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Complete Collection


Our Complete Collection is nothing short of the full BT experience, improved in all possible ways from the Base Deck. With this conversation game for couples you’re getting all the standard 120 cards + 100 extra cards (all our available extension decks!).

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Step up your game nights with Better Topics Card Game Complete Collection, the ultimate conversation starter for couples craving deep talks and loads of fun.

Specifically designed for every couple, whether you’re just starting out or have been together for ages, this game ensures you’ll always discover something new about each other.

The base game is just the beginning. It features questions that evolve with your relationship, Modifiers to shake things up, and Rewards to celebrate your connection.

But why stop there?

Moreover, dive into the complete collection with five extension decks, each designed to explore different facets of your relationship.

Firstly, the Parenting deck throws in 20 questions about raising kids and the values you want to instill. Making it perfect for those navigating the adventures of parenthood together.

Secondly, the Past Stories deck offers 20 questions that reflect on lessons learned from your shared or personal history. Helping you cherish your journey together.

Similarly, the Which One deck gets you guessing with 20 questions about who’s more likely to do what, adding a playful twist.

Additionally, the New Couples deck is a must-have for those fresh in love, featuring 20 essential questions to lay a strong foundation from the start.

And for those moments when you’re feeling a bit more daring, the Intimacy deck brings 20 questions focused on bedroom secrets. Adding a spark to your intimate connection.

Each deck in the Better Topics Card Game collection invites you to laugh, reflect, and grow closer, making every game night an opportunity to strengthen your bond.

So, grab your partner, pick a card, and let the deep conversations and fun begin.

It’s not just about winning. It’s about connecting on a whole new level.


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