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Here Are 25 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

Today we’re talking about questions girls are afraid to ask guys. But they should still ask them as they’re quite important. 

As the saying goes, “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus”. While this is of course a joke, it’s one that’s arisen from everyday situations where men and women are simply dissimilar.

However, that’s a good thing! How boring would life be if all of us were carbon copies of each other? Diversity and differences keep the situation fresh and unpredictable, making life a real adventure. 

This same thing though can also leave you completely confused about your guy friends or significant other. What’s actually going on in their heads?

That’s what we’re here to answer. As with all cases where communication is involved, honesty is key! If you want to ask something, just do it! 

Us guys (yep, this is a guy’s take on the matter!)  appreciate bluntness and openness. In fact, we think you’ll agree that we often request it (because you are also mysteries to us many times). 

But, we get it if you’re not ready to ask mildly uncomfortable questions yourself yet. So, here are the answers to 25 questions which girls would like to ask guys.

1. Who should pay for the first date?

Traditionally, it’s up to guys to pay for the first date. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to “take care of you” in this way. To “be the man” in the relationship.

Similarly, other guys prefer to split the bill in the name of financial equity, or just because they aren’t earning very much (but don’t want to tell you that).

They might also want to avoid creating the assumption that they’re always going to pay when you’re in the city.

2. Is sex always on your mind?

Well, kind of…

The  common knowledge is that men think about sex every 7 seconds. While that’s not really true, I must confess that guys talk about girls a lot sometimes. Having sex is considered as praiseworthy for guys, as is the number of women that you’ve “seduced”.

Being a virgin is oftentimes used as an insult especially during teenage years. This prompts guys to actively seek out and desire sex that much more.

3. Do you want to get married?

I think the overwhelming answer that you’ll get here is definitely no. But why do guys get married then? Well, it’s for you, ladies.

A lot of men can make it their life’s goal to make a woman happy or to see her content. Since marriage is important for some women, guys agree to it so that you’ll be happier. 

Behind the scenes, you’ll often find guys complaining to their friends about the cost of a wedding, or waiting to be done with the formalities already.

Guys care about being together with you, not confessing that love in front of an altar or relatives.

4. How much does it take to get you in the mood for sex?

Literally almost nothing. If you’re in the same room as your boyfriend (or sometimes a guy friend), he’s already in the mood for sex. This also depends on the sex drive of each person in particular, but it’s just the bare truth.

5. Do you believe/fall in love?

This might surprise you, but yes! I find other guys to be greater supporters of love than women. The reason is different though. With guys, it’s less about receiving love, and more about making their love for you known.

It’s about protecting and providing, being fulfilled because another person wants to be loved by you.

6. What’s the most attractive feature of a girl?

It’s really not what you think here. In fact, most guys will tell you that it’s your face. Other “assets” come in second, and they weigh less than your eyes, your cheeks, your smile, and your personality. 

7. Is more makeup or less/no makeup better?

Typically, guys will answer that no makeup at all or just some natural one is better. I prefer it when girls use a bit of makeup; it shows they take care of themselves.

Some eyeliner/eye shadow and a foundation, that’s it (don’t buy the cheaper ones though as they’ll damage your skin; better to keep it natural).

We’re really not into fake eyelashes, artificial nails, injected lips, etc, but you should of course do what feels right for you.

8. How do you feel about periods?

We do have a dislike of seeing blood on the sheets or in the bathroom. We understand of course, but it’s not desirable either.

Buying tampons or pads for you also fits into this category, and that just varies a lot. Some men don’t mind it, others outright refuse, others will only do it if married or if they feel forced to do it.

It’s an uncomfortable topic for some of us, while others have no issue talking about it.

9. Do you mind if your girlfriend has a lot of guy friends?

If your partner constantly complains about you hanging out with the other gender, it signifies an underlying problem and insecurities with him. He could be treating you like property.

If your guy friends always hit on you though, your boyfriend might have a point. However, if you know it’s innocent fun, don’t sacrifice your friendship.

10. Do you want to know what’s on my mind?

A million times yes! Many relationships end because of a lack of quality communication. Sometimes, you expect us to know what’s on your mind without saying anything.

Us guys believe that if you want something, or if we’ve done something to upset you, just tell us! We’re always open to talk about it.

