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3 Easy Steps on How to Manifest Like a Pro

couple doing the 3 easy steps on how to manifest

These 3 easy steps on how to manifest like a pro will help you get what you want in no time… as long as you follow them EXACTLY and SINCERELY!

Manifestation, law of attraction and how to manifest have been quite the subject recently. 

It seems like it’s a trend that tends to circle back every few years. 

The reason why it is so famous is because it is working for everyone. Just some don’t realize that they’re doing it wrong. And hence attracting things for themselves that they perceive as negative. 

What is manifestation 

Essentially, manifesting is creating something out of nothing. Bringing an idea, from nothing, just a thought, to a physical thing or being that we can actually touch and see. 

All this is done via a series of techniques, but there are 3 easy steps on how to manifest, regardless of which technique specifically you’re using. 

Keep reading to learn what these are and how you can do it too and find out more about how do you manifest someone, or something. 

What can you manifest

You can literally manifest anything as long as you fully understand the 3 easy steps on how to manifest. 

Some might want to guilt trip you into thinking that there’s something wrong with you and that is why you actually cannot manifest everything you want. 

Or that you should only wish for certain things and not others because the timeframe in which you receive it differs and so on. 

Well all these people are wrong and it just means that they haven’t actually understood the principles fully. They think they understand and they might at an intellectual level, but definitely not at a deeper, soul, level. The actual level at which you should understand it in order truly manifest. 

The fact is that everyone is manifesting everything at all times. We just don’t always realize it. 

Every word and action we take leads to manifesting something. Either good, especially if we’re focused and we know exactly what we want. Or bad if we just let ourselves be side-tracked from what we want and allow ourselves to get sucked into negative emotions. 

Why is everyone talking about how to manifest someone or love, but it doesn’t work?

Once I will go into the exact easy steps on how to manifest, it will make a lot more sense. 

Before getting there I just want to emphasize the idea that you definitely can manifest love in your life and a person to love you and be the perfect partner that you always dreamed of. 

However, you will not be able to force-manifest someone else’s desires and wants in life. Meaning you cannot manifest a specific person in your life. 

Many times, the people we think we want in our lives actually would do more damage than bring love.

Also, those people have their own desires and wants, and it would be super intrusive of you to force them into your life, when they actually want something else for themselves. 

There is the possibility that you would actually manifest the exact person you want, but that happens when that person’s wants coincide at some level with yours. 

For example, if you want to manifest a guy that you know, let’s call him Matt. And Matt wants someone in his life who is loving and carrying. You two might still end up together considering you would find in each other exactly what you want in a relationship. 

When manifesting a person that you want to be in a relationship with, say things along the lines of: I want X (or Matt) or someone better. This way you’re not limiting God, or the universe into giving you a specific person, unless they would be compatible with your whole list of things of what that should include. 

God, the universe, knows best what’s in everybody’s minds and what they want, so unless X (or Matt) doesn’t ask for the same things as you do, you might actually be better off separately as he might not be the person that would make you happier and be the perfect person you’re wishing for.

They might not be the one fitting your order perfectly and God might have a better option for you. 

woman writing the easy steps to manifest in notebook

Step 1: Get clear about what is it that you want

I know you might think you know what you want. But just do it right. 

Sit down with a piece of paper and start writing exactly, in the greatest detail possible, what it is that you want. 

The universe, God, or your highest self, or whatever and whoever is making all of this happen, does NOT take hints. 

You cannot wish for something and use vague words because once you get it you might be disappointed saying that actually that’s not what you meant. 

When using these easy steps on how to manifest you have to be very specific.

For example, my brother wished for a car of a specific make to be parked in the back of our driveway. He even imagined its colour and exact model. As his room was facing towards the driveway, every time he woke up in the morning he looked outside and imagined that car being there. 

It was only a few weeks later that one of our distant acquaintances called me out of nowhere to ask if he could park his car at our house. He was traveling for a few months and his area wasn’t the safest, so the car would’ve been safer at our house. 

So I accepted, but never thought of asking what type of car he has. 

A couple of days later, when he came and parked the car at the end of our driveway, my brother started laughing, because it was literally the car he imagined. Literally the color and model as well, even the type of headlights he imagined it had.

Normally he would’ve been happy that what he wished for came true. 

However he was quite disappointed because ‘that wasn’t what he meant’. He meant for that car to be his.

Once I asked him what it was exactly that he wished for, he did explain that it was that exact same car. What he failed to mention was for him to own the car. He never actually said it, but that was what he wished for. 

So you see, because he omitted one small detail, he actually didn’t get his full wish, only half of it, because Got and the universe are quite literal and they give exactly what you’re asking for, nothing less and nothing more. 

If we would truly pay attention to all the words we’re using throughout the day, we would realize how true this is. 

When I manifested my husband, I was quite detailed in my desire and used the easy steps on how to manifest very specifically.

