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32 Games to Play With Your Boyfriend You Should Check Out Today

Looking for games to play with your boyfriend? You’re in the right place!

You see, relationships are one of the most fulfilling things on Earth if you do them right. However, they can be strenuous at times. 

Even if you truly love your significant other, sometimes you’ll simply feel bored. That’s when you should look into some games to play with your boyfriend.

There are only so many things to discuss if you have a life that’s built around routine. What should be quality conversations turn into the typical “what was your day like” or “how was work/how are the kids”. 

If communication isn’t flowing openly and naturally, you’ll feel that you begin drifting away from your partner. You spend less time with each other (even if you live together), and more time locked away in your phones.

But, that can all be avoided by having good ol’ fun together! There are a ton of activities that you can jump into and have a lovely evening.

A lot of them are for your mobile device (or laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc) too! So, don’t worry; there’s something for everybody on our list of 32 games to play.

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The Best 32 Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

There are many types of games to play that you can play with your boyfriend. There are card games, video games, question games, quizzes, activity games, you name it! It’s all down to personal preferences. 

However, you most likely don’t get to spend as much time as you’d want together during a regular day. That’s why you should really look into games that can be played on your phone.

For example, you can schedule your breaks at work so that you can play something together.

And speaking of mobile games to play, let’s start with them.

Smartphone Games

1. Better Topics – Fun & Quality Conversations

The most important thing in a relationship is talking with your boyfriend. Being open about what you want, what you like, what’s on your mind. Better Topics is an innovative game for couples that focuses on replayable questions.

Instead of just sending each other “one and done” types of questions such as “what’s your favorite color?”, Better Topics gamifies real and meaningful conversations. 

The topics revolve around improving your relationship, growing as a couple; talking about who you are, who you were, who you want to be and what you expect from one another. 

Don’t worry though, the game is specifically made to be fun and approachable. There’s a point system for answering questions, and you can use the points to buy in-game items such as Modifier cards.

You also get Reward cards for simply playing the game, and there are weekly couple challenges to spice up your love life. 

Are you ready to have real conversations everyday with your boyfriend? Just download the game and start playing!

2. Happy Couple

Are you a fan of quizzes? Then you’ll really enjoy this mobile game. A quiz is a simple and straightforward way of getting to know a few more things about your boyfriend. They basically don’t need any effort at all.

Happy Couple has a whole series of them, and you can discover (and be discovered by) your boyfriend from multiple viewpoints. If you feel the spark of romance passing by, get Happy Couple. The game also rewards you with a few challenges when you complete the quizzes.

3. Sexy Dice

If you’re feeling a bit naughty but you don’t want to seem too direct, this is an option for you. Sexy “Dice” is quite a literal name, as the erotic game involves shaking your phone instead of a pair of die. 

No matter what the dice will show though, they’re going to heat up the atmosphere of the room. That’s because all possible outcomes will be about something sexy. Something that usually has to be taken to the bedroom. 

4. Guess The Song

For the true music enthusiasts out there, there’s Guess The Song. There are about a few thousand songs within the app, with 50 categories to choose from. You just choose one of the categories and go from there.

Each round, a song starts playing and both you and your boyfriend have 4 options to pick from. You either get song names, band names or artist names. It’s completely viable to play it on a single device too, as the screen becomes split.

There are also achievements and challenges.

5. Chain Reaction

A strategy game that works just as well for 2 people as it does for 8. You’ll both have a set of orbs, and the objective is eliminating the other person’s orbs. 

Orbs are placed in a cell, and each cell explodes into the surrounding cells once it has the maximum amount of orbs. The cell is then claimed by the player who exploded it, and that player gets an additional orb.

There are also a few rules about where orbs can be placed. The first player out of orbs loses the game.

Video Games

6. It Takes Two

If you’re already into video games, you’ve probably heard of this one. And if not, it’s a great opportunity to jump into the fray. Made to be played exclusively cooperatively, It Takes Two is a heartwarming journey of a married couple who get turned into dolls. 

 Since it’s made specifically for 2 people, you don’t have to buy it twice either. Just one of you has to own it if you want to play together online. 

You’ll explore a fantastical world with a lot of different environments, and the gameplay itself isn’t anything complicated. It’s pretty easy to pick up by anyone looking for a fun and relaxing adventure.

Above all though, the game is a tale about relationships and how to move past rough patches.

7. Unravel Two

Another great local co-op game. You each play a yarn doll, but the catch is that you’re literally tied to each other. There’s no going too far from your boyfriend, as you have to work together to navigate multiple puzzles and traversal challenges.

Moving between a lot of natural and urban landscapes, you explore a world of wonders and engage in creative problem solving. It’s a heartfelt game from start to finish.

8. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

An adventure centered around 2 brothers looking to save their father. You journey out into a world filled with personality and get immersed in the tale of finding the mythical “Water of Life” cure. 

The brothers balance each other out, just as you and your boyfriend will have to rely on each other in order to solve the game’s puzzles, defeat the enemies thrown at you and overcome fear.

9. A Way Out

From the same developers of the previous game, you also have the story of two inmates looking to break out of prison. One player plays as Leo, while the other takes on the role of Vincent. 

While Leo has already done some serious time and is willing to dirty his hands, Vincent just got off the prison bus. However, both are set on getting out of prison as soon as possible. 

What’s very interesting is that while you and your boyfriend are familiar with one another, the in-game characters aren’t at all. They’re strangers looking to form a bond of trust, which is a very interesting story that mirrors your own.

