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Top 61 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her (2024)

Looking for Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her? 

You’re in the right place, as I have a looong list you can choose from. 

Keep reading: 

With Valentine’s just around the corner, love is almost tangible in the air. Red chocolate boxes, roses everywhere and romance filling the hearts and souls of all lovebirds. There’s no better occasion to celebrate your life together as a couple.

This Valentine’s, let yourself be filled by positive emotions and an undying passion. Are you in a new relationship? Just married? Maybe you’ve simply been together for a lot of time? Living on your own, living together? 

The magic answer to all those questions is: it doesn’t matter! February 14th is a day of celebration and happiness for anyone looking to make their partner smile. 

It’s a symbol of your commitment to each other. It’s an occasion where you can make a meaningful gesture for your loved one.

One of the best ways of acknowledging your significant other on this special day is with a gift you know they’ll love. Whether you’re searching for perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, we’ve got you covered. 

Granted, gifts aren’t the only way in which you can show your love. But, they sure help (especially if your partner’s love language is “gift giving”)! We believe that the gift of love is the greatest one 

that you can give your partner for this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking to improve your relationship every day in a fun way, check out Better Topics. It’s the world’s first replayable mobile app game for couples! Structured for meaningful conversations, built to be easy & approachable.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

The 61 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Obviously, men will have different preferences from women (and vice versa). We’ve segmented our toplist so that there’s an option for you, no matter who you’re shopping for.

However, we’re big supporters of love in general. Because of that, we went ahead and created a list of gifts that are perfect for the both of you. 

These are the types of gifts that either one of you can happily use, or it might be something that you’d have a great time using together.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

1. Better Topics – Relationship Game App

Most mobile apps for couples are built around activities that you can’t repeat. Quizzes that you take once and then that’s it. Questions which can’t apply again and again to a daily life scenario.

It really doesn’t make sense to ask your partner what their favorite ice cream flavour is each week, right? You’ll keep getting the same answer. Instead, you should be playing Better Topics! 

Better Topics is a mobile game (and also “offline” card game) designed from the ground up for meaningful communication. 

Do you want to see your relationship thrive and flourish? Do you want to reach newer and better steps every single week? Better Topics is a simple but very effective method of reaching such a goal. 

By playing as little as 15 minutes a day, you’ll see the two of you quickly starting to discuss better topics. Each turn, one player uses a Question card, and the other one answers to the best of their ability. 

Then, you also have weekly couple challenges, Reward cards, Modifiers, and more!

2. A Box of Chocolates

Cliché? Sure! A highly effective gift anyway? You bet! Who doesn’t like chocolate anyway? It’s sweet, it warms your soul, it’s always there for you after a hard day, and it works spectacular as a present.

We recommend trying out Dove’s Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Truffles. They have a 4.7/5 star rating from over 3.5K reviews! Why risk it when others already tried the product for you?

3. Swarovski Earrings

Jewelry is another great gift option. However, make sure you really know what she likes? Remember all those Christmas sweaters you got that you didn’t like one bit but wore anyway? That’s a situation you should try to avoid at all costs with your girlfriend/wife.

Generally speaking though, Swarovski makes very classy jewelry that’s still perfectly wearable on a casual attire too. They’re both a refined accessory for a fancy dinner, and also just a fancy trio of clear crystals for wearing to the office.

Does your special lady like a bit of elegance in her life? Then this option might be the gift you were looking for!

4. Winter Apparel

It can still get pretty chilly on February 14 in a lot of places in the world. But you can easily warm up the atmosphere with a thoughtful gift. In this case, you could literally help your significant other warm herself up. 

This hat-scarf-gloves set fits wonderfully with a beige coat. It also comes with a unique and interesting design that’ll help your girlfriend stand out in a crowd. 

Another plus is that the gloves are touch-screen friendly; no need to remove them every time she has to use her phone!

5. 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Thoughtful, elegant, inexpensive. What more can you ask of Valentine’s day gifts? Be very careful about the ring size though! They are definitely not one-size-fits-all, so take care to avoid a gift return.

You can find a tutorial online about how to get the right diameter by measuring your girl’s existing rings. Another option is asking her friends or even her mother if you’re close with them. It’s not unlikely that they’d know the answer.

6. An Amazon Gift Card

If you’re really not sure what your lady would want, don’t try to guess and fail. A gift card is the safest option of them all.

You choose any amount that you’re comfortable with, and then your girlfriend gets to choose what she wants to do with it.

Not the most romantic of gestures, but definitely a win-win for everyone! 

