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20 Amazing Couple Games for The Best Date Night Ever

Are you looking for some fun couple games for your up and coming date? Breaking the routine is very important, or you’re both prone to fall victims to monotony and sameness. But, keep in mind that the end result here doesn’t have to be getting intimate.

A lot of games for couples are built to connect you and your partner more. To get you talking about the more important things in life, as well as have some silly moments together.

You’ll see for yourself that it’s going to be a much more interesting date night this way. Do we have your attention? Good! Let’s get into a few examples.

Couples Card Games

1. Better Topics

better topics card game

Better Topics is the world’s first replayable card game made especially for couples. 

Each round, one player asks a question, and the other answers to the best of their ability. The Question cards are as great as they are varied (54 different ones for the base deck), and they’re made in a way to allow different answers each time. 

You also get 38 modifier cards, with which you can reverse the question, skip the question, ask for more details, etc! 

And, for the “winner”, there’s the Rewards pile of cards (22 in total). Are you in the mood for some of your favorite takeouts? Want some breakfast in bed?

Does a backrub whenever you want sound good? Just buy the game and learn the rules. You’ll be a winner in no time (there are also mobile apps available).

Above all, Better Topics exists to help bridge the gap between you and your loved one, and make meaningful communication easier. It connects the two of you even more.

2. Love Language

This card game also falls into the “conversation starters” criterion, and it handles the topics similarly to the game above. They’re separate and color coded, to easily signal which card is related to what subject.

You can expect subjects like family, friends, individuality, future goals, past stories, intimacy preferences, etc.

Thanks to the color coding, it’s easy to pick only the ones you want for a given play session.

3. Realizations

If you’re in a newer relationship or you haven’t gotten married to each other that long ago, give this game a look. It’s essentially a guessing game, but the way it plays is pretty deep.

You’re not going to be thinking about your significant other’s favorite ice cream flavor or movie.

Instead, Realizations focuses on the hard-hitting questions. Has anyone betrayed your partner? What’s something in their childhood that left a scar they still carry around today?

Important conversations are crucial, and this is an easier way to approach them.

4. Loopy

Being in a loving relationship is all about sharing who you are with your S.O. Loopy helps by letting you talk about your dreams, thoughts and even fears. It’s a way to rid yourself of the stress and anxiety of daily life. 

The basic rule is that there are 3 card piles: about your partner, about “us” and about you. Take your time with the game; it’s important to talk it out, not to finish the cards fast!

5. TableTopics

One of the few games for couples which received constant updates based on player feedback. The unique twist here is that you’re not asking each other questions. Instead, you’re answering them together!

Here are a few examples: “Would we quit our jobs? What then?”; “What non-sexual action is a turn-on for both of us?”. 

6. Whine Barrel

If you’re a fan of puns, that’s already reason enough to consider Whine Barrel. The game takes regular couple questions and reinterprets them in a “whiny” fashion.

Don’t worry, nothing annoying about it. In fact, it’s fun to be self-conscious about it in a safe environment. Like the name suggests, this game pairs well with a glass or two of wine on the side. 

And now, let’s explore other options in addition to couples card games.

Question & Communication Games

7. One Answer for One Word

This is a fun activity in which you’ll build your love story together. If you’re facing a roadblock in your relationship, reminisce together about how you got together, and why you are together.

One person starts with a word, and the other one will continue (it keeps going like that).

In the end, read out loud the journey you’ve been through so far. It can be funny, romantic, profound, or a mixture of everything. Your choice!

8. Would You Rather

This is a tried and true game that many people play worldwide. It doesn’t require a relationship, but there are some questions that you can only use with your partner. Break down those walls between you and start talking.

9. Relationship Cook-Off

Couple games should be all about teamwork. For this one, pick a cuisine that you both love, and put your aprons on. Challenge yourselves by setting strict rules about what ingredients you can use. Try to recreate the dishes as authentically as possible.

10. Twenty Questions

You already know this one, but have you played it with your partner yet? True, it’s better for the starting stages of a relationship, but even married people can benefit from it. Think of 20 questions (about literally anything), and then your partner has to answer with just “yes” or “no”.

11. Love Poems!

Poetry is at the root of romance for a reason. If you want to experience old school love yourself, let your artsy side show. You can go a few steps further and even pretend you’re living in the medieval times or the renaissance.

Roleplay can be pretty fun, and no, not just that type of roleplay. Here are 130 quotes about romance to help you with the creative process.

12. Sing-Along

We tend to sing in the comfort of solitude, because we’re unsure of our voices. No more! Bring your boyfriend/girlfriend into the mix and make your own band. There are plenty of air guitar opportunities too.

13. Origami

Not the easiest of challenges, but a great pastime when you get the hang of it. There are a lot of tutorials online, so you just have to watch some together. You can even craft something of significance for the two of you.

14. Two Truths and a Lie

You take turns saying 2 true statements and a false one. The other one has to guess which is which. Questions that aren’t too revealing or make it obvious are allowed.

15. Recreate a Movie Scene

A lot of people are enamored with scenes from the Titanic or the Notebook. How about just recreating the scenes yourself? It doesn’t have to be anything steamy if you don’t want to, but those are on the table as well…

Board Games

16. Bananagrams

Have you ever wanted to play Scrabble, but with more bananas tossed into the mix? Well, now you can! With portability in mind, the game reinterprets the classic with some unique rules. Hint: you’re going to yell “banana!” at some point as part of the game.

17. Pandemic

Not a very subtle choice for 2021, we know, but someone’s gotta sort out this situation for good! While best when there’s 4 of you, 2 players can still easily have a good time playing Pandemic. You’ll be disease experts looking to eliminate a variety of viruses worldwide.

18. Wavelength

Do you think your partner and you are generally of the same mind? Time to test out the theory. Wavelength is pretty unique in the tabletop world even thanks to how it looks. Playing it only makes it better. It’s all about guessing what your significant other is thinking about.

19. Off Topic

You get a topic, you roll the die, and then you have to write words beginning with the letter from the die. Get creative and give quirky answers to the topic. A big part of the game is being able to defend your answers!

20. Ticket to Ride

Do you like traveling? How about making your own railroad across the United States then? You’ll have all of the major landmark cities that you get to connect with colored tracks.

Ticket to Ride is both a strategy game and a simply fun adventure at the same time. The longer your train routes, the more points you get.

Our Top Recommendation

Date night should be about connecting with your partner at a deeper level. You should be able to celebrate your milestones and plan your future while also having fun by simply chatting.

This is what’ll improve your love life each and every day.

This is why we advise you to get Better Topics, the first replayable couples card game in the world! It’s built from the ground up to nurture your affection for one another, while also allowing heartfelt laughs in the process.

There are also apps for both iOS and Android to keep the fun going while apart too! What else could you want to find when looking for games for couples?


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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