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Try Out These 20 Fun Games to Play With Your Girlfriend

Looking for some fun games to play with your girlfriend? 

You’re in the right spot as I’ve gathered 20 of the best ones!

Relationships are often just fun and games in the beginning. The thrill of the moment, the passion you feel every time you see your girlfriend. It’s wonderful, exciting; exhilarating even! However, that’s not all there is to dating. 

Passion and infatuation aren’t love. They burn bright and powerful, but they also burn out fast. The magic can stay for a month, two, maybe three? But after that, you already know each other very well at a surface level. 

Conversation topics become harder to come by, and the magic seems to start fading away. Thankfully, it’s replaced by something even better (if you know how to appreciate it): familiarity. 

The more time you and your girlfriend get to spend together, the higher the degree of trust between you. Being able to truly rely on someone and consider them a partner is better than any momentary burst of positive emotion. 

After all, that’s what a significant other really is. Someone who you want to share your life with; not just stare into each other’s eyes and goof around.

The Value That Games Bring

Those moments when you’re just laughing, smiling, having fun. They have value in themselves. It’s quality time well-spent. Without them, you can easily fall prey to boredom and routine. 

And that’s one subject that you don’t want your girlfriend to bring up. It can feel very intimidating and overbearing to figure out how to beat boredom. 

However, we have the solution! When you’re trying to liven up your couple life, there are a lot of options to pick from. Do you like card games? Video games? Just goofing around for the evening?

Great, we have some suggestions for all of those categories. By the way; if you want to help out some of your girl friends with this topic too, send them our guide for 32 games to play with your boyfriend.

20 Fun Games to Play With Your Girlfriend

1. Better Topics – Fun & Interactive Communication

Do you want to have a really unique date night? Better Topics is a one-of-a-kind card game (made specifically for couples). Basically, it’s all about quality couple communication

What really makes it stand out is that all the cards in the deck are replayable!

Generally, couple’s card games have fun questions, but they’re a “one and done” type of deal. You can only ask your significant other what her favorite ice cream flavor is once. 

Her favorite color is most likely not going to change randomly either. Better Topics works around that by having questions that you can play day after day, week after week.

For example, there are subjects such as “what’s one of your favorite childhood memories?”, or “what’s one valuable thing you learned from a stranger?”.

These are conversation topics from which you’re both going to learn significant new tidbits about each other. Moreover, there are more serious questions too, such as “what are 3 things you definitely want to teach your child?”. 

Real conversation sparkers, that encourage you to take those subjects further, to delve into them. Additionally, it has fully fledged rules too. For example, you can play Modifier cards after each Question card.

You get Reward cards for being the first player to play all the drawn Question cards. It’s really a game; a fun & very helpful one.

2. True or False

This is a very straightforward and easy game for a relaxing evening. Think of a statement about yourself. It could be anything (true or false). Then, you ask your girlfriend to guess if it’s a real thing or not. 

Switch places every round and keep going until you have no more ideas. Considering the theme of the game though, you could really go at it for a while.

Don’t be shy, let your imagination flow! Especially if you’re in a new relationship, there’s so much to discover about each other. This game is also a great way to see what your partner thinks to be true or false about you without context or other information.

3. 2 Truths, 1 Lie

Continuing the idea above, this is essentially a new spin on it. Instead of guessing around only 1 fact, you give 3 options. Out of the 3, one of them has to be a lie. You can go as big or as small as you want.

The lie could be that you like a food which you actually don’t, that you had a verbal tick until your 20s, that you have 3 siblings, etc. If you’re looking to be extra sneaky, try to match the lie with 2 truths which would already be pretty unbelievable.

4. A Romantic Puzzle Game

You’ve probably heard of the concept of scavenger hunts. You get an initial clue, map, riddle (or whatever), that points you in the direction of an item (or another clue). 

There, you get directions for the next piece of the “treasure”, and so forth. This is one of the most intriguing fun games to play with your girlfriend.

At the end of the game, you find…something. For this game, each of you should get a gift and hide it somewhere in your home. Then, independently create the first clue. 

It could be a map, a limerick, a pun; whatever you want. At the end of the puzzles, you’ll find each other’s thoughtful gift. 

5. Surprise Q&A

Agree on a few topics that you’d like to talk about. Then, you each write a list of questions. Mix them up between themselves and stick them in a bowl. You take turns drawing from the bowl.

You ask each other whatever you drew from the bowl, and your partner has to answer it. Go as wild as you want with the questions, but keep in mind that you could end up on the receiving end!

6. Date, Marry, One Night Stand

Think of celebrities that you both know (or fictional characters). Give each other 3 options. You have to pick who you would date, marry or just have a one night stand with; no other choices available! 

Stick to celebrities or fantasy/sci-fi though. This game can get very awkward fast if you bring up people from your real lives. That’s one road towards an endless argument that you don’t want to explore.