7. A Toiletry Bag/Organizer

Your wife or girlfriend is really going to appreciate being able to keep her cosmetics organized. On the plus side, this set also doubles as a bag! 

If she has to travel anywhere, she can safely take her makeup, brushes and other such items with her.

The four inner compartments allow for a lot of storage area, with the design itself being convenient and modern. Furthermore, the outside layer is waterproof Polyester fabric. 

That’s actually way more important than you’d think, as water can easily damage or destroy cosmetics.

8. A USB Night Light

Want to set a starry mood for a special night? This star projector has multiple adjustable interior lights that are also suitable to use within a car. 

Beside setting up the bedroom for some “activities”, your girlfriend could also use it just as an impromptu light. 

Instead of a run-of-the-mill ceiling light, she’d have something a bit more unique to brighten the room in a softer and more peaceful way.

Romance and atmosphere at her fingertips.

9. A Romantic Dinner Set

Sure, you could go out. Or, you could bring the fanciness to you. Why book a restaurant and pay a lot of money for food, when you can cook it yourselves? Even if it’s not Michelin star level, you’re still getting the added experience of making it together.

Trust us; that’s gonna make your dishes something really special. Even if they might not turn out to be the tastiest around in the end.

And to complete your indoor dining experience, you’ll only need a great romantic dinner set. No plastics in sight here! Just quality, through and through (stainless steel ice bucket, crystal champagne flute, glass candlesticks, etc).

The best part is that you only have to take care of them, and they’ll last forever.

10. Sexy Lingerie

Feel free to invite some naughtiness into your life. A lot of women actually feel empowered and “girly” when they’re wearing some very sexy lingerie.

The color is just a suggestion, as you can pick from a lot of others (like red, white, geen, purple, etc).

Additionally, it’s crafted from extremely soft satin and lace. It is elegance and grace wrapped in a powerfully flirtatious exterior. It’s very gentle with her skin too.

Reward your lady with a bit of sophistication and naughtiness at the same time and set the scene for some adult fun. 

11. An Eternal Red Rose

Roses are THE flower to symbolize love and devotion. However, the downside of all flowers is that they eventually wither away. You could say that they just symbolize the reality of life. Everything passes eventually.

But, why be grim on Valentine’s? Instead, get the iconic rose from Beauty and The Beast. Made from plastic (the package also contains silk, wood, fabric and glass), the spark of love is going to be kept alive for as long as she takes care of it.

12. Comfy Home Clothes

It’s not all about expensive gifts that have a “wow” factor. The core concept is to get your significant other something you really think she’ll love. 

If you’re dating or are married to a more casual woman, just get her something nice and comfy to wear at home. There are few things that beat that fluffy release that you feel when you switch to casual clothes after getting home from work.

13. A Scented Candle

The scent of a living space is one of the greatest things that can quickly turn it into a “home”. You don’t want to come home after a long day and smell the odour left around by cooking, pets or even sewage.

A scented candle is also a great addition if either you or your partner are smokers. Lilac is known as one of the most powerful good scents, capable of covering up a lot of nasty smells.

Additionally, this specific one can have an up to 80 hours burn time!

14. Red Heart Waffle Maker

Few breakfasts can beat some fluffy, sweet, heart-wearming waffles. To add to that, this waffle maker also makes the waffles themselves heart-shaped! 

Put some chocolate on top, some strawberries, maybe fill it to the brim with whipping cream. Or, or he’s an idea: do all of that! Moreover, you can easily try your hand at hash browns or cookies too with this machine.

The cooking surface is non-stick, so don’t you even worry about cleanup or unwanted smoke. It pretty much fits any kitchen or cooking space too, and it virtually doesn’t take up any space. 

15. DIY Scrapbook Photo Album

80 blank pages that she can fill with as many wonderful memories as she wants. The black paper sheets are also an awesome canvas for adding drawings and other art near the photos. 

The cover doesn’t have any type of design either. It’s simple to completely customize it with stickers, photos, drawings or other visual experiences. 

It’s also a study scrapbook, being bound with a stainless steel loose-style ring. Thanks to this spiral, the album is going to be both durable and beautiful. There’s a version with a yellow spiral and other elements as well!

16. All Natural Lip Balms

Not all lip balms are made equal. Depending on the ingredients of the products, they can actually be very damaging to the skin. 

You owe your special lady some quality as Valentine’s Day gifts, and quality is exactly what these lip balms would provide.

In the same package, there’s a balm with beeswax, one with coconut oil & shea butter, one with 100% natural vanilla and one with strawberry.

