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30 Great Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Already Living Together

Looking for great wedding gift ideas? 


you see, a wedding is an important day in the life of every couple, and there are so many things to think about during preparations. 

But when you are already living together with your significant other, what makes an appropriate wedding gift? 

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be hard when your friends are already living together in their own home, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle! 

There are plenty of creative ideas out there, to help you pick something both stylish and fun for the couple to use in their bright new future together. 

Whether you are looking to contribute to their registry or want to get them something special that shows how much you care, here are 30 great wedding gift ideas for couples already living together. 

We grouped them in categories, just to make it easier for you to make up your mind faster, depending on your friends’ needs: casual gifts, houseware gifts, artsy gifts, home decor items, and modern experiences gifts.  

Casual Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Already Living Together

If you are looking for casual wedding gift ideas, you have definitely found the right place. 

We have prepared an awesome list of cool things that are sure to make the wedding day even more special!

Gift 1: Luggage Set

Red color empty travel luggage label on handle

​​If you want to give something that is practical and symbolic then you can’t go wrong with a piece of luggage for their honeymoon. What makes them even better is when they are engraved with their names, initials, or with special dates. 

Gift 2: Better Topics Card Game

Our fun & replayable card game is built from the ground-up to create deep conversations. There are rules, a point system, and everything else you’d expect! We created Better Topics to nurture and preserve love. They can actually get the game today, as it’s available on both iOS and Android.

What you can do for the newlywed lovebirds is buy them one of the awesome membership packages. They unlock loads more features, such as the weekly couple challenges!

Gift 3: Luxury Towel Set

Wooden white table in the bathroom with a set of towels and scented soap.

When you give your friends something practical they’ll start using it straight away. It shows you care about them in a way that other gifts don’t. 

That doesn’t mean your wedding present has to be boring, though. This set of towels is beautifully luxurious and so soft the couple will immediately feel amazing every time they use them.

Gift 4: Microfibre Sheets

Sleeping on quality bedding can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep and in your relationship. Microfibre sheets are known for their soft, cozy feel and many couples already living together will appreciate having beautiful new microfibre sheets to rest their heads on at night.

Gift 5: Mr. And Mrs. Coffee Mugs

There are many options for wedding gifts out there, but one that we have found to be really popular and casual is a Mr. And Mrs. Coffee Mug Set. These mugs will help them remember their special day every time they get themselves a morning cup of coffee! 

For an extra special touch, add their names to these coffee mugs. They’ll be sure to thank you for such a thoughtful and personalized gift.

Gift 6: A Keep Box

As a gift, a keep box can be perfect for any couple already living together or who have been married for several years. This is because it contains everything you might want to save from your wedding day. 

In addition to rings and cards, there are also keepsakes such as written love letters, photographs of important people on your wedding day, and more. 

All of these items can be organized in an album along with beautiful photos of your wedding day and saved in your Keep Box for years to come. 

Artistic Gifts To Make Their Living Together More Romantic

If you need wedding gift ideas for couples already living together, think outside of traditional wedding-gift boxes and consider giving art to your friends. 

Artful gifts will make their home more personal and reflect who they are as a couple. If you know what kind of art they like or what artists they enjoy, buy an original piece from those artists; otherwise, find unique pieces at galleries or boutiques in your area. 

Don’t forget to ask them if there’s anything in particular that they want.

Gift 7: Custom Charcuterie Board

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Creating a custom charcuterie board, complete with wine and beer pairings, is a fun and unique gift. Not only will it suit any couple, but you can personalize it for any couple who are already living together!

Gift 8: Bar Sign for a Married Couple

This gift is an obvious choice for couples that are already living together. A bar sign with his and her names engraved in it will be a great reminder of their union every time they drink a glass of wine at a romantic dinner. 

Gift 9: Wine Gift Set

Wine set. Red, white and rose wine in assortment in wineglasses. Wine tasting, vintage wooden background, selective focus, copy space

One of these sets and you’ll be sure to make their first anniversary one they’ll never forget. Wine glasses make for an unusual, but fitting wedding gift for couples already living together. 