7. Would You Rather

A time old classic that has made it onto our list of fun games to play with your girlfriend! This is one of those games that works spot on for couples, friends, social gatherings, family events, or anything in-between. It’s really great to play it just with your girlfriend though because you make the options a bit naughtier too.

In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s the gist of it: you think of a scenario that has only 2 possible options. Then, you simply ask your girlfriend what she would rather pick from those 2 options.

The scenarios will depend on how well you know each other so far, sure; but, there’s no easy way to break the ice. Instead, try to customize the options you give her so that they’re not always no-brainers.

Use the game as a gateway towards more meaningful discussions, but don’t step on any boundaries. It’s important you both feel comfortable during the game.

8. 1-Minute Speedruns

Are you one of those couples that just can’t seem to get chores done around the house? Well, here’s an idea to have a bit of fun and also be productive. You give each other a task, but there’s a 1 minute time-limit.

For example: watering the flowers, doing the dishes, sorting and doing the laundry, vacuuming 2-3 rooms. The catch is that whoever will get more things done in under 1 minute gets a reward!

Choosing the takeout that evening, picking a TV series for your partner to try with you, bypassing 1 of your responsibilities the next week (and the other one has to do it instead), etc. 

9. Do You Really Know Me?

Ok, disclaimer: exercise extreme caution with this one. If you’re not ready for it, you’re going to lose. Although, that could be the least of your worries. 

Worst case scenario, you’re going to disappoint your girlfriend with the wrong answers.So, once again, you’ve been warned!

However, if you can put a few wrong guesses aside as a couple, this can be a lot of fun. The best way to approach the game is by gradually increasing the difficulty of the questions.

For example, start by asking “What are my parent’s names?”. Up the difficulty by a bit and go for “How did I meet my best friend?”. Then you could finish with “When was the last time I was moved to tears?”.

10. Build a Story Together

Another one on our list of fun games to play with your girlfriend is a great fun exercise for creativity. Start off with a word. Any word you like, even a name. Your girlfriend then has to say another word. Then it’s your turn again. You keep on going like this, building a story. 

Where will the road take you? Who knows! Give in to the silliness and craft some really questionable narratives. Maybe you’ll even publish them someday. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to hear about the antics of John the ant and his quest for the top-shelf honey jar (or whatever you come up with)?

11. Never Have I Ever

Are you in a new(er) relationship? Those beginning stages are filled with feelings of joy and passion, but also temporary awkwardness. You’re not sure where the line is yet.

What can you ask before you cross a point of no return? If that’s your case, here’s a workaround. Never have I ever is traditionally a party game (because of it’s heavy focus on alcohol). Thing is, you can play it with just your girlfriend.

Thanks to its alcohol component, it’ll help you ease the tension associated with getting to know someone. Here’s an example:

“Never have I ever thought of smacking a co-worker over the head.”

If you did think about it (ever), you take a drink. It’s a quick and clean way of admitting something without the difficulty of verbalizing it.

Additionally, it’s very fun when both of you take a drink. One of the best bond strengthening activities for sure.

12. Embarrassment Competition

Are you confident that you have the most embarrassing story possible? Why not put it to the test then? This is literally a competition between you and your girlfriend about who has the worst embarrassing story.

How about this idea for some fun games to play with your girlfriend?

If you want to take it to the next level, there can be a “reward” for the winner. Get one of those plastic “gold” trophies, and customize the message to “That really sounded awful!”. 

Embrace the ridiculousness of the activity and make it your own.

13. Guess My Thoughts/20 Questions

If you notice the conversation starting to go stale or outright pretty boring, you can retake control with 20 questions. A lot of people played this as a childhood game; if you didn’t thought, here’s how you do it:

Think of something. It doesn’t matter what; literally anything. Then, the other person can ask up to 20 questions. You’re only allowed to answer with “yes” or “no”.

For example: “Is it a type of bird?”. This can be a great way to see how your girlfriend’s mind functions; where her thoughts go if she instantly has to think of something.

14. Better Topics – Couple’s Game App

We covered the card game version of Better Topics above. However, if you’re not really into card games, there’s still a great option for you. 

The BT app is available on both iOS and Android. Download it today, use it to improve your relationship forever!

Unlike other apps for couples, Better Topics provides a unique experience through its replayable questions.

You take turns sending each other Question cards and providing answers to it. There’s also the option of using Modifier cards on Question cards.

The app is built from the ground up to strengthen your connection, promote open communication and refresh the state of your relationship.

Since the game’s on your phone, you can also play it anywhere, anytime! While riding the subway, while in a cab, on your lunch break at work, etc. 

Only 15 minutes a day is enough to improve your couple’s life. It’s fun, it’s engaging, it makes meaningful conversations approachable.