Each assure complete hydration for dry lips, as well as protection from further degradation. Fruity flavor, original beeswax, no chemical compounds like paraben, petrolatum or SLS.

17. A Bag of White Coffee

If your girl is a real coffee lover, here’s a chance to offer her a unique experience. White coffee beans are slow roasted to a significantly lower temperature. 

Because they’re not fully roasted, this gives them about 50% more caffeine. 

If your wife or girlfriend needs a substantial boost of energy, this is the way to go. What’s more, the taste itself is also unique; a blend of sweet and nutty. 

It is bolder, more powerful, it’s that extra kick that you sometimes need in the morning.

This particular brand is also one of the proud bearers of the “Amazon’s Choice” seal.

18. Cold Season Wellness Teas

While February is usually the last of the winter months, you can still get a cold if you’re not careful. However, there’s a pleasant, tasty and desirable prevention. Herbal teas!

This variety pack comes with 6 different types, each blended with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients that support health. They’re also certified to be organic by the USDA, and don’t contain any caffeine or gluten.

For example, there’s tea for a better night’s sleep. Or, there’s one for a general immune system boost. Honestly, it’s also just a great gift for a tea drinker.

19. One-Step Hair Dryer + Volumizer

A lot of women want their hair to be silky and filled with volume. That’s not always an easy thing to achieve though. Traditional blow dryers just…well, dry the hair. 

This can make it stick to the scalp, losing its natural volume and puffiness.

This product though is going to help your significant other keep her hair fluffy. It’s basically a mix between a dryer and a brush. The oval design smooths out the hair, while the rounded edges work on creating that volume.

20. Raycon Wireless Earbuds

Don’t you just hate when your wired earbuds get all tangled up (every time)? This also reduces their lifespan, as the wires inside the plastic cables get all messed up. The more they’re bent out of natural shape, the sooner they’ll stop working.

Going wireless is a much better option. Thing is, not all wireless earbuds are of a high enough quality to warrant their price. That’s not the case with Raycon though!

Their earbuds come with 3 sound profiles and 8 hours of continuous playing. The Bluetooth pairing is effortless, and they’re designed to be specifically for everyday use.

If your girlfriend or wife likes to work out, cook, use a laptop, take a walk or basically just do any everyday activity, Raycons are a great gift. At the same time, you only have to charge the case itself. The earbuds recharge while in the case.

To top it all off, the earbuds also have a microphone, a stereo sound experience, and an awareness mode too if you need to hear what’s going around you better.

21. Custom Pool/Beach Towel

It’s still chilly in February, but summer isn’t actually that far away. Time flies faster than you’d imagine. When your girlfriend hits the beaches, make sure she’ll stand out with one of these awesome personalized towels.

While everyone else goes for a classic rectangular one, she’ll sunbathe on a round design. Each has a special cute design, and fringed edges for an even more unique look. Thanks to the microfiber material, the towel is also easy to dry.

22. A Beach Travel Bag

You one what would go hand-in-hand with one of those towels above? A girly beach bag! You can also personalize it with her initials, keeping the theme of custom beach items. There’s plenty of space in it for all of a woman’s essentials, and it’ll match any sunny-day outfit.

23. A Stemless Wine Glass

Wine glasses are one of the most exquisite fineries that you can own. They’re really difficult to care for though. The smallest of mistakes can make their stem break, ruining the whole glass.

So, why not go for a better option? Stemless wine glasses are just as fancy and classy, but without the added risk. This also makes them much easier to add to a washing machine cycle. All the good, none of the bad!

They’re also customizable, so you can order yours specifically for your girlfriend or wife. There’s also the option to stock up on some since you’re ordering anyway. They make for great gifts for bridesmaids, wedding couples or other events down the line.

24. A Unique Love Letter

Nothing says “I love you” than actually telling your partner that you love her. However, since it’s Valentine’s, you should go the extra mile with your dedication of affection. 

LoveCube is a keepsake box that’s filled with meaningful photos and messages. It’s all a very straightforward process.

You select the best traits of your significant other, and LoveCube generates notes based on them. You can also edit the message or rewrite it yourself too. Then, you upload meaningful photos. 

They’re arranged in the order you choose, until each card within the keepsake box has a photo and message attached to it. It’s like a little box filled with love, forever.

25. Personalized Couple Heart Necklace

True love is for forever and ever. If you want to dedicate your undying love this Valentine’s Day, do it with this wonderful couple’s heart necklace. As it’s customizable, you can have both of your names engraved on the sides of the heart.

You have 3 options for the heart pendant’s material: 925 sterling silver, 18K rose gold plating or 18K gold plating. Some women only like silver jewelry, while others will only wear gold.

