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5 Top Romantic Date Ideas for Married Couples

Marriage can be one of the greatest things that you can experience, if done right of course. One way to keep some spontaneity in your married life, or “keep the spark” as it’s often said, is not to let go of date night! Unfortunately, original romantic date ideas for married couples aren’t that common.

This can be a detrimental factor in your couple life, as it allows routine to steadily take hold between the two of you. Before you know it, there won’t be much left to talk about other than how work was, the kids, and various chores and problems you have to sort out. 

Whether this takes 1, 5, or 10 years of marriage is of course going to vastly depend on each particular case, but without some dynamism, it’ll eventually happen. That being said, what we want to share with you are simply some date ideas. 

You shouldn’t treat them as one time solutions, or a secret to a happy marriage, because truth be told, there is no secret to a happy marriage. Sure, there are many key aspects, like honesty, commitment, and patience, but if anyone promises you that you only have to do “this one thing” for everything to work, they’re lying.

With that out of the day, let’s get into some romantic date ideas for married couples. Just keep in mind though a very good practice is to start planning ahead for your dates. Modern life often requires us to be on the go a lot, and if you don’t actively reserve time for just the two of you, it might never actually happen.

1. Go For Some Stargazing

Got a back garden by any chance? That in itself opens up even more romantic date ideas for married couples, but how about you start with some stargazing? Even if you don’t have a garden, your local park has everything you need.

Namely: some nature, peace and quiet, and a perfect spot to lay a blanket, go for a picnic, and just admire the vastness of the open sky together. 

2. Simply Chat

Remember playing a few rounds of “20 questions” as a child? Wasn’t that just plain old fun? You maybe even got to learn something at the same time too! Why not just take that simple principle, and apply it to your married life?

Wherever you may be, and whatever you might be doing, sit down with your spouse, and just talk. About what? About you! When’s the last time you even did that? If you need a few pointers, we recommend our own card game for couples, Better Topics. It’s designed to be both fun, and helpful, by giving you the opportunity to talk about the really important things. Why not give it a look?

3. Prepare A Candlelight Dinner

Just because the two of you aren’t dating anymore, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying altogether, or to let the romance fade out. Remember going to those fancy restaurants in the beginning?

Well, time to take it one step further! Whip together a dinner meal as best as you can (yes, just the two of you), and then enjoy it at candlelight. Trust us, even if the food won’t turn out to be the best, it’ll be a great experience and an even better memory.

4. Have Your Own Photoshoots

Many times, life passes by faster than we thought it possible. We need to both constantly remember new things, as well as learn new things. Have you ever had a moment where you just remembered a random little thing from way back, but it brought you a lot of joy?

Well, don’t let your own memory play tricks on you anymore! Start taking pictures with your spouse, and not just of the kids. Of each other, of your home, of anything or everything you might enjoy. You’ll be happy to have them down the line. 

5. Watch Your Wedding Video

Have you ever actually watched your wedding video? If you did, why not go for a re-watch, since so much time and effort went into the preparations anyway? This can be an especially pleasant activity if a few years have passed since your wedding.

These are but a few ideas, and you should go ahead and talk with your spouse about what they’d like to do next week! You can volunteer together, or run a race together, go for some horse riding, or anything else!

One last piece of advice we have for you is to try and learn your partner’s love language, so that you can know that much better what they expect from you.


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