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Top 110 Thought Provoking Questions For Couples

Today we’re talking about some thought provoking questions for couples!


Let’s start!

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, there are always new things to learn about your partner. You just have to be willing to grow your relationship!

When you decide to take that first step, there are no better ways than with some thought provoking questions for couples.

Just consider what you want to know about them (and don’t fall into the “oh I don’t know, nothing  in particular” trap).

You’re together because you value, respect, admire and maybe even love each other. What attracted you to your partner first and foremost? Was it the spark in their eyes? Their view on life? Their magnetic energy?

Keep all of those feelings fresh by diving into funny, romantic, and personal thought provoking questions. You’ll see that a lot of quality conversations will come out of talking about your childhoods, families, friends, school life, and even your current day jobs. 

So, don’t neglect your couple life communication anymore. Make use of our 110 thought provoking questions below, and get to know each other better! You can make a game or a special night out of them too.

110 Deep Thoughts Questions

  1. What attracts you to a person above all else?
  2. What’s one thing that can’t be forgiven in a relationship?
  3. What would you teach the future generation about love?
  4. Did you use to have any convictions about relationships that aren’t true anymore?
  5. Do you have any phobias? Did you use to have any phobias?
  6. Is good food important to you or do you eat because you have to?
  7. Do you like your parent’s cooking?
  8. Did you use to keep secrets from your parents as a child?
  9. Did you go through “phases” in your teens?
  10. Who was an important role model for you growing up?
  11. Have you ever changed significantly for someone else in high school?
  12. Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not?
  13. Does your current life match what you envisioned in school?
  14. What did you use to think you’d work as?
  15. Was being a “cool kid” important for you? Did you try to be one?
  16. Were you a star pupil in school?
  17. Did you get bullied in middle school or high school?
  18. Did you follow fashion trends in school, or were you indifferent to them?
  19. What’s the most embarrassed you’ve ever been? What caused it?
  20. Has your idea of love changed over time?
  21. What’s the definition of family for you?
  22. Do you want to have children? What are the reasons?
  23. Do you have any siblings you haven’t told me about?
  24. What are important values for you that were taught by your parents?
  25. Do you have a large extended family? Do you keep in touch?
  26. What should a child learn above all else?
  27. Is it more important for children to be smart or kind?
  28. Were you raised religiously? 
  29. Did you go to church as a child?
  30. Do you believe in a higher power or say that you do?
  31. Should children receive more love or discipline?
  32. Should tradition be a significant part of family life?
  33. What do you think I love/admire most about you?
  34. What do you think is your best quality? Are you happy with that?
  35. Do you think people talk about us a couple behind our backs?
  36. Do you think our friends want a relationship that’s more like ours?
  37. What do you think is my best physical trait?
  38. Do you think I’m more “street smart”, or intelligent in the typical sense of the word?
  39. Do you think that going to college has helped you professionally? 
  40. What college do you want to follow, if at all? What’s the reason for your decision?
  41. Do you think we’d offer our child a good education at home?
  42. Do you want to grow more as a couple? To learn things together and have shared hobbies?
  43. What was your first sexual experience like?
  44. What’s the sexiest thing about me?
  45. Do you want to try something different in the bedroom? Don’t be shy!
  46. Have you ever been cheated on, or were you ever unfaithful to your partner?
  47. At what age did you have sex the first time?
  48. Is sex an important aspect for you in our relationship? How highly do you value sex?
  49. Do you have a favorite sex position?
  50. Did you want to kiss me long before our first kiss?
  51. Did you ever think that “you’ll never love again”?
  52. Was your heart broken in the past?
  53. Could you trust someone that hurt you emotionally?
  54. Do you think you’re a jealous person? What do you think about jealousy?
  55. Do you think we had “love at first sight”?
  56. Are you happy with the amount of time we spend together?
  57. Should we have a joint bank account?
  58. Is it all right to decline spending time together?
  59. How important is honesty for you in a relationship?
  60. Are white lies acceptable for protecting each other’s feelings?
  61. Do you like my taste in music?
  62. Do you think I’m a good driver?
  63. Would you trust me with a really important secret?
  64. Do you think I have good friends?
  65. What wouldn’t you do under any circumstance for your best friend?
  66. Have you ever abandoned friendships because of relationships?
  67. Have you lost friends because of relationships?
  68. Do you want us to live together eventually?
  69. What do you think about my family?
  70. Do your parents like me?
  71. Were you first attracted to me physically, emotionally, or mentally?
  72. Do you like how I usually dress?
  73. Would you be willing to change something about yourself if I asked?
  74. What’s one annoying thing about me that you’d change?
  75. Is our relationship hard to navigate for you sometimes?
  76. What gesture always angers you?
  77. How do you deal with anger? Do you repress it or express it?
  78. How much of a risk taker are you?
  79. Do you think you’re good with money? Are you more of a saver or a spender?
  80. Would you consider investing part of your income into stocks or something else?
  81. Do you have a savings account?
  82. Do you want to own a house one day?
  83. Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it? Why?
  84. Do you value money more, or the things that you can get with that money?
  85. Would you go on a vacation even if it was really expensive?
  86. Would you like living in another country for a while?
  87. What’s one country you’ve always wanted to visit?
  88. Do you want to learn a foreign language together?
  89. What should we do together on a daily basis?
  90. Do you think we’d still be together in a parallel dimension?
  91. What fictional universe would you want to live in with me?
  92. Which one of us is a better cook? Why?
  93. What’s your general outlook on life?
  94. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
  95. Are fast & expensive cars an important status symbol?
  96. Who’s your favorite pop culture character? Why?
  97. Do you want to learn any musical instruments?
  98. Are you drawn towards extremes, or balance?
  99. Do you see your job as just that, or a career?
  100. Do you want to earn more money down the line?
  101.  What position do you want to reach in your company?
  102. Do promotions make you a more valuable person?
  103. Have you lent your friends considerable amounts of money?
  104. Do you like your work colleagues?
  105. Do you get along with your boss?
  106. Have you ever thought about starting your own business? What would it be about?
  107.  Were you taught about entrepreneurship by your parents or at school?
  108. Do you tend to favor having friends with the same income as you?
  109. Does wealth bring happiness?
  110. Can you have enough money, or is money never enough?

Want More Quality Conversations?

Are you looking for even more innovative thought provoking questions for couples? Wouldn’t it be great if they were reusable couple questions? That’s what we think too!

So, we made Better Topics, the world’s first replayable couple’s card game (both physical versions and mobile apps).

Each round, one of you plays a question card, and the other one answers to the best of their ability (plus some other rules, like any good card game!). The goal is to create meaningful and deep conversations, which help you grow your relationship every day. 

Sounds fun? We thought so! The game is packed with quality conversation topics and loving romantic quotes for your partner.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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