Yes, you can manifest love and people in your life, just not a specific person. 

I’ve written a list of 21 different character traits that I wanted my perfect partner to have. 

At one point, while writing my list, I got scared that I might be too picky, but then I asked myself: How would God, or the universe, know exactly which guy I would want, unless I narrow it down?

It’s not like I wanted 100 guys and for me to have to sift through them. 

I just wanted one, and a really good one. 

And interestingly enough, once I met my husband he actually had ALL of those character traits I’ve put on my list. 

Even things like tall and dark hair, same family values, and even small details like the languages we speak, the passion and spark between us. 

I was super amazed when I actually saw it happening. 

I truly felt that I’ve given the universe a custom order and it delivered bang on! 

Therefore get very clear on what it is that you want. 

To start off, choose 1 thing, or topic, or type of person and focus on that. Once you do manifest things a few times you can either keep adding to it, or simply focus on something else to manifest. 

woman doing easy steps to manifest

Step 2: Be grateful ALL THE TIME

I know you’ve probably heard this before, literally everywhere. 

But what people don’t tell you is why it is so important and most importantly, how to actually do it and just be grateful. 

It’s like telling a sugar addict to just quit sugar. As if it would be so easy to just drop a life-long habit of being anything but grateful. 

If you’ve spent the majority of your life picking up on negative behavior, thoughts and words from others. And using them, you cannot expect to have a 180 degrees turn. And suddenly be grateful and happy all the time. 

It does take a bit of practice. And that is completely fine as it will give you enough time to decide whether your initial decision is actually what you want and the way you want it, or if you want to make some adjustments to it. 

The time it takes you to manifest depends on so many factors and are all related to you. How strongly you can feel gratitude and how quickly you master this skill. 

Let me break this down into smaller chunks: 

Firstly you have to know what being truly grateful is like for you. 

How does it feel in your body? How does it feel in your soul? 

Try remembering when there was a situation where you truly felt grateful and nothing else. Not grateful with a hint of fear, or grateful with excitement or just happy. We’re never just simply happy and never constantly happy. 

Being truly grateful is actually not the same as a super intense feeling of happiness that many tend to confuse with. 

The two feelings are related, but not the same. 

Being truly grateful, and feeling a sense of gratitude that can actually last and it IS sustainable. 

It is like when you go to your favourite restaurant and you order your ultimate favourite food. And you KNOW that they will prepare it for you exactly the way you want it. 

And then the food comes and you’re so grateful yet again for being able to taste it and enjoy it. 

It’s that feeling of knowing something for certain, the faith that you will get exactly what you ordered, and then the enjoyment of the food you love so much. 

Once you remember a time like this and you get into that grateful feeling again, try to make a note of how it actually feels. How is the sensation in your body? Does your breathing change? Do you feel any tingles or where in your body you can locate it? How does your mood change? How does your voice change as well? 

Take a mental note of all the small details that are happening in your body whilst you’re actually being grateful. 

If it would be helpful, actually go to your favorite restaurant and have your favorite meal and whilst you’re in that grateful moment, take a mental note of everything you’re feeling right then and there. The more intense the better. 

The second part to it is that , now that you know the exact sensation of being grateful, try to feel the same gratitude, at the same intensity every time. 

And here comes the best part. You can get as creative with it as you want. Try to induce this gratitude feeling into your life even if you don’t really have a reason. 

To do it you have to first make yourself feel it more often. Try to find little things that can quickly put you in that grateful mood. 

Once you’re becoming more and more used to the feeling you will be able to just mentally switch your mood. And also be in that gratitude state for longer and longer, until it is the new normal for you. 

Remember how it feels in your body and try to imitate that even if you’re not feeling particularly grateful at the moment. Remember that your subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or not. 

Your conscious mind is what feeds it information about the external world and the world we live in. 

So if you start imitating the breathing pattern you have when you’re grateful and keep repeating to yourself that you’re grateful, your body will accept that and will release the necessary chemicals in your body to actually help you feel it. 

I know it sounds complicated, but it actually isn’t. 

Try it a few times, step by step, and see the amazing results. 

Keep in mind that it is ok if it takes you a few tries. It’s like learning new skills. You’re bound to have to repeat it quite a few times before you get the hang of it. And that’s ok. 

You get to practice and learn a skill that you can then use for the rest of your life. 

Again, remember that this is a process and can last a while. It depends for everyone how long it will last until you actually manifest it. 

For example it took me around 2 months from the moment that I wrote my list and started feeling grateful every day, until I actually met my husband. 

For him it took 3 years. He too had his list that he wrote 3 years prior to us meeting. But his circumstances were different as he already was in a relationship at the time of writing his list. And although his then girlfriend didn’t meet all his character traits, he was fine to compromise on some of them. 

Interestingly enough, I do meet all of his character traits from his list. 