It’s not as traditional as other options on our list, but it’s not an ordinary (read: boring) option either. 

And if they love wine as much as we do, then what more could you want? It comes with two glasses in a nice wood box!

Gift 10: A Symbolic Wall Clock

A lot of couples do not have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast together. A personalized wall clock is a great gift idea that will remind them to take some time out for each other even on days when they are both busy.  

Gift 11: Leather Jewelry Box

A wonderful gift idea for couples already living together is an elegant handmade leather jewelry box. This gift can be customized with names, initials and/or date of marriage to give it that extra special touch. 

It comes with a fully lined interior which will hold all their couple’s most cherished rings and bracelets beautifully. 

Gift 12: Custom Star Map

A custom map of stars with their names on it is a truly one-of-kind memento as a wedding gift idea for couples.

There are companies out there that will do all of the work and even send it to you in a beautiful frame. You can personalize their first date, wedding date or other special occasion written in the stars.

Home Decor Gifts To Create a HYGGE Atmosphere 

Perhaps you’re looking for a little something special to put in your newlywed friends’ living room or kitchen. No matter how much or how little they already have, one of these six gifts will surely appeal to them.

Gift 13: Coasters

There’s no better way to show off a cute set of pictures from their wedding day than on some matching coasters. Choose a design that matches their personal style and choose a different color for each of them. 

Gift 14: Scented Candles

While these might seem like a no-brainer, scented candles are excellent wedding gift ideas for couples already living together. Not only will they add to their home decor, but scented candles provide long-lasting light and fragrance to any room in which they’re placed, creating a relaxing atmosphere that fosters love. 

Gift 15: Essential Oils

Rosemary essential oil. Close up of a pipette, amber bottle and rosemary branch at background. Herbal remedies

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts which can be used as ingredients in lotions, soaps, and candles and more.  Here are just a few of them: peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, and chamomile essential oil. 

They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in hundreds of ways: massages, sleep remedies, beauty products and more. Mixing and matching your newlyweds  scents will create a unique gift that is sure to please!

Gift 16: Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

With its bamboo construction and natural color palette, bamboo bathtub caddy is both stylish and highly functional for the bathing time together. Make sure to put this on your shortlist of wedding gift ideas for couples.

Gift 17: A Super-Plush Robe

Every couple needs a nice, soft robe to slip into after a long day. A super-plush cotton bathrobe is perfect for everyday living—and also makes a great wedding gift. 

These robes are made from soft, high-quality materials and come in a wide variety of colors that can be personalized to match any wedding theme. 

Gift 18: Wooden World Map for Wall

top view of old world map near telescope, nib and compass on wooden surface

A beautiful wooden world map is perfect for couples who have always wanted to travel together. It’s beautiful enough to be framed and displayed on a wall, but also serves as a useful tool for planning future vacations. Each time they go on a trip, they can stick little pins in their destinations of choice.

Affordable Modern Houseware Gifts To Get Practical

When you’re buying wedding gifts for people who are already living together, there’s only one thing to keep in mind: housewares. 

Housewares make great gifts because everybody has to use them every day—but it can be tough to find modern housewares that are useful and affordable. 

Here are six great ideas for modern housewares that will make your friends feel at home in their shared space.

Gift 19: Cutlery & Spoon Rest

Everybody uses their kitchen sink on a daily basis, so why not get them some extra utensils they might need? These silicone cutlery and spoon rests will be perfect for storing everything neatly by their side while they cook up a storm on their wedding day. 

Gift 20: Professional Blender

Blender with healthy smoothie and ingredients on table in kitchen, copy space

If the couple is into a healthy lifestyle of fruits and vegetables, this is a great gift for them to make smoothies and enjoy milkshakes. 

It will always be there in their kitchen and used almost every day, helping them save time with cooking and breakfast. 

Gift 21: Pressure Cooker

As they’re already living together, they may not need additional kitchenware. However, you can always gift them a pressure cooker that makes it easier to prepare meals in bulk and frees up time for other fun activities. 

