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42 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples for Your Shopping List

Are you looking for best Christmas gift ideas? You’re in the right place! 

Finally, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again! The season of giving, family time and happiness; it’s time to spend each and every moment besides the special people in your life. 

And who’s more special than your significant other? 

You should strive to bring joy to your partner throughout the year, but even more so during Christmas.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just got together or if you’ve been married for 20 years; it’s always a great initiative to look for the best Christmas gift ideas for couples.

Thankfully, you’re in the right place to do just that. We believe that relationships should be celebrated and treated with lots of love. 

That’s why we put this list together, so that you can give your loved one something they’d really enjoy for the holidays.

Want a Christmas Gift for Free?

If you want to get your partner something amazing but you’re a bit over budget, we have great news! 

Until the 17th of December, we’re having free giveaways. It’s just our way of making sure your Christmas is even better. 

To participate, simply subscribe to our YouTube channel, hit the Bell button and write a comment about which gift you want and why do you want it/who do you want to give it to. 

We’ll go through the comment section and pick a winner for each item!

Here are your gift options (more details about each of them below):

  • Flower puzzle
  • Diamond painting kit
  • “The Layer” (one of them)
  • “Cue Cards for Men” Book
  • Relationship Visions workbook
  • iPhone copper case
  • Cocktail box kit
  • “Go the F to Sleep” set of 3 books
  • A stress relief audiobook
  • An online course for 3D printing (with certification)

The 42 Best Christmas Gifts for Couples

Jump straight to what you’re looking for:

Christmas Gifts for Her

1. Better Topics – A Fun Game for Couples

Above gift giving, Christmas is about spending time with those that you truly love. We’re willing to bet that you cherish few others as much as you do your partner. For these holidays, you have the chance to get her something really unique.

Perhaps the most important part of any healthy and fulfilling relationship is open and honest communication. 

Better Topics is essentially a game, built from the ground up to help you talk easier to your wife or girlfriend about what really matters.

All in all, it’s a gift that benefits the both of you. Best of all, it’s available in digital format! You simply download the game and invite your partner to the app. 

Then, you get a membership package for access to all features.

The app guarantees daily quality conversations, weekly secret couple challenges, in-game rewards for just sending questions to each other and answering them, and more!

By simply playing 15 minutes of Better Topics a day, your relationship can easily reach a new level of happiness and joy.

2. Lady and the Tribe

Despite how interconnected everything is nowadays, we can still be left feeling alone. Lady and the Tribe is a book written specifically for women. Mothers, wives, career women, it doesn’t really matter. 

Any woman can feel herself alone against the tide. Longing for more meaningful connections and communication in her life. 

The book teaches how to find and build a support group of women. A personal “tribe” that you nurture into healthy and helpful friendships.

The book can help people that already have steadfast friends too, by outlining how to strengthen existing bonds. The book is defined by a focus on individuality, interests and meaningful connections with friends.

3. Custom Crystal Painting Kit

This is a gift that artsy women are going to really appreciate. Crystal (also called diamond) art revolves around gluing sets of “crystals” to a canvas. The canvas itself could be any photo, and that’s what makes this gift special.

Maybe a photo of you two? Your child? Or of your wedding? Or maybe of your pet? Whatever you’d think she’d like, you can buy this for her and she’ll turn it into an art piece (literally). 

The general rundown is that you use a special type of “applicator” to pick up the little crystal gems. Then, you apply them to the canvas, which has special spots for all crystals, filled with glue.

The set comes with:

  • A poured glue canvas (sticky canvas to which you apply the crystals) from the photo you provide.
  • Round or square sparkly diamonds. 
  • A tray for keeping the crystal gems ordered for easier picking up with applicators.
  • 2 applicators. 
  • One pair of tweezers with which you can clean the applicators.
  • 2 applicator gums (a special type of glue in which you stick applicators so you can pick up crystals)

You could also get a painting kit made by an independent artist instead of uploading one of your photos. Your choice.