Make sure to get your special lady this necklace in a material that you know she’ll be happy about. Also, note that the name engravings will be in cursive font.

Don’t worry about the necklace length either. JoyAmo offer a free 1-time resizing, and you have a 120 days return + money-back guarantee anyway.

26. A Self-Defense Ring

Defender Ring are an innovative company that combined the joy of receiving jewelry with the concept of practical gifts.

Their rings are both beautiful, but also useful for self-defense. As you can see from the image, there’s either a concealed jagged or pointy tiny blade under the ornament.

All of their rings are like this, regardless of the finishing touches of the jewelry. The base product is durable 316L stainless steel. This material is also hypoallergenic and corrosion-proof.

Then, you can opt for either a yellow or rose gold (14K) plating, with many design/shape options to cover up the blade.

The length of the blade is 5mm/0.19in, with the diameter being 2mm/0.07in (minimalist rings; sharp, grinded edges). The “maximalist” rings have a 10mm/0.39in long serrated or straight blade, with a 4mm/0.15in diameter.

Granted, that’s not a lot; however, human skin really isn’t durable.

After all, we can literally cut ourselves with the edge of paper. There are also videos on the website with the rings puncturing plastic bottles and metal soda cans during a punch.

To use it effectively for a painful punch, your girlfriend would have to wear it on her index or middle finger.

27. A Gold-Dipped Rose

Roses already have a reputation as being the flowers of love. However, what if you could take that to the next step? The Eternity Rose manually take natural roses and dip them into 24K gold. This preserves them forever.

Each rose in particular takes 2 months to complete. Your gift is going to be as unique as your partner. You can also choose to pair the rose with a matching jewelry set of a pendant and earrings (red, blue or white roses).

Pendants are encrusted with a 30 sparkling diamonds (synthetic), and it all comes packed in a gorgeous leather display case.

All of this carefully done detailing is covered by a lifetime warranty, a money-back guarantee and a certificate of authenticity. There’s free express shipping too!

Alternatively, you could buy the rose together with an ornate gold-dipped vase, or simply on its own.

28. A Pink Leather Weekender

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s weekend trip? This go-to overnight bag is how your lady will carry all of her important luggage there. As stylish and high-end as a purse, and as useful as a duffel bag.

The weekender also fashions a shoulder-cross strap that makes it easily carriable. Whatever essentials she has, they’ll neatly fit in, and the bag itself is customizable! Add her name, her initials, whatever she’d prefer.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1. Better Topics – App Game for Couples

Traditionally, Valentine’s day gifts are tangible. The watches, the perfumes, the ties, gift cards. While that’s all fine and dandy, we think that there’s an even better gift to give. The gift of love.

A love that is constant, continuous, ever-growing, present in your daily lives. Your boyfriend or husband can actually be just as romantic as you, if you simply give him the chance. 

Better Topics is a mobile app (and also a physical card game) that’s built exclusively for couples. It’s a fun & engaging way in which the two of you can start communicating better. A gateway to quality and meaningful conversations in which you can really speak your minds.

Do you truly know what your man is thinking about? We’re willing to bet that the answer is probably “no”. But, don’t worry! We get it. Significant conversations aren’t easy to have. 

It’s not very organic to suddenly start talking about what life lessons you’ve learned in the past 5 years. However, it will be after you just get a Better Topics membership.

With as little as 15 minutes of playtime a day, you’ll naturally begin having more valuable topics to talk about. Each round, one player plays a Question card. The other partner then answers to the best of their ability.

Throughout this whole process, you also have factors such as Reward cards, weekly couple challenges, Modifier cards and others! 

This Valentine’s season, give love a real chance with Better Topics.

2. A Classy Watch

Premium quality watches are one of those things that a lot of men like almost instinctively. Nowadays, the trend is moving pretty fast towards smart watches (or just no watches), but there’s a notion of clasiness being lost.

Thankfully, a lot of brands (such as Benyar or Casio) are still producing watches from the quartz movement variety. Or in other words, traditional watches. The ones with moving parts inside them and all that.

Benyar watches are durable enough that they can hold out for an entire lifespan if taken care of properly. This one in particular is both scratch resistant and waterproof. 

The wrist strap is made from silicone, guaranteeing comfort and also being eco-friendly (they’re traditionally from leather). The silicone is also softer on the hand than metal straps, and allows for an easier perfect tightness adjustment.

If you’re looking for the perfect stylish accessory that goes with a lot of outfits, this might be it.

