie”. No, not that. By shaking your phone, you’ll get a short message which you can forward to your loved one.

So, Which is THE Best One?

We wanted to make sure that we give you an ample selection, so the best apps for couples presented above are pretty dissimilar. Choosing a winner is no easy choice, as they all have their merits.

Still, we must pick a favorite, and it’s Better Topics, one of the best apps for couples, by couples. Fact of the matter is, all relationships are built on quality communication.

By discussing meaningful subjects daily, you assure that your conversations won’t become stale or lack a real sense of worth. 

Whatever you’re trying to achieve in your relationship, whatever you’re looking to plan, it all starts from speaking to one another openly, honestly and lovingly. 

If you don’t build on a foundation of trust and communication, it’ll all fall apart eventually. Just 15 minutes of playing Better Topics a day can improve your relationship.

The game becomes even better if you go for one of the membership plans.

Secret weekly couple challenges, answering questions with video and audio, free extra cards, and more! Download the game today, improve your relationship forever.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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