4. A Stress Relief Audiobook

We all know that stress isn’t good for us, but it’s just unavoidable. However, it can lead to many health problems: insomnia, anxiety, depression and others.

For this Christmas, you can give your wife or girlfriend a relaxing and enjoyable experience through a great audiobook. Moreover, she can easily re-listen to it anytime!

“Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace” is written by award-winning author Susie Mantell, an expert in stress relief. The audiobook is essentially a series of 3 guided meditations, which are aided by a soothing voice. 

Whether she needs a momentary escape from your children or she’s facing difficulties falling asleep, this audiobook is worth trying out. 

A lot of reviews already claim that it brings forth a feeling of being replenished and re-energized.

5. Clothes Anti Wrinkle Spray

Isn’t it just bothersome to iron clothes? Even if you’re not washing clothing that should be ironed, they can get all wrinkly from staying too much in the washing machine. 

Or, maybe you didn’t give them enough space on the drying rack.

Well, this product says “no more!” to all of that. You can now easily get any dry piece of clothing ready-to-wear without any ironing whatsoever. Simply spray them up, and they’re good to go. 

Yes, as easy as that.

Additionally, the formula is all-natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free (no animal testing). It has no harsh chemicals that could harm your child or pet. These are all important values of the business, as it is family-owned.

Now, what says “gift” better than actively helping your S.O to not waste her money on re-washing clothes? 

It’s all done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Put the clothing on a hanger or a flat surface.
  2. Spray it in a sweeping motion until slightly damp.
  3. Shake the garment well and then smooth it out by gently pulling it downwards.

6. Simplicity Teas

There’s a hot debate between coffee and tea lovers (maybe because both are best when served hot). If the special woman in your life is on the second team though, here’s an exciting gift you can get her.

Instead of just getting her a box of some special tea, you buy a subscription to Simplicity Teas. The service will deliver roughly 20 to 40 (depending on subscription plan) cup’s worth of bold flavours right at your doorstep, month after month.

The package focuses on artisan loose leaf teas. They’re carefully curated by a team of experts, and actually customized to a plan of your choosing (for better digestion, smoother skin, night-time tinctures, mid-day energy boosters, etc). 

What’s more, they’re aren’t only medical in nature. The teas actually taste great! Varied flavours, helpful mixtures, all delivered straight to you. What’s not to like?

7. Resera Jewelry

Let’s face it: jewelry’s a classic gift. It can be tricky to pick something that you’re 100% sure your partner will like though. That’s why we’re suggesting Resera.

The brand focuses on fine and subtle jewelry that works well with a whole range of outfits. Additionally, the materials that they use are skin-friendly, being made completely from recycled sterling silver and plated with 14K gold.

This means no polluted mines and no middlemen mark-up on price. The jewelry is affordable, long-lasting, and actually has a whole mission behind it.

Namely, it was made to support women going through domestic violence and homelessness. 

As such, the designs are simple. However, each one has its own story and ideals that the makers crafted themselves. 

All in all, Resera jewelry is elegant, fashionable, affordable and built around the cause. We’re sure that your significant other would appreciate the gesture.

8. Cute Pillow With Message

Sometimes you just need a cute pillow with which you can snuggle besides a warm fire on Christmas eve. If that pillow also has a lovely message on it, even better!

The Book of Everyone has a ton of customized gifts which you can purchase. We recommend a pillow just because everyone needs one, so why not make it a really gorgeous pillow?

You could also go for a premium mug, a hardback journal, and art tile, a wall canvas, and others!

9. Datebox Subscription

Does your partner keep saying she’d like to go out on more dates? Do both of you simply not have the time to make it to the city? Why not bring the city to you?

Datebox is, not surprisingly, a box. Within, you’ll find all the items that you need to set up a dream date night. This gift makes it easier to enjoy each other’s company more regularly.