If you feel your relationship slipping away, or just that the spark isn’t there anymore, Better Topics is the answer. 

15. Roleplay a Date

Date night doesn’t have to be the same old story you’re well accustomed to. If you want to spice things up a bit, we suggest adopting a new role. 

You both take on a certain persona. Maybe you’re a famous actor at a hotel’s bar. She’s the barmaid.

You talked a bit and hit it off. Now you’re enjoying dinner and sharing your life stories. This is just an example. You can pretend to be however you want. 

For some extra romantic flair and mystery, don’t share who you’ll be roleplaying as! Just meet up at a restaurant in character. If you’re into it, try to dress like your character would as well.

16. It Takes Two

Another one on our fun games to play with your girlfriend list is a video game that really went out of the ordinary. It Takes Two is an exclusively cooperative game. You take on the roles of a married couple that get turned into dolls.

It’s a tale for all ages; heartwarming, funny, filled with that Pixar-like magic. You navigate a ton of different environments, each detailed to the last pixel and unique from what you just previously explored.

The idea is to find a way to turn back into humans, but there are also valuable lessons for couples there. Communication, appreciation, respect. The game directly shows you (albeit in an allegorical way) all the downsides of letting your relationship get sour.

It Takes Two is both a great story, and a great co-op game. Playing with your girlfriend will let you connect that much more with the theme and narrative. Furthermore, the gameplay itself should be only lightly challenging for non-gamers.

Oh, and by the way: only one of you has to purchase it. It can be shared with the second player for free!

17. Stardew Valley

Is your girlfriend into video games? Or on the contrary, have you been trying to get her into video games for a while? The reality is that a lot of popular video games aren’t very good entry points into this hobby.

They can be mechanically complex, have unwelcoming communities, a lot of gore, violence or complicated systems. All of that can be a bit much for the uninitiated.

Stardew Valley could be just what you were looking for because it’s a game made for everyone! You own a plot of land and are looking to build a farm.

You construct buildings, grow crops & animals, mine for resources, go fishing, nurture relationships with the other villagers.

It’s peaceful, goes at a steady pace, and the whole atmosphere is helped by a calm & soothing soundtrack. Of course, it also has co-op. You can play together and plan out who’s going to be doing what.

Stardew Valley can be wonderful both if you’re looking to work together on the same things, or split up and achieve different goals.

The game itself gives you objectives, events and an overarching narrative. Going through them will help you obtain rarer and rare items, which you use to grow your farm and navigate the different seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

18. Flirty Jenga

Jenga’s a world-famous game about stacking up a pile of blocks. Then, you and your girlfriend take turns removing pieces of the stack. If the pile crumbles, you lose.

Here’s the trick: write a romantic challenge on each piece. If the tower crumbles when you remove a piece, look at what’s written on it. That’s the romantic challenge you have to fulfill.

Maybe it’s breakfast in bed, a shoulder massage, a tender kiss on the neck. Go wild with what you most desire. Feel free to put some more intimate actions on there as well, such as a striptease.

They can actually turn into some fun games to play with your girlfriend by themselves.

19. Charades

While traditionally a game for bigger groups, here’s how you can play Charade in the intimate setting of just 2 people. Focus on the game around personal stories that you and your girlfriend shared with one another.

Remember that embarrassing story she told you of her friend? Write that down on a piece of paper. In fact, write as many quirky and personal things that you can remember. She’s going to do the same, and then you mix up everything in a bowl.

You take turns drawing at random from the bowl, having to act whatever you draw. This can set up the night for a lot of fun and laughs.

How does it sound to try and act out a Christmas dinner disaster by just mimicking eating and feeling uncomfortable? This is the perfect fun to make fun of whatever you want together.

20. Random Facts

A lot of the suggested games focus on motivating your partner to communicate with you. To set the mood for relaxed questions and inquisitiveness. This last suggestion flips the concept around.

Instead of expecting something from your girlfriend (and vice-versa), you simply share.

Randomness can create that spark of dynamism in a conversation, giving it an instantly unique desirability. For example, maybe you fell from a roof when you were 9. Or you accidentally went to school in your pajamas.

Maybe someone had a huge meltdown at work and a whole lot of arguing and shouting started out of nowhere.

If you think about it, life’s pretty interesting. A lot of things happen on a daily basis that could simply pass you by if you let them. The thing is, anything can be worked into a story.

Download Better Topics Today

The whole purpose of playing games with your girlfriend is having fun and talking with each other. Better Topics is an innovative couple’s app that mixes engaging conversations with an engaging digital card game.

You get to know your partner better, while also competing for BT points, which you spend on in-game rewards that improve the game.

There are also weekly couple challenges, specifically made to give you romantic ideas. Start improving your relationship and enjoying more love together with your girlfriend.


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