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5 Ways to Improve Communication in a Relationship

Effective communication in a relationship is a very debated theme, on which not everyone always agrees. If you ask me, the pillar on which it all stands is none other than honest, transparent communication. But there are other ways to improve communication in a relationship too.

Still, if they aren’t built upon a rock solid fountain of openness between the two of you, they will at best be shaky. That being said, how should healthy communication look like anyway? Well, that’s where it all gets a bit complicated.

Just as there exists the concept of a lack of communication, you can actually over communicate too! Sometimes, it is best that you just give your partner the space that they need. Instead of trying to hold their attention non-stop.

At the end of the day, it’s best to have quality time together. Even if it’s for a shorter duration. Than to spend every waking minute together in a way which doesn’t really fulfill you. True value comes from sharing conversations which are both enjoyable, but help you grow as well.

So, let’s get into the fine details of our 5 ways to improve communication in a relationship.

1.  Respect Each Other’s Time

We all have something that’s weighing down on our souls from time to time. It’s normal to wish to share such burdens with the people that you love. But make sure that you’re not being selfish about it.

Just because the two of you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that your partner’s time should be solely dedicated to you. Or vice-versa. Talk with one another about what you prefer to do on your own. And let them know if sometimes they’re being overbearing. 

Of course, do so with utmost grace, don’t say in a blunt and insensitive manner. 

2. Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Have you ever caught yourself actually really listening to what your partner is saying? But you make it seem like you’re not? Was your partner ever surprised that you remembered a certain thing they told you some time ago?

You might unknowingly give the impression that what your partner is saying isn’t all that important to you by not looking at them, or sitting cross-armed, or just staring in a completely different direction. Maybe you watch TV or check your phone in the meantime.

Even if these are not distractions for you and you receive the message just fine, don’t give your partner the impression that you’re not.

3. Control What You Say In Arguments

Many people look for ways to improve communication in a relationship after they got into a fight and start thinking that things just aren’t working out. This can of course be true, but it can just as well be the case that they’re overthinking different opinions.

Still, it is crucial that when you are discussing opposed ideas, the two of you stick to strictly discussing that idea. If you don’t agree, then bring arguments around that subject. Never resort to using lines such as “Well of course that’s what you believe, it’s because you are…”. Stick to the point being talked about. 

4. Don’t Just Text

Texting or talking over the phone is a perfect way for you to keep in touch when you’re not physically together, but these ways should never be thought of as a means to talk about the important things.

Do you want to move in together? Want to take a loan? You really can’t make it to the birthday of the other’s mother or father? Fair enough, text them that you want to tell them something important and the two of you should meet, but that’s it. Leave the actual details for face to face.

5. Say What You Have To Say

Do you really dislike your partner’s favorite shirt? Does it annoy you when they talk over your favorite series? Are you feeling overwhelmed, sad, or bothered by something they’ve said?

Well, don’t keep any of that in! The more negatives you bottle up, the worse the inevitable outburst is going to be. Pick a time during the day, and just say your piece; there’s never a “right time to say it” anyway.

And those are our top 5 ways to improve communication in a relationship, for this article at least! For more advice, check out our blog, and if you wish to try an innovative way to create more honesty, openness, and consideration between the two of you, why not give Better Topics a look? It’s a card game for couples designed to be both fun, as well as helpful!


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