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Ask Your S.O. These 150 Relationship Questions Today

If you’re looking for relationship questions to ask your significant other, you’ve come to the right place, as this is what we’re talking about. 

Relationships can be the most fulfilling things in this world, if done right. Obviously, that that train of thought applies to any type of relationship, but romantic ones have a sort of “magic” of their own.

However, you can sometimes find yourself almost distanced from your partner, and it might be because you’re not asking the proper relationship questions.

Sure, you definitely know a lot of things about your partner by now, since otherwise the two of you wouldn’t have gotten together.

But, are you making it a priority to really know them? How about understanding what they really want?

The truth is, deep conversations or self-reflection just don’t come as naturally to us as they maybe should when we’re close with someone, but it’s understandable.

Modern life requires us to be on the go constantly; to multitask, always keep various things in mind, to sometimes even place business before our personal lives.

As such, we gradually create an unwanted distance between us and our loved ones, because they’re in the same situation too.

When it’s our partner, this becomes that more problematic, since they’re the last person which you want to view as just a roommate. 

So then, what’s the solution?

Ask The Right Relationship Questions

There are a few ways for you to improve your communication in a relationship, but the most straightforward one is to ask both yourself, and your partner, valuable questions.

But which questions are more valuable? 

They’re relationship questions from which the two of you have something to learn. They’re questions that if you give yourself time to reflect on properly, they’ll help you grow, both personally, as well as together.

Once you both effectively choose to block some time on your day (or on specific days) just to have a conversation or have a moment of introspection, that’s when the real questions come to mind.

Yes, we know it’s not the easiest task to do. We know that you must first give priority to “who’s gonna do the shopping”, “who’s picking up the kids”, and “am I forgetting something that really had to be done today?”.

However, we guarantee that it is worth it. We know, because as the creators of this platform and blog, we’re married ourselves!

In fact, it was from our own marriage that the whole idea of Better Topics came to be (the world’s first replayable couple’s game app). Our mission is to help couples understand each other better.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of relationship questions which we’re confident will improve your couple life.