The best thing? The themes vary, so you get a new date night every time! There are also digital options if you just want to pay for the date ideas.

Prices vary quite a bit though, so have a look for yourself. The standard price is below.

10. Waka Coffee

We’ve covered tea lovers with gift 6, now let’s quickly switch to coffee. And we really mean quickly, as this is a special type of instant coffee. You just add water to it and…that’s it!

And no, it’s not just another type of instant coffee. Waka is actually tasty and you enjoy drinking it, but it also gets done in seconds. Light roast, medium roast, Colombian or Indian, normal or decaf, and more!

If your S.O is the type of girl who can’t wait to get her hands on a cup of quality coffee, Waka is the right choice.

They also donate towards solving the water crisis!

11. A Corico Olive Boat

Corico’s a brand specializing in handcrafted ceramic home goods and jewelry. They simply look very elegant, while also integrating simplicity and minimalism in their design. One of their more unique products is the ceramic olive boat.

It’s a perfect gift for an olive lover, as the serving platter comes together with a pit port. No need to have the unsightly seeds anywhere near the delicious olives. Just dump them neatly in the middle of the platter.

Olives also have many health benefits, so this could be the gate towards a great snacking experience.

12. “The Layer”

There’s also another way to celebrate Christmas with your wife or girlfriend. Yes, you know what we mean; have fun like adults.

Now, you also know it can get quite messy at times, with sheets ending up wet and stained.

The Layer is a type of thin blanket. It is comfortable, soft, noiseless and completely waterproof on the other side (the one that goes on the bed).

It’s also very small when packed up, allowing you to carry it around basically anywhere. Staying at a hotel this Christmas? Make sure housekeeping won’t have something to remember you by; use The Layer!

13. DIY Crocheted Christmas Coasters

Sure, you could buy a set of Christmas coasters and be done with it. However, if your girlfriend makes them herself, they’ll be inherently cheerier and more Christmas-y. 

There are 10 design patterns, each taking around 1 night of work. It’s a more unique way of bringing the festive spirit in your home. 

14. Personalized Couple Print

Want to remind your girl that you’ll always love her, now and forever? Get this personalized couple print. It’s perfect for hanging in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else. 

You can mix and match hair colors, skin colors, names and add a bespoke quote on the image! Make the image look just like the two of you. 

Christmas Gifts for Him

1. Better Topics – Relationship Card Game

A lot of men are interested in keeping an open flow of communication with their partner.

They agree that for romance to prosper, you need to talk about the truly important things. 

Better Topics is a fun & replayable fully fledged card game made specifically for couples. You have different card types (120 cards in total), rules, rewards for “winning”, the whole package. 

The main idea is creating valuable conversations through the use of Question cards.

In other words, Better Topics is a helpful nudge towards improving your relationship. It’s also an ideal gift if he’s also a lover of card games. 

2. Gravastar Sirius Pro Gaming Earbuds

Sound quality matters a lot when you’re looking to improve his gaming experience. Additionally, you need a pair of earbuds that are also comfy and last a long time battery-wise.

GravaStar is a brand dedicated to quality wireless sound options. These earbuds come with the whole package of premium features: 10m operating range, noise cancelling, charging in just about 2H (4H lifespan), charging case, in-ear detection, 3 sounds modes, etc.

Of course, they also have RGB. 

3. Technigadgets Sunglasses

Depending on where you are in the world, it can get quite sunny on Christmas too. But anyway, summer is eventually coming all over the place.

Technigadgets have a selection of sunglasses that’s really different from what you’d usually find.

Especially interesting are their “steampunk” line. It’ll definitely make your husband or boyfriend stand out in a crowd. 

4. Copper Iphone Case With Stylus

Besides just looking slick and elegant, this iPhone case comes with another unique feature. One of its edges is made from antimicrobial copper. 