3. A Pair of Jeans

Clothes are completely on the table as gift options for men. Valentine’s is pretty much the occasion to get your guy a gift like on any other occasion. He’s not really going to differentiate the occasion from his birthday or Christmas anyway.

So with that in mind, you could just go for some denim pants. A lot of (if not the majority of) men wear jeans on a daily basis. 

They’re flexible, comfortable, easy to wash, easy to maintain. That also means that a lot of men aren’t going to take much care of them though.

A man will usually extend his jeans’ lifespan until the knee area is completely decolored (usually it turns white-ish) and there’s significant wear and tear around other areas. Just help him make the switch faster!

4. A Spotify Premium Subscription

Music’s a big part of our lives. There’s a suitable playlist for probably most things that we do daily. A few tunes for work, a few for working out, a few for cooking or cleaning, etc.

Spotify is one of the biggest libraries of music around. It’s all right at the fingertips of your boyfriend too! Plus, he can easily stash his phone somewhere safe and let the playlist roll while his screen is locked.

Win-win all around. What’s more, you get a whole year for your 99 bucks. It’s a risk-free Valentine’s gift idea.

5. Best Boyfriend Star Wars Yoda Mug

So you’ve probably heard of “Baby” Yoda (actually named Grogu). It was quite a phenomenon back when The Mandalorian first aired. Well, Yoda himself is part of the original Star Wars trilogy (that started in 1977). 

The mug itself is a play on words. Get it?

Anyway, if your boyfriend’s a Star Wars fan, you’ll knock it out of the park with this gift. It has those quirky, geeky, yet lovingly attentive qualities that Valentine’s Day gifts should have. Trust in the Force and get this?

6. A Pair of Running Shoes

Ok, here’s the deal. Running shoes aren’t necessarily for running. A lot of people might be thinking of picking up running as a healthy hobby (especially since it’s January), but it usually doesn’t pan out. 

Still, these types of shoes are made to be very ergonomic. They’re built around the natural anatomy of the foot, offering support and appropriate padding. 

The material of these shoes is breathable, with rubber soles that protect from uneven or bad terrain. Bottom line is, these are comfy and durable shoes, fit for a lot of casual outfits and occasions (many color options).

7. Hooded Military Jacket

Military jackets are one of those ideal versatile fits for a ton of outfits. Regardless of your guy’s style, it’s likely that he can still easily add a military jacket to his outdoor clothes. 

This one in particular is great because it’s made 100% out of cotton. In other words, great insulation from the cold. It’s also machine washable. Naturally, it comes with a variety of pockets, a zipper enclosure and buttons to cover up the zip line.

8. A Set of Fitness Gear

When you’re working out, you need a set of clothes that are built for the activity. The best workout gear is made from breathable materials. In this case, a blend of polyester and spandex that allows for both a dry fit and sweat absorption.

The material is also highly elastic, being great for running, sports, weight lifting, physical training or even martial arts.

Moreover, you’re getting 5 items. A compression outerwear for the torso and legs, shorts and a hoodie (there’s also a long-sleeve version of the compression outerwear). 

Thanks to the properties of the material, the body is kept cool while exercising. There’s also a reflective zipper that makes the gear suitable for nighttime use (plus it just makes it look cool).

9. All-Purpose Weights for Lifting

If your boyfriend or husband already has the clothes for working out, you can provide the means. This is a 40-pound set that can be adjusted to give you a lighter or harder workout session. Many men would like to pick up a bit of exercise, but they need a push sometimes.

10. Professional Steak Cutting Knife…

You know what would (probably) really make your man’s Valentine’s Day? A juicy, rich, flavourful rib-eye steak (or maybe a sirloin). But to take that experience further, why not get him a handy tool with which to carve it up too?

This Damascus stainless steel knife is rust-proof, durable and stain resistant. “Damascus” itself is that engraving/design you see on the blade, but it also speaks about the quality of the steel being used.

It is quite razor-sharp, perfect for slicing up a steak just the right way. The pakka wood also works sublimely with the blade, creating a look of a refined and stylish product.

Furthermore, the handle is itself balanced for a smooth and ergonomic cutting experience.

11. …And Some Steak Seasoning

You can cut up a steak any way you want; the taste is what really matters in the end. Even the best of platings won’t make a dry and flavourless steak become appealing. 

This mix of ~8 ingredients has almost 12,000 positive reviews, also being an “Amazon’s Choice” product.  The pack will definitely help your partner take his steak game to the next level.

12. A Hot Sauce Collection

We’re not out of the proverbial kitchen yet. Does your guy appreciate really spicy food? It’s time to help him make some of his own then! 

