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30 Awesome Wedding Gifts for The Groom That He’ll Appreciate

Are you looking for the perfect wedding gifts for the groom? 

When it comes to weddings, the general wisdom is to focus on the bride. After all, the ceremony’s kinda for her. The flowers, the music, the event itself is going to be appreciated by the bride more than the groom.

That’s why we’ve already made a list of 28 gift options for the bride! But then, what about the groom? It’s actually a trickier question when you think about it, right? Men will truly appreciate only 3 types of gifts, and they’re not of a romantic nature:

  1. Practical objects which will be useful.
  2. “Manly” items or grooming products.
  3. Gifts that relate to their passions and hobbies.

Of the 3, the last category really hits the spot. Even if a man won’t get emotional if you bought him something he really likes, rest assured that he appreciates it and will remember it. Unless you’re one of the groomsmen, then chances are he’ll quickly forget who he got it from.

But hey, you’ve made him happy on his wedding day. That’s what counts!

Practical Wedding Gifts for The Groom

Everything that has a clearly defined purpose falls into this category. From furniture, to kitchen appliances and home tech products.

But, we’d like to avoid the cliche ideas of a microwave, a vacuum cleaner or a sofa. You could actually make your gift stand out. It’s important that it’s a nice gift, not that it costs a lot.

Special Gifts

1. A fancy pen

Some men are into the finer things of life. Fountain pens are both useful and look very classy at the same time. Besides, they also act as a keepsake and a treasured memory. A fountain pen can have a basically unlimited lifespan as long as the groom is going to take care of it. 

You could even give it to them ahead of time so they could sign their wedding papers with it!

2. Personalized beer mug

Most men enjoy the occasional beer. Either with friends, alone or even together with their wife if she likes to drink beer as well. One easy way for the groom to stand out in the future among his drinking buddies is with a mighty mug just for him.

It could be just inscribed glass, carved out of wood with an intricate design, or a cup made from copper. We advise sticking to the wood or copper.

3. A cigar box

Cigars aren’t smoked that much anymore, losing favor to cigarettes, vaping or other alternatives. That being said, it’s still customary to buy some when a man celebrates a big event with his friends. For example, the birth of a child.

Or you know, his wedding! This could be a solid gift from a groomsman during his bachelor’s party.

4. A leather-bound flask

Flasks have always been classy. While he won’t be able to just carry it around everywhere because of alcohol consumption restrictions, it will serve a special occasion well. If he likes it enough, he might even just fill it with whatever liquid around the house. 

The leather around the stainless steel could have a message such as “to our best buddy”, or to “to my beloved husband-to-be”.

5. A chef’s knife

Close-up of a chef sharpening a large kitchen knife blade with a steel.

Does the groom enjoy cooking? Then this is a no-brainer! And the options that you have at your disposal, limitless. We mean that. Just for the handle alone, you could go for different kinds of metal or wood. 

Then, there’s the blade. You can order a custom knife in tons of shapes and sizes. With inscriptions, engravings, patterns, designs, etc. We guarantee the groom’s going to feel powerful when chopping some onions with his new knife.

6. Customized whiskey decanter

You know what screams deluxe? Bringing out a wooden box with a special dedication etched on it. Then inside, there’s a set of whiskey glasses and a bottle that’s going to be the envy of all the men around it.

What better way to savor a strong drink with friends? Bring some style into the groom’s life!

7. An elegant tie and clip

This will take a bit of analysis. What colors does the groom usually wear? What’s his fashion sense? You should buy him a tie that fits in with his wardrobe, and a tie clip that brings out or compliments the rest of the outfit. 

Alternatively, focus on a clip that’s really unique and would be the centerpiece of a suit.

Everyday Gifts

1. Better Topics – unique game for couples

Even if the groom isn’t that much into card games, this is still a great choice. Just think of it this way for a second:

What’s the purpose of marriage? To live a happy life together with your spouse and grow your relationship everyday, right?

To understand each other and share what’s going on in your head through quality communication. You have to be a team.

Well, Better Topics is a fun and replayable game that helps couples stay together. Unlike other games who treat superficial questions and promote simple conversations, BT goes in-depth. 

There are 54 question cards from a variety of topics, and the game is fleshed out with modifier cards, rules, rewards for winning and so on.

The core principle however is just stimulating valuable communication. To help married people get out of a “what was your day like” loop.

Sounds interesting to you? We thought so! Get a Better Topics deck today for the groom and the bride.

