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Here’s How To Cutely Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

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Wondering how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend? 

I’m here to help you, but let’s start with the beginning:

Spending time with the opposite sex can be a uniquely intriguing activity. After all, that’s why men and women start liking each other as more than friends.

But, when you really like a guy, what are some cute ways to ask that guy to be your boyfriend?

And, should you ask him? To answer this simply: yes, you should!

Sure, there’s still an unspoken general belief that guys should be the ones to make the first move, but we’ll let you in on a secret.

A lot of times, men are completely oblivious to hints that you’re sending. Just go ahead and ask some one of your girl friends, or even men themselves!

We’re certain you’ll hear a ton of stories of how he was unsure if she liked him, and so he didn’t do anything.

But, if you ask her, she’ll frustratingly  reminisce of how many ways she tried to let him know that he should ask her out.

After all, men are just people too. Some are very confident, and some are shy and afraid of being let down. But, those two things alone don’t define a person.

If it doesn’t seem like he’s going to say anything to you, then take the reins in your own hands.

Get your phone out and let your crush know that you’d like to talk about something. Yes, talk

Don’t Confess Through Text

Whichever way you choose to let a guy know you’re into him, do it in person.

After all, think of yourself for a minute. Would you appreciate it if someone told you something important in a quick text, or even over the phone? If you would, then fair enough!

However, even then, consider that you basically want to be with someone, so respecting their preferences is a must.

Besides, when you talk about such matters in person, it’s easier and more natural to talk things over. In some cases, you’ll both just be head over heels into each other, and that’s that; time for some romance!

Preparing For Rejection

If he’s unsure about the commitment though, don’t freak out and just start deflecting the subject.

Yes, the above might be reason for you to think “well then why shouldn’t it just be a text?”. After all, if he says no, that’s that, you go your separate ways. Thing is, relationships are difficult.

They take time, work, effort, sacrifice, and mutual understanding and respect. But if done right, they’re the greatest fulfillment you can have. 

So, only after being really sure that you want to be with that one guy (to avoid heartbreak in the near or far future), pick up the phone and meet up.

If you’re still feeling a bit anxious, just start discussing commitment as a broader subject. See exactly what it means for him. If you like what you’re hearing, it’s time to confess!

Signs To Watch Out For Before Asking Him To Be Your Boyfriend

Like we just said, you shouldn’t keep your feelings to yourself. However, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately make them public either. 

When you’re crushing on someone hard, you can easily ignore their otherwise obvious flaws.

And granted, every one of us has flaws, but some are deal breakers, and if you don’t take some time to spot potential deal breakers in time, you’ll end up regretting it.

So, before we get into some cute ways to ask a guy to be your boyfriend, here are some signs that he likes you too.

Be on the lookout for them, as they’ll help you pinpoint some of his personality traits too.

His Body Language Changes

Controlling what you say verbally is easy unless you’re in a great state of fear, anger, infatuation, or other overwhelming feelings.

However, our bodies say things about us all the time, whether we want to or not.

Some people can masterfully control their body language through intensive training, but a lot of us don’t even have an idea how we’re giving ourselves away. For example, are you concerned he’s lying to you?

Check if he brings his hand to his mouth or face when talking. It’s an indication his body is subconsciously telling him he should hide the fact he’s not being truthful. 

When he’s smiling around you, does he have some crinkles at the edges of his eyes. That’s an indication of a sincere, emotion-driven smile, which means he enjoys your company. 

Does he touch you often? On the hand, the shoulder, a friendly jab here or there?

Physical contact is direct proof he’s feeling intimate with you, or that he wants to get a bit more frisky.

He Cares About You

Does your guy make an effort to remember the little things about you? And don’t think about birthdays or if he knows who your close friends are, because that’s easy.

You want to be in a relationship with him, so he should get to know the real you.

What’s your favorite color? Do you prefer sweet or savory food? What does an ideal day look like for you? What type of clothing do you prefer?

Do you have any health problems? What are you really geeky about? What’s your favorite animal?

There are so many worthwhile questions out there that you and your partner should ask one another, but it’s not too early if you start before getting together!

In fact, here are 150 relationship questions from our end. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

He Compliments You

Trust us, guys hardly ever compliment their friends. Well, not in a way that would talk to your girl friends anyway.

Instead of saying “you’re a good person” to their friends, guys will probably resort to “I hate you less than the others”, or even appeal to profanity to get their otherwise goodwill across.

So, if he genuinely tells you that you look nice or that you smell nice (this is actually not a weird thing, guys really appreciate it when you smell nice), he really means it.

Especially if the compliment is a bit awkward or his voice cracks a bit (because guys aren’t that used to emotions and feelings)!

However, know that just like women come in all types and variations, so do the dudes! Some are friendlier and more open.

Their sincere compliments and appreciations don’t always translate to a romantic interest.

Don’t presume out of the gate; let the situation mature a bit.

He Texts You Often

We do encourage face to face conversation as often as possible. After all, we even built a card game game dedicated to this named Better Topics.

However, at the same time, we know modern life has us on the run usually, so we have an app too.