This fancy collection will bring 30 glass bottles to his cooking space, with exciting and new flavours to try out.

They are perfect for any kind of protein: chicken, beef, pork; you can even throw them on tofu. There’s jalapeno, smoky bourbon, mango habanero, cayenne, Chipotle, and so many others!

13. A Utility/Duffel Bag

You know that saying about men being able to stick their entire life into a briefcase? Give or take, it’s true! In this case, it’s simply a duffle bag instead, and it’s also called a “utility” bag for a good reason.

Any good duffel bag is going to be built to resist a lot of rough handling. Being tossed around, filled with work tools and power tools, getting drenched in water; that’s just a duffel bag’s daily life.

This Carhartt one is really well-made because it’s water-repellent, has an exterior zippered pocket too, and the padded shoulder strap is adjustable. Basically, all the features a man needs from his duffle bag.

It’s perfect for last-minute weekend trips, camping, construction work, plumbing equipment, you name it!

14. An Elegant Tie

Valentine’s is a special occasion. If you want to motivate your boyfriend into putting a nice suit on and going to a fancy restaurant, here’s your “entry ticket”. 

This plaid set consists of a tie (huge variety of color selection options) and tie clip, a woven pocket square, and matching cufflinks.

The necktie and pocket square are made from silk, giving them that sensation of quality and finesse. Since the fabric is also a high-density craft, it’s resistant to deformities. 

Overall, a classy and “businessman” set that easily completes any suit, thanks to the very many color options you can pick from.

15. A Fragrant Cologne

Here’s a Valentine’s gift idea that’s essentially for the both of you. Your man will get to have a nice, refreshing, relaxing & sweet scent, and you’ll be the one who gets to enjoy it!

A lot of colognes nowadays smell very chemical, artificial, “fake”. This one though has a ton of great reviews across the board. It carefully blends the smells of Cedarwood, apple, amber, musk and other elements into subtle notes of complete sensory relief.

One satisfied customer in particular said that it’s as if you’re by the seashore. Taking in the salty sea air, with hints of exotic fruit salads nearby. About one spray should last for 2-3 hours.

16. Beard Trimming Set

Whenever a man starts sporting a longer beard (anything past a stubble), they’re bound to become at least a bit self-conscious about it. That’s when the YouTube beard care tutorial marathon starts.

You can show your support for his newfound interest with a professional beard trimming set. This one comes with 13 different length pieces for grooming, is self-sharpening (needs no oil) and the heads are fully washable!

That comes with both a full size trimmer, and a precision trimmer. There are also a lot of accessories, a travel storage bag and a cleaning brush.

17. A Self-Charging Wi-Fi Roomba

Housework really isn’t among the passions of most men. They’ll leave the dishes in the sink for days on end, cleaning one plate at a time as they need it. The same logic goes for dusting and vacuuming.

So, instead of expecting him to clean up his home, just get him a gift that’ll do it. This Roomba model in particular is built for all floor surfaces: carpet, hardwood, tiles, etc. It’s also fully capable of cleaning pet hair.

You can control it via Wi-Fi, Alexa, and it self-charges too (it returns to its charging port on its own)! Its 3 levels of cleaning power fit dirt, debris and dust alike, with the edge-sweeping brushes taking care of corners too. 

Thanks to its Dirt Detect technology, it’ll also spend more time cleaning surfaces it detects as being dirtier. 

It can seriously cut personal vacuuming time to 0, giving your significant other more time for other, more pleasant activities.

18. Stainless Steel Thermos

Soda, beer, juice, soup, stews, you name it! As long as it can fit inside the 16 ounce container, it’ll stay either hot or cold. 

The vacuum-insulation can keep liquids steaming hot for around 9 hours, or nice and cold for about 14 hours. The insulation works both ways too. Your significant other isn’t going to burn or freeze his hand touching the thermos.

Thanks to the thermos being stainless steel both inside and outside, it is very durable and completely rust-proof. You also get a spoon packed in, which perfectly fits the mouth opening.

19. A Viking Drinking Horn

Drinking horns are one of those “manly” items that a lot of guys are going to be proud of owning. They’re a callback to the myths and legends of courage, warriors and great adventures. 

Sure, the actual, real history of vikings isn’t that romantic (quite brutal in fact), but it’s not about that! It’s about drinking beer, mead, ale or other beverages from a really cool ox-horn that also has Thor’s hammer engraved on it.

It’s a guy thing. The horns themselves are natural and ethically sourced. The insides are polished and sealed with a watertight finish. They’re perfectly safe to drink from, not only for display. 

