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5 Virtual Date Ideas You’ll Want to Put On Your Shortlist

If you’re looking for virtual date ideas, you’re in the right spot! I’ve selected the best of the best for this list! 

Being apart from your loved one is always a challenge. You miss their loving embrace, sweet kiss, and amorous words. However, it’s not impossible to manage.

While long-distance relationships are hardly a favorite of many people (often quite the contrary), there are ways to make them work, even if you’ll continue the LDR for a while.

The Internet is Made for Lovers

Romance flourishes because of the love shared by two people. Distance is just a factor in the equation. With the right mindset and online tools, you can surpass it. Thankfully, there are many virtual date ideas to take advantage of. 

In this post, we’ll go over 5 online activities for couples that will keep you entertained.

You can engage in them pretty much anytime. They’re not exclusive to first dates and are not just for long-time couples either. They exist so that the two of you can have a great time.

Whenever you want and wherever you desire. That’s actually one of the biggest benefits of virtual dating.

A Quick Tip

Before settling down and bringing out your laptops, make sure to eliminate all distractions. Now’s the time for just the two of you. Everything else can wait. 

Put your phones on silent, close all other browser tabs, ignore pending messages, and don’t even think about your email. Lastly, remember – no pressure! 

Many people tend to put a lot of stress on long-distance relationship activities. Here’s a tip: they don’t have to be perfect. Regular dates don’t always blow you out of the water, either. 

Sometimes, you only need a pleasant and relaxing evening with your significant other. Nothing more.

5 Virtual Date Night Ideas

If you and your partner are looking for ways to spice up your date nights, why not try something new and exciting, like a virtual date night? Here are 5 virtual date night ideas that will get you both in the mood. 

1. Gamble at Online Casinos for Free

One of the great things about gambling online is that you can do it for free. Unexpected, right? That’s precisely why you should propose this date night idea to your partner. It will help break the routine and help you do something fun and out of the ordinary together.

So, “what’s the catch,” right? Well, believe it or not, there isn’t one. The free part comes from using no deposit casino promotion listings, as previously seen on CasinoBonusCa.

Do Free Online Casinos Exist?

Plenty of online casinos offer free versions of their games as well as numerous no payment promotions, so you can spend some time playing before you make a deposit. This is a great way to learn the basics and get a feel for the casino without risking your own money. There are some things to keep in mind when you’re gambling for free, though. 

First, most free casino rounds have a play-money balance, so you probably won’t be able to cash out a great amount of your winnings due to the wagering requirements. Second, the house always has an edge in gambling games, so even if you’re playing for free, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win. 

That being said, gambling for free can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get started at an online casino. 

2. Start Meaningful Conversations With Better Topics

How often do you sit down and talk with your partner, have genuine essential conversations? No distractions, no side activities, just speaking to each other.

How often does that happen? We’re willing to guess it doesn’t happen too much, right? 

The Better Topics Concept

Let’s turn all of that around. Better Topics is a fun & engaging couple’s app for significant others who want to truly connect with each other. We made it with love to preserve love.

That was the mission of Better Topics’ founders from the get-go (Diana & Robert). Since they’re married, they know that keeping the spark of love alight needs some dedication.

But that dedication doesn’t have to be exhausting. It doesn’t have to be a chore. The “secret” of great relationships is simply communication. Open and honest communication. 

That should always be foremost in your virtual date ideas.

Better Topics Rules

Better Topics makes this approachable and accessible. Essentially, it’s a card game based on question cards. One partner plays a question card, and the other answers as best as they can.

There’s also a whole rule system in place; modifier cards to spice up questions & answers, reward cards for engaging with each other and weekly couple challenges.

Check out the Better Topics offers and choose the best one for you! 

The game’s available on both Android & iOS. Would you rather have a physical deck? Don’t worry; we have those too!

3. Play a Multiplayer Video Game Together

Computer games are great online activities for couples. 

The main reason is that they’re incredibly varied. There’s something for any taste out there. For example, do you like a slower pace and strategic thinking? Try a turn-based strategy video game.

We recommend looking at the Civilization series, the Total War series, or the Endless series.

Do you fancy some adventure? Good news; that’s a whole genre of video games! It Takes Two, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out, and other games are just waiting for you to discover them.

Then, there’s also the option of an MMO. You could go with classics like World of Warcraft or try something new(er). Don’t forget to check out Korean and Japanese ones too! 

4. Take an Art Class Together

Arts & crafts is a very versatile hobby. You could dip your toes into music, painting, origami, drawing, or many other things. 

There’s a big offer on the market, with lots of courses to choose from. You can watch the course and practice together, improving as time goes by. 

Then, use your newly acquired skill to create something significant for each other. 

Maybe you’ll paint a portrait of each other. Perhaps you’ll sing a love ballad. How about knitting a one-of-a-kind scarf? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

5. Visit The International Space Station

No, you won’t have to become an astronaut overnight. Or even learn math & physics.

Thankfully, a short video series has been done by expedition 33’s commander Suni Williams. You can watch the tour here. It should be an unforgettable night you have with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The ISS is one of humanity’s most outstanding achievements, and you can see a few sneak peeks together from the comfort of your own home. 

The tour mainly focuses on the USA part of the station but delves a bit into the Russian side. 

Wrapping Up

And there you go; 5 virtual date night ideas that you can easily set up from your home. We hope they’ll bring you and your significant other some joy while you’re apart from each other. 

For even more long-distance relationship activities, remember to check out Better Topics: the world’s first replayable card game (and mobile app) for couples!


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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