You can use it to get cash from an ATM, press elevator buttons; to just generally avoid touching surfaces that hundreds of people do in a day. 

The case itself is durable and fancy, while the stylus is an innovative and helpful addition.

5. The “Muscle Duffle”

Is your guy a “man’s man”? Does he hit the gym every day? Maybe he has a woodworking passion? Is he just the handiest person around at all times? Then you should get him this tough and versatile duffle bag. 

Rustic and classy design, polyvinyl interior, leather hand straps, side pockets, brass closures; in a word: utility. And lots of it. You can also personalize it with his initials, name, whatever you want.

6. A Carbon Wallet

Does your guy still walk around with one of those huge, typical wallets? Chances are he’s not using any of that space anyway. His wallet is just a chore to carry around without real benefits. 

The “carbon capper” though is the solution for the modern man. Its sleek design has a simple money clip in the front, and ample space for cards at the back.

Oh and one more thing: see that open space in the bottom left of the wallet?

That’s a bottle opener. Yep. It’s a carbon fiber, wireless theft protected wallet built for men through and through.

7. Leather Gloves

If you’re looking for a seasonal gift, leather gloves are a perfect fit. They look very nice when paired with either a coat or jacket, and are excellent choices for keeping warm too.

There’s a reason why leather gloves with a sheep wool interior are traditionally seen as good. To add to that, these ones from Trendhim are also fashionably stunning.

8. A 3D Printing Certificate

3D printing is a hobby that requires some training to be one well. What’s more, you can actually make a living from it.

Since the possibilities are pretty endless with what you can produce with a 3D printer, it’s approachable to serve a diversity of markets with your products.

If you’ve heard him say for a while that he wants to learn something new, why not help him out?

New Collar Network provides a variety of training programs for individuals wanting to develop themselves further.

9. “Cue Cards for Men” Book

Sometimes, men can be innocently clueless. They say hurtful or offensive things without even realizing it. 

Do you think your boyfriend or husband could work a bit on the language that they use? Should they act differently in the relationship from time to time?

“Cue Cards for Men” is written by relationship counseling expert Christina Steinorth-Powell. It’s basically a guide that men can easily carry around with them at all times. 

If your partner is open minded about such things, the book could help him grow as a person and learn how to appreciate you better.

10. The Book of Romance

What better time to reminisce about your relationship than at the end of another year? This personalized gift from The Book of Everyone focuses on the love that you share for one another. 

It’s an original gift specifically meant for couples. Even though it’s a bit on the cheesier side for a man’s gift, we’ll let you in on a secret: many men are secretly romantics, even if they won’t admit it. 

They want nothing else than a happy and loving couple life. This personalized book will be a constant reminder that you care about them and your story together.

11. A Datebox Subscription

We’re sure that your guy wants to take you out to interesting places and on great dates. But sometimes, it’s just not possible. Life gets in the way, or it’s too expensive, or there’s no time for romance.

So, simply bring romance to your doorstep yourself! Datebox is a subscription service where you get a monthly box (or more boxes) with items that you need to set up a special night. 

Here’s one of the best Christmas gift ideas for couples: take your boyfriend on a date right in your living room. 

If you want to keep the service going afterwards, you should know that the date themes become varied. No repetitiveness! 

12. Camping Multi Tool

You know how men really appreciate practicality? This is all of that and more, as the multi tool is made for spending time in nature. If your guy likes going outdoors, setting up a tent in the forest, hanging around the campfire, this gift is for him.

An axe, knife, hammer, screwdriver, bottle opener and other tools all in one. This one just screams “manly”. 

13. Gourmet Steak Gift Pack

We probably don’t have to convince you too much about this one. He’s most likely going to love it.

Filet mignons, chicken breast, steak burgers, gourmet jumbo franks, scalloped potatoes, and that’s not even all.

Additionally, the meat is provided by a family business (Omaha Steaks) that’s already on the fifth generation! They’ve been doing this for a while now, so the quality must be up to par.