We’re sure your boyfriend would eagerly drink in your honor after this gift. Skål!

20. A Customized Tumbler

Every guy should have a great insulated cup to carry around his favorite beverage. This customizable tumbler is as perfect for coffee as it is for bourbon. 

They’re sleek & modern; ideal for a groovy guy that pays attention to what he’s wearing and carrying around.

You can place any message on it (50 characters limit), as well as any name. They’re also made from stainless steel, so durability and reusability aren’t an issue. 

The lid is screw-on, with a flip-top for easy drinking and then sealing it back up.

21. Joint Supplements

Ok, hear us out. Valentine’s is all about celebrating love. About celebrating how much you care about each other. It’s common knowledge that men don’t take care of themselves as well as women do. 

One area in particular that just degrades as you age are your knees. Inflammation, redness, pain, that’s just how it usually goes. OptiCel is a brand that works with select natural ingredients that improve joint health.

Morning stiffness, chronic swelling, cartilage degrading, etc. This dietary supplement is meant to counteract them. Taking care of your man’s health is one of the greatest expressions of love.

22. Men’s Leather Bracelet

This is a stylish leather bracelet that’s adorned with stainless steel oval beads. Each bead in particular is customizable with a loved one’s name. It’s a great gift for your boyfriend or husband because you can add the names of significant people in his life.

His parents, siblings, grandfathers, or your children. You can add up to 10 names on the bracelet, so there’s enough space for a lot of names. The leather itself comes in 3 colors: black, brown and blue.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

1. Better Topics – Couples Mobile App

The greatest gift that you can give each other this Valentine’s day is love. Actually real, sincere love. The kind of love that’s not about physical objects. That can’t be judged depending on the value of an item.

Truly caring for a romantic partner means wanting to know what’s on their mind. It means quality and valuable communication each and every day. You hear a lot that relationships are give and take. To an extent, that’s true.

However, a lot of sacrifice and compromises come from a lack of meaningful conversations. When you don’t understand the person near you, it’s way harder to make the relationship work. 

So, you choose to be unhappy so that the other person is happy. Or, you completely bypass even talking about what’s truly important. Sticking to surface subjects and routine is how the spark of love goes dimmer and dimmer.

Instead, we suggest Better Topics. It’s a mobile card game (and also physical card game) that was built by our very own married co-founders, Robert and Diana. 

Through their conscious habit of putting time aside everyday to check in on each other, they figured that a lot of couples worldwide would benefit from it. That’s how the idea of Better Topics was born. 

The game revolves around 100% replayable Question cards and weekly couple challenges. They stimulate natural talks between the two of you, making deep conversations approachable.

You can play as little as 15 minutes each day, and you’d still be growing your relationship.

2. Online Yoga Classes

Yoga has been proven to have many health benefits. From spiritual to physical ones, it’s a practice that’ll relax you and allow you to tune in with your inner peace. 

Furthermore, yoga reduces stress, increases strength, is a great weight loss activity and improves your mood overall. MyYogaTeacher is a platform that places 70+ teachers worldwide at your fingertips. 

These are certified professionals, having studied how yoga affects the body and how to do it best. You’d get direct access to Indian teachers too (India is the birthplace of yoga!). 

There’s a variety of yoga types, and you can opt for private sessions. Just you, your partner and a teacher. Occasionally, there are workshops in which you can participate, held by highly trained teachers.

If you’re worried about the “online” aspect, just check the platform’s video testimonials. There are a lot of satisfied people!

3. A 4K UHD TV

If you already live together, you can go half-and-half on a great new TV for your apartment. This smart TCL TV is 55” wide, being capable of a 4K resolution. 

The LED display has top-of-the-line features such as HDR, Siri/Alexa/Google voice control, and a digital TV tuner (with live channels guide).

It’s a pricey acquisition, but think of it like an investment. You spend a lot of your time at home (especially if you have a home office), so it’s worthwhile to make it as great as possible to live in. 

4K resolution is currently the best of the best that you can get in a reasonable price range, and 55” is wide enough to make all of those pixels display a crisp and clear image.

4. A Coffee Maker

If you’re really passionate about ground coffee, you deserve to have a machine that’s up to standards.

For example, this Keurig K-Duo has a 12-cup carafe that comes packed in with your brewer. There’s also a heating plate so that the coffee is always kept steaming hot.

Even though the carafe is a 12-cup, you can brew at multiple sizes too: 6, 8, 10, 12. 

The machine is compatible with another Keurig reusable coffee filter (a mesh filter accessory) too, so you’d never have to worry about keeping filters in stock.

