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Hi! And thank you for visiting!

My name is Diana and I’m here with my husband, Robert. We both love card games, lazy Sunday mornings, and spending quality time together, in general.

We believe our conscious habit of setting time aside every week to communicate openly, provide honest feedback to each other in a loving manner, and make plans for upcoming weeks is what’s keeping us so happy.
Diana And Robert playing Better Topics
On one such occasion, we’ve asked “How could we help other couples enjoy and learn from their relationships as much as we do, but make it fun?” Thus, a few months later, Better Topics – The Card Game For Couples, was born.

We didn’t want to just start a blog. There are already dozens of great blogs on the subject out there. We wanted to go further, and do something a bit different.

We loved the idea of a card game for couples, but how do we make it fun? How do we design the card game in a way that you can play it week after week? It took us a few months of researching, brainstorming, designing, and back and forth discussions. But we’ve done it!

Our goal is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection with each other, and we believe this simple game will do just that! You can learn more on the Better Topics home page.

Whether you decide to give the game a try or not, we thank you again so much for visiting and wish you a long and loving relationship!

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Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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