Essential Relationship Questions

  1. Are you willing to change for your partner?
  2. Is there trust between the two of you?
  3. Do you feel like you really understand what’s going on through your partner’s mind?
  4. Was jealousy ever an impediment for either of you in doing something freely?
  5. If the opposite sex compliments your partner, do you feel anxious about it? 
  6. Is your partner close with someone of the opposite sex?
  7. If you’re not married yet, is marriage on your mind?
  8. Would you say things got better or worse over the years?
  9. Do you live together? Are you considering it?
  10. Have you ever felt that your partner isn’t taking your relationship as seriously as you? 
  11. When you’re having a disagreement, is it more along the lines of a debate with arguments, or are you just fighting?
  12. Are you willing to sometimes compromise? What about your partner?
  13. Do the two of you offer since apologies if you unknowingly hurt each other?
  14. Do you feel accepted for who you are?
  15. In turn, do you fully accept who your partner is?
  16. Do you believe in always supporting each other?
  17. Do you fantasize about other people from time to time?
  18. Have you ever found yourself thinking about a potential breakup?
  19. Do you believe in white lies?
  20. Have you ever lied to your partner to “protect” them or “maintain their happiness”?
  21. When it comes down to it, why are you in a relationship?
  22. Do you ever compare your previous relationships to this one?
  23. What do you think the future has in store for your relationship?
  24. What’s more important: your own happiness, or your partner’s?
  25. Have you ever talked about setting some goals for your relationships?
  26. Do you have the same love language?
  27. If you don’t, are you making an effort to speak your partner’s love language every now and then? 
  28. If you were to weigh the good and the bad in your relationship, which one comes on top?
  29. Has your initial impression of your partner held up against the test of time?
  30. What was the first thing which made you think “this is the person I want to be with”?
  31. Has the way you interacted from the time you were just friends changed over the years? 
  32. How did the two of you meet?
  33. Are you still the same people you were back then?
  34. Was your relationship initially more of a “spark of the moment” type of thing?
  35. Do you still think that you like your partner for the same reasons you used to?
  36. If you now like your partner for different reasons, is that a good thing?
  37. Is there enough intimacy between the two of you?
  38. Do you think that the type of intimacy that you share is appropriate?
  39. Have your feelings for your partner deepened over time?
  40. Are you a good influence on each other?
  41. Do you make time for your partner’s hobbies?
  42. Do you try to actively be part of something your partner enjoys?
  43. Is there enough humour in your relationship?
  44. Who’s the funnier between the two of you? 
  45. Do you ever daydream about your partner, even if you regularly see them?
  46. What are your opinions about your partner’s friends?
  47. Is your partner’s family to your liking?
  48. During a busy day, do you make it a priority to talk with your partner (even over phone), rather just text?
  49. Ever think to yourself “I wonder what my partner is doing”?
  50. When speaking about moments you shared  with your partner, does it make you smile?
  1. What’s the most romantic thing your partner ever did? How about you?
  2. Are you able to “read each other’s mind”? 
  3. What’s the highlight of your relationship?
  4. What are the small, daily things that make it all worth it?
  5. Would you be able to handle long distance for a prolonged period of time (over 1 year)?
  6. Do you regularly say “I love you”, or do you prefer showing it?
  7. Do you often bring up mistakes from the past?
  8. What kind of mistake is necessary to anger you? Big or small?
  9. Do you ever talk about religion or politics with each other?
  10. Do you have respect and understanding for whatever you both believe in, even if those beliefs aren’t shared?
  11. How often is your partner’s previous relationship on your mind?
  12. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with your partner? 
  13. How much time do you want to spend with your partner during a regular day? What about them?
  14. Are you ready to apologise for something which you don’t think or feel is your fault?
  15. Do you have secrets that you want to remain hidden? If so, why? Would it really be that bad for your partner to know? Would it be worse if they found out some other way?
  16. Do you feel loved or appreciated by your partner’s friends? What about their family?
  17. Have you let yourself be at your worst around your partner? What about them?
  18. What’s more common in your relationship: joyful moments or more melancholic ones?
  19. Do you feel a sense of satisfaction when you make a sacrifice for your partner? 
  20. Which one of you shares more? Whether that be stories, willingness to take on extra chores, or just food from their plate.
  21. If the opportunity to reverse back time would present itself, would you still choose your partner?
  22. Would you spend your last day with your partner?
  23. Would you like a vacation without your partner?
  24. If you were to win the lottery, would you still be with your partner?
  25. What is your partner’s favorite thing about you?
  26. If your partner were to change something about you, what would that be?
  27. Does your partner ever think of past relationships? If they do, are you ok with that?
  28. Which one of you earns more? Is that a problem?
  29. If you have kids, could you or your partner handle all child related tasks for a day?
  30. Would you get mad over a dream your partner had? What about them?
  31. Would you trade your life for someone else’s?
  32. Do you have the same role models?
  33. Do you think your life is too mundane?
  34. Are you more anxious, or more self-reliant? What about your partner?
  35. What does a perfect day look like for you? And for your partner?
  36. Are the two of you silly together?
  37. Which one of you is wiser?
  38. What do you most obviously have in common?
  39. Are you grateful for each other?
  40. Do you share the same values?
  41. Was your upbringing similar?
  42. Have you ever told your partner something no one else knows?
  43. Are you always honest with each other?
  44. Do you want to do something that you can’t because of your relationship?
  45. What are your greatest accomplishments? Are you proud of them?
  46. Are friends or money more important for the two of you?
  47. What’s the worst your partner made you feel?
  48. Do you think more about the bad times you’ve had together, rather than the good ones?
  49. If you’d know the precise day on which you’ll die, would you change how you lived?
  50. What does a relationship mean to you?
  51.  Do you value your partner’s opinions more than your best friend’s or your parent’s?
  52. Do you have the same tastes in entertainment?
  53. What’s one book you’d want your partner to read?
  54. Do you play any sports together?
  55. Do you prefer being alone, or with your partner?
  56. Do the two of you ever just go for a stroll, watch the stars?
  57.  Do you enjoy “childish” activities, like playing seemingly innocent pranks on your partner?
  58. Do you like the way your partner dresses? Do they like your style?
  59. Does your partner have a talent you really love?
  60.  Is your partner supportive of your hobbies and passions?
  61. How many times per day would you like to talk with your partner?
  62. Would you rather break up if things really aren’t going well, or keep trying?
  63. Do your ideas of “quality time” match up?
  64. Is it a headache to choose a vacation destination?
  65. What’s one thing that’s not discussable for you? What about them?
  66. What do you classify as “cheating”? Do the two of you agree on this?
  67. Could you forgive cheating?
  68. Do you stay in touch with your ex? Does your partner?
  69. Do the two of you enjoy events like “Valentine’s”?
  70. What’s the one memory that stands out from when you met your partner?
  1. What’s one word that sums up your relationship?
  2. What’s the greatest happiness factor in your relationship?
  3. Did you initially believe the relationship would last?
  4. What would you say is the type of love between you?
  5. Do you have any specific fears about the relationship? Does your partner?
  6. Do you believe that “there’s one person you’re meant to be with”? If so, is your partner the one?
  7.  Name one difference between the two of you which you just decided not to talk about anymore.
  8. Name one difference that’s actually helpful and makes the relationship more fun and interesting.
  9. Name something which you completely agree on.
  10. How and why did your partner fall in love with you?
  11.  Do you hold back from expressing love?
  12. What would be one thing you never did together, but you really want to?
  13. What’s your “safe place” (physically or mentally)? Have you shared this with your partner?
  14. Are you afraid to ask your partner a certain question?
  15. Is there anything missing from your relationship?
  16. Would you express platonic love to a really close friend of the opposite sex?
  17.  Do you still have some remaining feelings from your first relationship?
  18. Should your relationship be a “comfort spot”, or should it be filled with excitement?
  19. Do you think that people can change? Do you expect your partner to change?
  20. When was it that you knew you loved your partner?
  21.  Do you know for sure the basic preferences of your partner (colors, foods, the way they prefer working, health conditions etc)?
  22. Are either of you superstitious? Does it annoy the other person?
  23. What’s your go to free time activity? What about theirs?
  24. What’s one of your habits that you know your partner doesn’t like?
  25. Have you ever slept in separate beds because of a fight?
  26. Did your partner initially agree on something, then changed their minds after discussing it with someone else?
  27.  Do you know for sure someone’s a bad influence on your partner, but when you bring it up they get mad?
  28. Are you comfortable with just being silent together?
  29. Is deciding what to watch a true challenge at times?
  30. Can you give your partner negative critique without them getting defensive?

Wrapping It Up

And, there you have it. 150 relationship questions that will definitely improve your couple life if you take the time to truthfully answer all of them.

No need to rush! The idea here is to be as thorough as possible, and to teach yourself how to better maintain your relationship long-term.

If you and your partner would like to have meaningful conversations on a regular basis, why not check out our own replayable card game for couples? Hence why we created it specifically to be both fun, as well as rewarding to your relationship’s growth.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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