So it can take anything from hours, to days, to months, to even years. 

The point is not to get discouraged as with discouragement comes fear and disappointment and it cancels out the gratitude feeling that you need in order to be able to manifest your desires. 

Step 3: Be ready to receive or take inspired action 

If you’ve gotten clear on what or who it is that you want to manifest, and know you know how to truly be grateful and do it all the time, now is the time to talk about the last step of manifesting which is being ready to receive or take inspired action. 

These two terms ‘being ready to receive’ and ‘take inspired action’ are almost synonymous. 

In the movie ‘Secret’, the Rhonda Rhymes movie, they have tried to explain this, but haven’t done it properly. 

When you know exactly what you want and are grateful for it already, even before actually receiving it, because you believe it’s on its way to you, you will take inspired action. 

You will do certain things and preparations around that. 

If we are to continue the restaurant analogy, you know what you want exactly, and you’re already grateful for that food because you know it is going to be as good as you wish it to be,  and you take related inspired action. 

Meaning you’re actually going to the restaurant and actually ordering the food. 

You’re not just thinking about it, and being grateful for it and then you don’t move a muscle and

hope that your favorite food will land in your lap. 

You’re taking the related action of moving yourself closer towards what you want. 

In this example, you’re physically going to the restaurant, signaling someone that you want to eat, they come and take your order and then you wash your hands, put a napkin on and are waiting for the amazing food that you know will come. 

Sometimes when it comes to taking inspired action, things might not be as clear as they are when it comes to ordering your favorite food. 

Sometimes it might just take a few trials and failures to understand exactly which way is the right way to go. 

And that’s ok too. We’re just getting feedback about what’s working and what doesn’t.

Another good example is when I was in the process of manifesting my husband. I actually went about each day and tried to imagine how would it feel to actually have this person in my life. And go out with them, or them texting me throughout the day. 

I wasn’t getting upset about not actually having those things right at that time, because I had a certain level of certainty that he would appear. 

This certainty came from knowing exactly what being grateful meant for me and I knew how to help myself feel it often. 

That being said, I didn’t just sit around and daydreamt about my perfect partner. 

I was taking daily inspired action. Like going to the gym to keep myself motivated and happy and confident about my body. And other things like socializing and going out with friends. Also putting myself out there and I also was on some dating site, cause you never know right? 

Also I was fixing things the moment they broke. And it was this action that actually made things happen. As the wi-fi at my parents’ house wasn’t working, I called a friend who then called Robert, my now husband, to come and fix it and that’s when we actually met the first time. 

The rest is history as they say. But I was active and not just staying indoors and daydreaming of my perfect partner. I was daydreaming AND taking inspired action. 

I understand that sometimes what the inspired action might be is not always obvious. But just try doing various things and trust me you’ll have your answers quite soon. 

If you hit roadblocks, just take a turn to the right or left and continue from there. Or leave it and do something totally different. 

But as energy is always flowing, if you’re not moving the energy around you will be stagnant. And new energy, people and situations won’t flow towards you. 

Interestingly enough, once you start with these easy steps on how to manifest, and especially with taking inspired action, new situations will arise and circumstances that you’ve never expected. 

Things will start falling into place in the most perfect way. Even if we don’t realize it is happening, until after the event and we’re piecing together all the events. 


You can definitely manifest anything and anyone you want. 

Remember that when I say anyone I mean a generic person and not someone specific. 

Wanting to manifest someone specifically, like X, Y or Z is just forcing your will upon them. And not allowing them to have freedom of choice. If for some reason they would want the same thing things will fall into place. 

It might take a bit of time for you to manifest what you want. But the practice of feeling grateful is a skill you can use throughout your life. And also in all future manifestations you’re working towards. 

Lastly, don’t forget that taking inspired action can take many forms. Sometimes you just have a hunch or a gut feeling of what you should do next. Other times you’re not quite sure and you’re just taking one step at a time. 

Be open to suggestions from the universe. When things get stuck, it just means that it might not be the best path forward. 

Life is never linear. It always has its ups and downs. And we have to learn a few skills in order to be able to move to the next level. 

Like a video game, until you master a few skills, you won’t be able to get your prize. 

And last but not least, have as much fun with it as you can. If you’re too focused or too serious about manifesting brings with it a ‘need to control’ vibe. Which normally stems from fear of not getting what you want. 

Even the tiniest hint of fear might delay or even stop you from manifesting what you want. This is because fear, and in general negative feelings, are more intense than the positive ones. They are dangerous to us and our body. Hence the ‘sensors’ for that are more attuned. 

And the workaround is to focus on truly being grateful. Gratitude is one of the very few positive feelings that we can actually learn to feel all the time. 

Imagine how amazing it would be to always be grateful for everything in your life. The good and the bad as that too shapes us and forces us to get better and more skilled. 


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