Christmas Gifts for Couples

1. Better Topics – Fun & Replayable Game for Couples

The greatest gift you can give each other is quality time and great conversations. Oftentimes, saying “I love you” can fall to the sidelines as busy schedules and daily difficulties take over.

Better Topics is a game created to refresh and revitalize your relationship. If you feel like there’s nothing new and exciting in your love life, chances are you’ve stopped talking to one another.

Hey, we get it. It’s not easy to open up about the truly important things in life. You don’t even have energy left for that after a long day at work. You’re simply looking for peace and quiet. 

With Better Topics, you have an approachable way of connecting with your partner again.

Coming as both a physical card game and a mobile app, you have the flexibility of choosing the option that fits you best as a couple.

Each of you takes turns into using a Question card, and the other person answers to the best of their ability.

This stimulates conversations about a variety of topics, but also keeps everything confined within the rules of the game. 

Best of all? Better Topics has completely replayable questions, so you won’t feel like it’s the conversation all over again even if you’ve played it 100 times already.

2. Guided Virtual Sightseeing Tour

Here’s one for our pandemic age. If you’d like to go explore some foreign places, it’s not really the best time. However, you can do so safely from the comfort of your own home. 

Discover Live has been arranging such tours since 2018, personalized all tours for the people purchasing them. You can “go” to Paris, Rome, Venice, the pyramids of Egypt; you name it, they’ve probably got it.

The guides are also trained before performing the virtual travel tours, so you’ll be receiving useful and interesting bits of information. 

Just sit back on your couch, hug your partner and enjoy exciting locations through this HD streaming service (available for any device that you want). 

3. An Olive Boat

Olives are one of the tastiest and healthiest snacks that you can munch on. If both you and your significant other enjoy them, you should be eating them in style. 

Corico’s ceramic ensemble is made from a plate + a special port in the middle where you can hide the olive pits.

Thanks to this, it’s also a great platter on which to serve olive appetizers to your Christmas dinner guests. 

A solid option if you want to fancy up your kitchen gear.

4. “The Layer”

If you’re looking to “get down” this holiday season, this one’s a gift for you. As you know, it can turn a bit messy very fast, leaving your bed sheets in a precarious condition. Unless you use The Layer, of course.

Soft, noiseless and very absorbent on the top part, waterproof on the bottom part, The Layer makes sexy time even more fun.

No more cleanup afterwards; just toss the product in the washing machine and let it dry out.

It’ll also help you out a lot if you’re staying in an Airbnb or hotel and don’t want to leave your “mark” on it. 

When you fold it all the way over, it’s easy to stash in any luggage (or even a purse!).

5. Become a Lord & Lady

Have you ever dreamed of having been born royalty? What would you say to just becoming royalty overnight? Highland Titles sell small plot lands in Scotland. 

And if you own land in Scotland (even a few square feet), you’re officially a Lord or Lady (of Glencoe, in this case).

The souvenir plot of land is part of a nature reserve, so you’d be actively contributing towards preserving nature. Since that land is officially yours, no one else can use it. 

There’s also the Highland Titles app, which gives you access to live feeds and virtual tours from the estate. 

6. Whiskey Decanter Set

Fine drinks should be enjoyed in fine glasses. Besides, when you have guests over, it’s impressive to pull out your personalized decanter set.

Just sit together for a glass of whiskey; spin a yarn about life, passions, hobbies. 

Every conversation will become more deep and classy when you hold a gorgeous glass of top-shelf alcohol in your hand.

7. A Flower Puzzle

Are you and your spouse on the more analytical side of life? Do you like solving puzzles and putting your mind to work? Well, how about a literal puzzle then? Cloudberries has a large selection of them.

500-piece, 1000-piece, 2000-piece; pick whatever suits you best (and your amount of patience). One of our favorites is the 1000-piece flower puzzle. 