With the same concepts in mind, sometimes texting is the way to go. It gets your point across, allows constant contact throughout the day, and shows the person you’re thinking of them.

If your crush writes to you about their daily life, their interests, asks for your opinion on X and Y, it’s a sign they might be interested.

Maybe they go further and ask for fashion advice or what cologne you think is best. Maybe they even start dressing like that or using that cologne.

You should take that hint yourself then and ask them out already!

And if he’s continuously texting you when he’s with “the boys”, then ask him out even faster. However, make sure to specify that he shouldn’t focus on you that much when he’s out with friends.

Neither of you should become the center of the Universe for the other. There’s a big difference between affection and obsession.

He Shows Interest In Your Passions

Ever talk to your crush about your favorite book or movie just for them to tell you at a later date that they read or watched it too?

It’s a common practice for people to try and get into the passions of a romantic interest.

If he makes you a gift related to one of your interests it’s even more of a telltale sign, especially if it’s on the more expensive side of things. It could be an indication of his love language too.

Concrete Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

The above are a few methods of figuring out if he’s really into you, but the only way of actually making sure is, you guessed it, talking to the guy. Let’s get into cute actual ways to ask a guy to be your boyfriend.

Compliment Him

Let’s face it: all guys have an ego, and some have a fragile one too (stay clear of those). That being said, a compliment here and there can go a long way with guys.

It first of all shows that you care, but also reinforces them as a person. It makes them think that what they’re doing and who they are is the right course.

Moreover, if you genuinely think that how they act is appropriate, why not let them know? Perhaps their friend really needed a larger sum of money and they lent or outright gave it.

Or, they didn’t fight back when someone was asking for trouble. Or, they’re trying to be a more charitable person. Maybe they’re really good at something like martial arts or video games?

When they’re really passionate about something, men tend to go all in. Whether that’s cars, wood carving, or fashion sense, show your crush you appreciate them for the effort they’re making.

A disclaimer though: just like we said in the beginning, men really don’t catch on to hints well.

If you keep on complimenting him and even adding physical touch to the compliments but he isn’t getting it, try a different approach.

Be Open About Having A Crush

This is perhaps the next step on the “trail of ambiguity”. If compliments aren’t doing the trick, admit you have a crush.

Tell him how you really like this guy, but you just can’t figure out a cute way to ask him out without you seeming awkward or desperate.

If your guy doesn’t show any signs that he’s catching on, throw in some personality traits of “your crush”. If it still doesn’t work, well then it’s time for complete frankness.

Admit To Your Crush That You Like Him

If subtlety just won’t do the trick, you have to take a leap of faith and just come clean. After all, you like this guy for a whole list of reasons, so really, what’s the worst that could happen?

If he just makes fun of you, well then he didn’t deserve you in the first place and nothing was lost. If he rejects you or just says he has no such feelings for you, then that’s that; no harm done. 

Remember, it’s better to live with a bit of disappointment or hurt feelings than with regret or endless wondering.

And then of course, he can like you back, and now the two of you are a couple! In fact, we believe you’ll find that in many cases guys just don’t know the right words to confess, or worry that they’ll be rejected.

Ways to Confess to Your Crush

When you draw the line, you’ll see that some guys are even more sentimental, and that’s why they can appear as cold as distant. They just don’t want to risk getting hurt. 

Now, we hear you asking how to make this confession as cute as possible, and we suggest one of the following:

  • Slip him a note in his backpack or pocket to meet you at the X place. It’s more intriguing than just calling him, and it’ll make him curious and maybe even make him suspect what it’s all about. It’ll give him time to prepare what to say too. Or, he’ll have no idea, in which case you’ll need a bit of patience while he figures out an answer.
  • Make an analogy about how characters he’s passionate about got together.
  • Be candid in a funny and unexpected way, such as “You know how you’re really happy and smiling all the time when playing baseball? Well, I feel the same when looking at your silly face.”. Feel free to replace “silly” with any word appropriate to your relationship with him.
  • Invite him over and cook his favorite meal. After you eat, make a comment such as “well I’m sure it would be a much better dish if we ate as boyfriend and girlfriend.” This is going to really put him on the spot though, so don’t get mad if he takes a while to react.
  • Start the conversation by listing all you’d want from a relationship, and conclude with the fact you’re sure he would offer all of those.
  • Alternatively, throw all cuteness aside, and be as straightforward as possible, listing why you think you should be together. A lot of guys appreciate cutting out filters.

In Conclusion…

Ultimately, confessing to your crush is going to be difficult, that’s the bare truth of it. However, the difficult things in life are the ones which matter most.

Additionally, if your guy feels the same for you, it’s really not going to be a long discussion, as you’ll both be filled with joy. 

Fact of the matter is, if you’re trying to come up with something cute to confess to him. You can even go for the worst, cheesiest, most overused pick-up line you’ve ever heard in your life.

Men usually find them funny and you might come off as quirky in a good way.

So, go out there and start working on getting the message across! If you’ve just found your soulmate, make sure to maintain honest communication and have valuable conversations daily.


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