Gift 22: Pizza Baking Set

Pizza making closeup with green olives and peppers and cheese in the oven

Pizza is probably one of your favorite foods. Although you eat it at restaurants, there’s nothing like having a pizza baking set in your kitchen to help you make that pizza just as good as a restaurant.

Gift 23: Coffee Maker

Coffee maker with black handle pours hot coffee into two white ceramic cups. Close-up viewed from the side

Coffee lovers rejoice! A coffee maker is a great wedding gift for couples already living together. Each person can enjoy their coffee just as they like it, and there’s no risk of accidentally making too much for one person and ending up with burnt cups or stale coffee. 

The truth is: you can never go wrong with kitchen appliances as wedding gifts for couples already living together.

Gift 24: Decanter Set Gift

Wine decanter, glass of red wine and grapes. With copy space

A decanter set is a great wedding gift for couples who already live together because it helps them keep track of what’s in their alcohol cabinet.

Decanters come in all shapes and sizes, so choose one that’s appropriate for your couple. If they like wine or liquor, consider buying them one with glasses. You could also opt for a bottle stopper.

Modern Experiences Gifts To Rekindle Love

It’s not by chance that we left this category the last. 

It might be one of the best.

If you’re looking for wedding gift ideas for couples already living together, consider giving them an experience rather than another set of silverware or towels. 

Experiences are ideal for people who already live together because they create new memories, they feed the souls and can bond the couple like never before. 

Here are some great experiences to give as gifts. 

Gift 25: AirBnB Vouchers

vacation, tourism, travel and objects concept – close up of blank notepad with map, coffee and airplane tickets

A vacation rental voucher is a great way to give them something special—it gives them some alone time without having to be away from each other. 

Help them plan out their trip with an Airbnb gift card. Plus, they’ll appreciate that you got them something fun, but also practical! 

Gift 26: RV Rental for a Weekend

Family vacation travel RV, holiday trip in motorhome, Caravan car Vacation. Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape.

One of our favorite wedding gift ideas for couples who live together is a weekend away in a rental vehicle. 

Whether it’s an SUV, an RV for the family, or a convertible, will depend on your budget and their interests, but it’s a great way to go somewhere new as you start off your new life together. 

If they love traveling, then you’ve got yourself one of the most thoughtful gifts they could ask for!

Gift 27: Paragliding Flight

Flying paraglider on a background of blue sky and white clouds

That’s right! This gift will take them on an adventure they will never forget! Even if they don’t feel adventurous now, they will remember it always! 

Surprise your friends with this unique wedding gift and make their special day better than ever.

Gift 28: Spa Day

Because it’s such an indulgent experience, people really appreciate receiving a day full of relaxation and pampering. 

If you can afford to give them one of these experiences—and don’t mind doing so—consider treating your newlyweds to a massage, facial, or mani-pedi.

Gift 29: Dinner on a Rooftop

Storytelling footage of a multiethnic group of people dining on a rooftop. Family and friends make a reunion at home

Give your friends something they’ll love and cherish forever, by offering a meal on top of one of their favorite buildings.

Your friends will have fond memories of eating under twinkling lights as they enjoyed each other’s company during their first night as husband and wife.

Gift 30: Wine Tasting in a Winery

Young beautiful woman sommelier tasting red wine in wine cellar

If you’re having a hard time finding a wedding gift for couples already living together, why not give them a memorable and entertaining experience? Hire a professional wine taster to have a couple of glasses of wine in one of those wineries that offer tours. 

The couple can enjoy some snacks while listening to stories about wines from around the world. Just be sure to book early because these kinds of tours tend to get filled up pretty fast. 

With all of these wonderful wedding gift ideas for couples, who needs a wedding registry? We hope we’ve made it easy for you to pick out the perfect gift for your newlyweds and you’re ready to hop on Amazon and press Order in no time. 

Want Even More Special Gift Ideas?

Better Topics is the world’s first replayable card game for couples, available in mobile app or physical format! 

If you like wrapping up gift boxes, we recommend choosing the Better Topics base deck and adding it to your wedding gift, as a surprise for the couple. Happy shopping! 


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