It’s classic, vibrant, pleasing to the eye, and the pieces are top quality (but that applies to all puzzles).

8. A Cocktail Kit

Tired of being overcharged in the city for a good cocktail? You and your partner can easily create some delicious drinks at home with a variety of cocktail kits from The Cocktail Box. 

The safest bet is going for the set intended for “everybody”. You’ll be able to mix the old Fashioned, a champagne cocktail, Mojitos, Mai Tais, Moscow Mules, Gin & Tonics, Manhattans and Margaritas. 

Whenever you’re thirsty for something with a tangy kick to it, you just open up your box of high-quality ingredients and do it yourselves. 

9. Relationship Vision Workbook

Not a gift you’d expect probably, but one we feel like you should really consider.

If things are a bit strenuous with your partner right now, you could think that a traditional gift is more recommended.

That’s not necessarily the case. No gift in the world and no grand gesture can fix a relationship that’s turned sour.

However, you can both commit towards working on repairing what’s broken. 

As Christmas gift ideas for couples go, this is one that will work towards your benefit in the long run. You get a 5-step action plan on how to bring more joy, safety and stability in your love life.

10. Go The F To Sleep Collection

If you’ve just become new parents, you’ll soon find out that the many joys of looking at your baby come packaged in with less desirable…side effects. 

The first book in the set of 3 is about putting your loving angel to blissful sleep. No sugar coated advice though.

The author is profane, honest, but still affectionate. It also treats how you can admit to yourself that parenting is hard and that you can vent about it. 

The second book is about having to f-ing eat something with real nutrients, and how children usually refuse. 

Finally, the third book is for when there’s a second f-ing newborn seemingly out from nowhere. Now what do you do?

Well, the first step is getting the collection! The books bring humor and absurdity to problems encountered by all parents. 

11. 6-month Datebox Subscription

As we’ve described above, Datebox is meant for couples who want to have date nights but have no time for them.

Instead of fiddling around with your busy schedules in an attempt to find a window of opportunity, just don’t!

Datebox delivers straight to your doorstep, and you have a new date night theme each month. The boxes themselves have all required items for a great evening together. 

6 dates per month for 6 months.

12. “Mr.” And “Mrs.” Aprons

Release your inner chefs with this lovely duo of aprons. Cook up Christmas dinner like never before; surprise each other with your knife skills and your guests with some amazing food. 

This gift is also a great motivator to keep cooking together. It’ll save you a lot of money in the long run (much cheaper than takeout), plus you’re just doing some teamwork. It’s amazing to have shared passions with your partner.

13. Cooking Book for Two

If you’re getting aprons anyway, we suggest getting some delicious recipe ideas to go along with them.

This cookbook by Robin Donovan is focused strictly on 5-ingredient recipes, perfectly portioned for pairs.

No need to use the excuse that it’s too complicated or takes too long. It’s literally just 5 ingredients. Simple, rich, flavorful dishes done in about 30 minutes each.

14. Lock & Key Bracelet

If you want to showcase the connection between you two to the world, there’s this unique and interesting option.

One of you can wear the heart-shaped bracelet, while the other has the key as a necklace.

It symbolizes you’re committed to staying together and loving each other always.

15. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Need more Christmas gift ideas for couples? Here are 100 date ideas! Of course, you won’t be able to do all of them in December alone. So, we suggest getting the scratch poster so that you can easily keep track of what’s left to do as part of your date night/day.

Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Couples

We’ve shown you some Christmas gifts for her and some Christmas gifts for him. However, we believe that 2 in particular stand out as perfect Christmas gift ideas for couples.

The Better Topics physical edition game, and the digital edition game (iOS and Android mobile apps). 

Christmas is about family, about relationships, about love. What better way to celebrate such a magical time of the year than with a special gift that’s all about communication? 

A gift which will help you talk more openly and honestly day after day. A gift to motivate you into quality conversations which grow and develop the bond that you share.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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