By the way, there are also mobile versions of the game for iOS and Android. Completely free to download.

2. A wrist watch

Among accessories designed for men, we’re convinced that a majority of people would quickly think of watches. Some men are even collectors, owning up to 5-10+ and pairing them with what they’re wearing. 

Besides, watches are a traditional wedding gift for the groom. You really can’t miss the spot, unless you buy something which is completely out of his fashion sense. 

Prices also tend to be flexible, simply because there are so many options to choose from. You can gift watches in a lot of different styles, colors and types of belt (leather, metallic, etc).

You could also target some vintage watches. If the groom already has an impressive collection of wrist watches, this gift is going to rock his world.

3. A smart watch

For a tech-savvy groom, there’s always the option of a smart watch instead. He can pair it with this phone through Bluetooth and then he’ll have access to a lot of features on it: calls, messages, some apps, that sort of thing.

He could also monitor how many steps he took daily, his heart rate and so on. It all depends on the type of watch you want to get him. The watch even tells the hour among all the other things!

4. A pocket watch

Out of fashion? Sure, but pocket watches are at the “ultimate display of class” level. They can still be paired with suits quite easily with a chain too. Besides, just think of how cool the groom’s going to look checking their pocket watch while other people are looking at their phones.

Who would you pick to have a conversation with at an event? The guy with the latest smartphone, or the guy who has a pocket watch with a golden chain?

5. Sunglasses

Simple and straightforward. There are very many sunglasses which can be given as a gift, with styles, shapes and price ranges going all over the chart. Just try to check first what kind of sunglasses he already has at home.

 6. A wallet

Besides watches, wallets are also easily top gift ideas for a groom. Usually, a leather wallet is a safe pick. Go for a black one or for the natural color of genuine leather. Keep it classy and to the point.

Alternatively, you can also have the wallet inscribed or embroidered with some sort of scenery or specific design. Just make sure it’d be something that the groom would be happy to look at every time he needs his bank card.

If you’re thinking of getting him a wallet as the bride, it’s even more of a solid choice. Invariably, the wallet’s going to degrade over time, so you can just buy another one for an anniversary! Or you could pay to have it restored if he’s become attached to it. 

7. A pair of cufflinks

You might be thinking: “cufflinks, for everyday use?”. The answer is yes. Not all cufflinks are suited for a fancy suit. Some of them have plain designs, even minimalist ones. Could be just a rounded and colored shape. Or a very subtle shape which is revealed only on closer inspection.

He could then bring his favorite shirts to a tailor and have the additional hole cut into the end of the sleeve. If the groom’s a geek, there’s also the option of getting him some geeky cufflinks. There are quite a few to choose from.

“Manly” Wedding Gifts for The Groom

This category is all about those products designed for men, or traditionally owned by men. Let’s get into it.

Grooming Gifts

1. A shaving set

Off the bat, all men are going to trim their beard or do a clean shave at least once a week. Besides: the more majestic the beard, the greater care he has to apply to it. At the same time, it’s simply not the same to go to a barber versus just using an electric trimmer at home.

There’s a sense of elegance, history, understanding and downright manliness to have your barber put your beard back in top shape. But of course, it’s even better if you can do it at home. So, get the groom a nice and fancy shaving set as wedding gifts for the groom.

Generally, they’re sold for clean shaving, but see if there are options for just trimming.

2. A straight razor

If the groom’s an “old school” kind of guy, get him an old school straight razor. However, be aware that these are actually premium products! They’re considered vintage and pretty collector-oriented. They won’t come cheap.

Thankfully, there are some awesome designs that come with the price tag; blade engravings, special handles, etc. Straight razors are also really sharp. There are whole guides on how to use them properly.

Definitely not a gift for every groom, but an amazing one for the passionate ones.

3. A bottle of cologne

Some men enjoy using a fragrance. Others, not so much. It’s usually easy to tell, as you’ll be able to smell the scent when the groom passes you by. However, it’s really a tricky gift. Everyone has an idea of what scent best represents them.

Just because you think a perfume would suit him, it doesn’t mean he’s going to like it.

Outdoor Gifts

1. Wood hunting/pocket knife

Nothing goes better with a camping experience than a personalized wooden handle knife. It’s both a functional and handy gift, and a status symbol among men. It’s a callback to earlier days when nature played a much greater role in our lives.

It gives a sense of power and skill.