In fact, here at Better Topics, we even created a whole fun & engaging card game around talking more openly with your S.O. Check out the physical game today! 

11. What makes good sex?

If you go out with guy friends a lot, you might catch them talking about sex they’ve had with other women. Don’t take everything you hear at face value; sex isn’t all about the physical or anatomical aspects for guys. An emotional connection, a real passion between you, makes guys enjoy sex more.

12. What’s the perfect first date?

The date activity won’t really matter for a guy. He’s there to get to know you, to talk with you. As long as your date has a good setting for just sitting down, conversing, and having a few good laughs, it’s perfect!

13. Is it important for a girl to be a virgin?

Most guys won’t judge you for being sexually active. Some guys will if you’ve had 3-5+ partners, because there’s also the idea that a girl should be “purer” than a guy. You won’t be seen as “serious relationship material”. Maybe hold back from disclosing your past at first. Get to know the guy better.

14. Do you like giving gifts?

This is a question without a clear answer. Some guys straight out enjoy showering women with gifts, while others hate Valentine’s or other such occasions. Mostly, I’ve found that guys buy presents because they make girls happy, or because they feel obligated to do it. 

15. Should a girl ask you out?

Definitely! Not all guys are as confident as Disney princes, so it’s helpful if you want to take initiative too. It also shows you’re interested, which is a great ego booster for guys!

16. Is it annoying to receive messages while out with friends?

Generally, yes. When we’re out with “the boys”, we prefer that our focus remains there. We’ll message you back because we don’t want to upset you, but it feels like a pressure. Spending time apart is important too. 

17. Do you care about how a girl dresses?

Some guys do, some guys don’t. Fashion isn’t our strongest point, but some guys do have a style preference. They’re looking for a girlfriend that also dresses in a way that’s associated with a lifestyle they find appealing.

Other guys will not care at all. They won’t even notice what you’re usually wearing.

18. Why aren’t guys more in touch with their feelings?

Because we want to seem more masculine, or because we don’t know how to deal with negative emotions, so we ignore them. Some guys are also just more rational and pragmatic, preferring facts and logic to feelings. 

19. What makes a girl “slutty”?

Some guys judge revealing clothes, over-the-top makeup, getting drunk, etc; others don’t. What generally makes guys consider a girl a one night stand instead of “girlfriend material” is if she’s willing to “go home with you” after just a short conversation.

20. Can you forgive cheating?

The general answer is no. Guys won’t take cheating girls back because their trust was broken and their pride was hurt. This however depends if you’re married and/or have children.

21. Should your girlfriend share your passions?

Only a minority of guys look for girls that are very similar to them. Generally speaking, you don’t have to like video games, football, geeky collections, cars, etc. However, it’s always highly appreciated if you show interest. 

It doesn’t really have to be genuine either. Simply listening to your boyfriend talk about what he likes will mean a lot to him. Who knows, you might end up enjoying them too!

22. Is taking “too long” to get ready to leave annoying?

Well, yes. We just throw on a shirt and some jeans and that’s it. We don’t really like waiting around for you to apply makeup and select some fancy clothes, because it feels like forever. Sorry ladies!

23. What’s the most attractive thing about a girl?

Being confident and showing sheer willpower. Us guys are ready to be there for you when you need emotional support or when you’re having doubts. 

Buuuut, we do prefer it if you have a warrior within your soul. Not being afraid to show who you are and just approaching situations with calm and confidence is attractive.

24. What do you do if you’re uninterested in a girl?

If a guy is ignoring or ghosting you, he’s uninterested. Us guys tend to be all over girls we’re into, being the first to message or suggest hanging out. If that ain’t happening, it’s probably bad news. 

However, if you’re into a shy guy, you should just pop the question yourself, or it might not ever be brought up.

25. Do you like staying in touch throughout the day?

More or less, yeah! We like sending texts and memes your way, but too much can feel overwhelming. We don’t like feeling that our freedom is being taken away.

Be careful not to make your boyfriend feel suffocated in your relationship. 

Quality conversations are always better than frequent and “meh” conversations. If you agree with us, have a look at our free mobile app.

It keeps you connected with your partner through meaningful & fun questions for couples, regardless of distance!

If you enjoyed these questions and want some more, be sure to check out our 150 relationship questions as well!


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