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The 4 Best Card Game Apps When You’re in a Relationship

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Looking for the best card game apps to play with your partner? Below are the best of the best!

Feeling that warm and fuzzy sensation of a new relationship is a very special thing. However, it’s become normal for it to fade with time.

What was once romance can quickly turn into routine, day-to-day, or feeling like you’re living with a roommate instead of a loved one.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! The trick is making sure that you’re sharing your love and respect with your partner each and every day.

Of course, since we all live busy lives and we spend most of our time at work or doing chores, this is easier said than done.

It gets especially challenging if you’re in a long-distance relationship. T

hen, you have to be even more committed than usual in order for things to work out. Good news though! You can stay connected throughout the day (or have some fun at home) with the following apps.

4 Great Card Game Apps to Download Today

It’s time to do away with the monotony in your couple’s life. Try out these 4 apps today and refresh your love.

1. Better Topics: Fun & Replayable Conversations

Better Topics is built from the ground-up to improve your relationship through fun & meaningful conversations. Just sitting down and talking with your partner about truly important subjects isn’t usually considered to be time well-spent.

Well, this app aims to prove you otherwise! The co-creators, Diana and Robert, have been happily together since 2017.

They wanted to create a game that brings others the joy that they take part in daily. Since open communication is key to a successful relationship, that’s the focus of Better Topics.

One partner asks a question, and the other one gives an appropriate answer. You get points for answering, with which you can unlock modifier cards, more questions, and other rewards/goodies (like expansion packs)!

Aside from improving your relationship, it’s a fully fledged actual card game that you can play just for the fun of it. 

There are also weekly secret challenges with which you can show how much you care about your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.

Think along the lines of breakfast in bed, taking your partner to a romantic movie or their favorite restaurant, etc. You only get to see what challenge your partner had for you after the week passes.

There’s also a history of your conversations, daily quotes, multimedia answers, and more!

Above everything else, Better Topics is replayable. Many games directed towards couples are a “one and done” type of deal.

But, with Better Topics, you can easily answer the same questions multiple times. Just like we change as people down the line, so do our answers.

Start experiencing more love, joy and connection today, as the game is free on both platforms. You have all the reasons to download it right away!

Cost: FREE

Platform: Android (download now) & iOS (download now)

2. Desire: Intimacy Game

If you’re looking to make your date night a sexier adventure, have a look at this app (and Better Topics’s “Intimacy” extension).

Desire aims to make your days more exciting. and challenge your creativity in the intimacy field. Spicing up your relationship is going to be the main objective you’ll achieve.

There are a lot of card dares to choose from, and they get updated on a weekly basis. If you want, you can write your own dares as well.

All of this nets you points, until you reach the highest level of challenges (“chilli”), where you can win the greatest trophies.

You also get to save all of these wonderful moments together in your couple’s private journal. This diary is perfect for any special occasion you go through together.

“Spicy” days, romantic days, adventurous days; you get a beautiful look back at past moments.

Similar to Better Topics, the app also sends you and your partner a question daily. You only see the answer after you’ve answered yourself!

Cost: Free

Platform: Android & iOS 

3. {THE AND}: Relationship Game

This app is all about creating meaningful moments between loved ones. Since connecting with other people has become more difficult lately, {THE AND} amplifies your conversations with meaningful topics (like what Better Topics does). 

The difference here is that the app isn’t made for couples exclusively. Instead, the experience is molded around a variety of relationships that you can have in your life.

Friends, family, romantic partners, strangers, first dates, exes; the app tries to cover all of these at once. 

However, you can only play the game in “real-time”. While Better Topics allows you to send replies via text, whenever you want, you’ll have to choose between a video call or in-person play for {THE AND}. 

This is still helpful, as you’re getting the full experience of interpersonal communication, but it limits when you can play the game a lot.

You’re not going to have time at work to use {THE AND} during a quick break; scheduling time together with your partner or friend will be a requirement.

Still, the game gives you access to many questions and topics, and you get a safe space to discuss them openly and honestly.

The app is also a good activity when you’re having dinner together, or when you want to relax during a lazy Sunday morning.

Cost: Free (only for 3 video calls and 5 local plays per month)

Platform: Android & iOS 

4. Couple Game: Relationship Quizzes

Less of a traditional card game, except that the questions are presented in a typical “card” format. You’ve surely thought about how well you know your partner, or how well they know you.

If you were asked the same question, would you give the same answer?

You can use this app to know for sure! Finding out more things about your loved one is only part of the journey as well.

By seeing what you answer, and what they answer, you’ll also gain a better understanding of who you really are, and what you want from life.

If you want to “test” your partner, this is one of the games with which you can do that. There are topics around all of the most common subjects: food, hobbies, favorite music, best movies, etc.

If you want more deep subjects though, we recommend checking Better Topics.

This relationship quiz is also suited for all stages of your relationship. Newly together, for a few months, married; there’s always something more to learn about each other.

The core concept is answering the same question, and then guessing each other’s answer.

It’ll help you know more about each other, and what preferences you have. The app also automatically saves answers, so you always have gift ideas. 

Cost: Free

Platform: Android & iOS 

The Best Card Game App Overall

Since Better Topics is the only real card game in this list (in the full sense of the word), we have to give it the trophy! You get Question cards each week, and each answer awards you points.

These free points can then be spent to unlock extra question cards, modifier cards (like “reverse the question” or the special rules ”joker”), and even extension decks!

Are you a new couple? There’s a special deck for you. Are you already parents? There’s a special deck for you.

All the topics were also carefully built from the beginning to assure that discussing them will help you grow in your relationship.

If you’re looking to reach new heights in a fun & desirable way, download the app and get extra benefits now!


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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