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Better Topics Base Deck


A relationship card game made to cover the basics of any healthy and successful love life (120 cards). Within, you’ll find questions such as “what small thing can I do next week to show you how much I love you?” and “do you feel I listened to you enough last week?”.

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Better Topics Base Deck: The “essentials” version of our card game offers you cards that’ll help create meaningful conversations between you and your partner. Move away from the ‘We need to talk’ type of discussions. Move towards fun filled conversation that will help you and your partner get closer and more connected.

At its core, Better Topics is a card game that improves your relationship.

How? By helping you create a fun, safe block of time. Where you don’t do anything else other than have a deep conversation with your partner.

Many people don’t necessarily look forward to such conversations. Or don’t block dedicated time for them. With Better Topics, we want to change that by transforming that time spent together into a fun game that feels super rewarding for both of you!


At the same time, however, a strong ever-growing relationship is one of the most fulfilling things on Earth.


We believe it’s something worth fighting for. And so we’ve created Better Topics to help millions of couples enjoy more love and joy. And connection for as long as they live!


The several dozens of questions we thought of for our game are always relevant. And they truly help you and your loved one engage in Better Topics every single week.


We also wanted to create a real card game, with clear rules and elements that make it fun. And with strategies and ways to win.


So we came up with the entire gameplay. We have Modifier cards such as Reverse the question or Skip your turn. And we have a separate deck for Rewards the “winner” can choose from.


Our Better Topics Base Deck offers a total of 120 cards: 54 Question Cards, 37 Modifier Cards, 22 Reward Cards and 6 Custom Cards that you can use to tailor it to the specifics of your own relationship.


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