Want a single serve? No problem! There’s a 60 ounce water reservoir that’s shared between the carafe brewer and the single serve brewer. For even more convenience, you can schedule the brewer up to 24 hours in advance. 

Morning coffees can’t get much simpler than this.

5. A Sony PlayStation 5

Gaming is one of the greatest hobbies that you can take up as a couple. With so many games out there, you’re looking at hundreds upon hundreds of quality hours spent together.

The PlayStation 5 in particular is a great choice because it features an impressive line-up of exclusives. While strictly co-op games aren’t that numerous (but there are still options available like It Takes Two and Unravel Two), you can play single player games together.

Just take turns “behind the wheel”, while the other person will be the backseat gamer. There are so many beautifully crafted worlds to explore; so many great adventures to go on together and experience.

The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted, Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and so, so many others. Varied games for varied tastes, so pick your preference.

6. A 3D Printer

3D printing is a hobby that you can take in any direction. Some people use 3D printers for Dungeons & Dragons environments and figures. Others make different parts for arts & crafts. You could even make your own kitchenware from A to Z with one.

We recommend taking a look at this Voxelab Aquila one.

7. A Datebox Subscription

Why go on dates, when you can bring the dates to you? It takes so much time to get all dressed up, go to a restaurant and come back. Not to mention the money you spend for your food and your transportation.

Instead, here’s an alternative: Datebox! A subscription based service that ships you boxes filled with items you need for your date theme. You get them on a regular basis depending on your plan. 

The best thing is that you’ll get something new every time theme-wise. No repeat dates again and again.

8. A Virtual Holiday

Here’s a similar idea to the previous one. How about you visit one of the Earth’s greatest landmarks? Would you like to see the pyramids of Egypt? The Great Wall of China? Maybe there’s another wonder that you’ve always dreamed about?

Discover Live has been taking people on virtual tours since 2018. All of the guides are trained in tourism, and educated on the destinations that they present you with. 

The service is available on any device with internet connection. PCs, smartphones, smart TVs, etc. For this Valentine, you can lean back and relax on your living room couch while exploring the planet.

9. A Treadmill

With the pandemic and all of that, all of us are spending a lot more time indoors. That’s very detrimental for physical health. The human body is literally built for walking, carrying, exercising. 

Our muscles, joints and tendons have to actively be used, or they gradually wear out and become damaged. A treadmill is an expensive but highly healthy gift for Valentine’s. It’s something you’d get together as a couple.

This one is more top-of-the-line. Smart speed control, inclination adjustment, different modes for training (like endurance), deck cushioning for joints protection, space saving design, the works.

10. A Pasta Making Machine

Are you a big lover of Italian and/or Asian cuisine? One similarity between them is that both make abundant use of pasta. Sure, Italian ones are way more varied, but there are different types of Asian noodles too.

Now, if you’re a foodie, you know that not all pasta or noodles go with all dishes. Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to find exactly the type that you want. 

So, why not make them yourself? Making a dough takes like 15 minutes, and cutting it up is shorter than that.

It’ll be a new hobby that you can do together. Your first attempt could be your Valentine’s dinner (don’t worry, it’s hard to mess up making egg noodles or spaghetti)!

11. A Murder Mystery Game

Ever wanted to be a detective? Why not become one then for this Valentine’s? Unsolved Case Files was founded by 2 high-school friends that went through multiple ideas. Ultimately, they created this cold cases detective game.

At the time of writing this, there are 8 available cases for purchase, one of which is a family friend one (kidnapped bunny, no murder or other adult themes).

Each case comes with a ton of backstory and evidence: crime scene photos, witness statements & photos, reports, maps, mugshots, suspect photos, court orders, etc.

Everything you might need to bring the (real) killer(s) to justice. The creators really though of everything, including an online help platform (the website’s support sections) in case you get stuck.

Note that the game is intended for fans of true crime though. There’s going to be a bit of reading and careful thinking involved.

The Gift We Recommend

Valentine’s Day gifts celebrate love. Our own card game for couples (also available as a mobile app) was built specifically to preserve love. 

It’s an innovative and replayable approach, making meaningful conversations fun! The game’s structured around Question cards and Modifier & Reward cards (which spice up the experience). The mobile app has even more extra features!

Remember that love is not about the price of a gift. Expensive items just means you have money. It doesn’t mean that you truly care for your partner. 

You should get them something you know they’d enjoy, not something you find suitable. Better Topics is a great option as a gift for the both of you, because it emphasizes the implicit value of quality communication.

Start improving your relationship this Valentine’s Day with Better Topics.


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