2. Swiss army multi-tool

An alternative to a pocket knife if the groom’s more of a fan of military equipment or modern tools. Additionally, it’s really a multi-tool. It could have different blades, a spoon, a fork, a bottle opener, scissors, pliers, etc. It’s as manly as you can get an item to be.

3. Personalized fishing rod & lures

Fishing is not necessarily a common passion among men, but those who do like to fish will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Rods can be customized with various colors and designs, while lures come in special boxes and can bear the form of many different species of fish.

The gift will quickly become something he brags about to his friends who also fish.

4. An engraved compass

Realistically, there’s a very small chance that the groom’s going to get lost in the wilds in the future. Even if he’s an adventurous type, you don’t go into the wilderness without knowing how to come back (or without already having checked the area with your smartphone’s map). 

Instead, this is a symbolic gift which he could nonetheless bring to his treks. Make sure that the outer part of the compass has an intricate design. On the inside, have something heartfelt inscribed. 

Bonus points: lots of guys find the idea of pirates awesome, so try and find a compass with a nautical design.

5. An emergency kit

The concept of practicality also applies here. If they’re the type of guy who enjoys potentially dangerous activities, it’s handy to have an emergency kit on hand. We do recommend to pair this with something else though. It’s not enough as wedding gifts for the groom on its own.

6. Wall art with the outdoors

If the groom doesn’t have as much time as he’d like to spend outdoors, then bring a fragment of nature to his home. You can gift him an art piece with wildlife, a forest, mountains, or whatever you know he’d enjoy admiring in his living room.

7. A duffel bag

The sportier the groom, the more he’s going to appreciate this idea. It’s an especially wonderful gift if he’s current bag is showing signs of significant wear and tear. A simple gift that gets straight to the point. Suitable to be received from any of the groomsmen.

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for The Groom

Do you know what the groom’s passionate about? What his hobbies are? Then buy him a gift which he’ll cherish and which proves you understand him as a person.

Geeky/Hobby Gifts

1. A chess set

If the groom likes games based on logic and strategy, chess could be for him. And if he’s already a chess player, well it’s a no-brainer! There are very many chess boards for sale at vastly different price ranges.

Don’t go for a classic one though, as there’s no fun in that. Look for a unique design for the board and the pieces. Even better, maybe there’s one made after a fandom which he’s part of. We guarantee that the board will immediately become the centerpiece of one of the new couple’s rooms.

2. A poster collection

Even if the groom (or the bride) won’t want to hang them on a wall, they can still be a loving keepsake stored in a drawer. This should be an easy gift to make if you’ve known the man of the hour since childhood.

Just think back to what he was passionate about growing up. We’re sure he’d like a memento of that time.

3. Limited edition comic books

We’re not going to lie: this is going to cost you. Potentially a lot. But, they’re a collector’s item for a reason. A lot of popular superheroes have had a comic book edition or more which isn’t easy to find anymore. They’re only going to get more expensive with time too.

But, if you want the groom to have something really special in their bookcase (or really, encased in a glass box) and have the bucks to spare, give this a shot.

4. A gaming console/PC

PlayStation, a custom gaming PC, Xbox, Nintendo. You can’t really go wrong. Unless, of course, it’s something that the groom is not going to like. Check with his other friends/significant other and see what system would be best for them.

There’s a very high chance of a childlike smile when he unwraps that gift. It’s not a cheap gift, but he’s going to love you for it until the end of days.

5. A VR set

Virtual reality is the next stage of gaming. They’re still on the expensive side of gifts, but they shouldn’t be much more than a gaming console. Some people have reported motion sickness with such devices though, so be careful if this is your choice.

6. Sports memorabilia

Ball for basket ball on an orange background. Close up.

T-shirts, signed footballs, player cards, signed baseball bats, etc. Anything that relates to their favorite sport, or even better, their favorite player. You could also buy some tickets to an upcoming game.

Choose The Unexpected

We’re going to bet that you didn’t expect a unique, fun and replayable card game on this list. Perhaps that’s exactly why you should buy it! No one else is going to have such a standout idea, that’s for sure.

Besides, Better Topics is all about helping people in a relationship connect with each other better. It fits marriage like a glove; it’s made for romantic partners. 

If you don’t think that tabletop games fit the groom, no problem. BT has apps for both iOS and Android. You can talk to the groom to buy a membership package for him, so he can enjoy the app fully with his wife-to-be.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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