10. Portal 2

Portal was a huge hit when it launched originally, and it still has a dedicated cult following. The sequel, Portal 2, introduced co-op play in the mix. There’s a completely separate campaign besides the single player experience. 

Essentially, it’s a puzzle game. Probably the biggest puzzle among video games to play with your boyfriend. Both you and your partner wield “portal guns”, that, you guessed it, open portals. 

You navigate a variety of test chambers and toy around with a multitude of items and advanced physics in order to move on to the next puzzle rooms.

Classic Games To Play

11. Never Have I Ever

This is one of those great party games to play, that works just as well for 2 people. It’s a fun way of learning something new about your boyfriend, and him learning something new about you. 

You don’t have to include alcohol into the mix if you don’t want to, but the option is always there. Besides, if you’re in a newer relationship, it might actually help a bit to get you both more relaxed. Just be careful not to overdo it!

You can go as far and wide as you want with the statements. If you don’t know the game, here’s the gist of it: you say “never have I ever…[blank]”. And if you did do that thing, you have to take a drink. That’s the original way of playing it anyway.

12. Truth or Dare

There’s a high chance you’ve played truth or dare at least once in your life. Many people learn it as children or teens; some only get around to playing it in college. You can take inspiration for it from any stage in your life really. 

The core concept is staying true to the idea of playing truth or dare so that you get to know your S.O. better. The truths can be about anything: hobbies, childhood memories, embarrassing stories, past relationships, hopes & dreams, etc.

And the dares…well, we’ll let you think of some “appropriate” ones to pass the time like adults.

13. A Staring Contest

No need to set anything up, and no need to put anything away afterwards. Of course, the idea here isn’t to see who’ll lose and blink first (unless you want to get into a friendly competition of endurance). 

What you need to remember is that the eyes are called “the mirror of the soul” for a reason. Through this tiny childhood game, you’ll have to look into each other’s eyes deeply. 

This will help you reaffirm the special connection you have with your partner. It’s an intimate experience made to bring you closer and just “see” each other. To take a moment and appreciate who’s in front of you.

14. A Movie Quiz

Make a list of your favorite movies. Then, look up quotes from that movie, actor names or just some images from the movie itself. Show them to your guy and see if he knows what movie you’re referencing. 

You’ll either find out that you like the same movies, or that you like completely different ones.

Regardless, you’ll easily begin to chat about what makes those movies so great. It’s a great way to see what tastes your boyfriend has, and to discover a new genre of films.

You could also think of a prize for the one who guesses most movies.

15. Two Truths And a Lie

This one is pretty much what it says. You each note down two true facts about yourself, and then one lie. You read them out to your partner, and then they have to guess which one is the lie.

Not only is this a great game to learn new things about each other, but also a great method to test the memory of your boyfriend.

You can write true (or even false) statements about past experiences you’ve had together, or stories that you’ve told him.

You can test if he cares enough to remember what you’ve told him. Be careful not to turn the game into a reason to have a fight though.

Even if he doesn’t get it right all the time (or you don’t), use those moments as opportunities to have heartfelt conversations, not aggressive arguments!

16. Karaoke

Another classic activity that can be enjoyed in 2 or larger groups of people. You don’t necessarily need a karaoke machine either.

Just open up a song on YouTube, and sing along with artist(s). Of course, this one works best if you’re both into the same genre of music.

Otherwise, it could get pretty awkward or uncomfortable.

17. Music Jam Session

Alternatively, if you each play a musical instrument (or just one of you does), jam out on your own. Singing together can make you grow closer, even if maybe you don’t have the greatest singing voice.

Besides, singing is one thing that many people are self-aware about. The best way to get over such insecurities is just facing them head on; and who better to try out new things than with your boyfriend? Just sing your hearts out!

18. One Word Answer

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to give a great answer with only a single word? You can each think of questions from any area of interest, and then you take turns being asked and answering. 

This is actually one of the best games to play with your boyfriend, because you’re still getting to know each other in the dating phase. If you can guess what’s on the other’s mind with only 1 word, it’s a great sign that your relationship is heading in the right direction.

19. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

The idea is to get your significant other a thoughtful gift that you know they’d appreciate. Focus on what they like, not what you would like to receive. That’s basically how you’ll end up purchasing a great gift.

At the same time, instead of purchasing it, you can also just make it yourself.

Maybe you’re a real artist when it comes to drawing or painting? Maybe you can write some love words like no other? Gift your boyfriend something that would make him smile and feel appreciated.

Then, you hide it somewhere in his house and give him a clue towards a place in the house. That location will then have another clue. So on and so forth until he finds his gift. This can also be done over text.

20. Charades

While usually played with multiple people or on a double date, we think that charades fits just the two of you as well. It’s basically a game about miming.

You get a secret note with something you have to mime out, and then the other person has to guess what you’re doing.

Since it’s just you and your boyfriend, it’s gonna be difficult to award points for guessing right. However, that’s not the most important part anyway. What matters is having fun!

Card Games

21. Better Topics – Unique Replayable Questions

Do you want to spend a quality evening with your boyfriend? One filled with meaningful conversations and relationship growth? What if you could have such moments every day?

The only thing you need is Better Topics – an innovative game that only takes 15 minutes to play!

Better Topics is built around 54 replayable question cards. Each round, one player asks a question, and the other one answers as best they can. 

There are also modifier cards that can spice up the conversation, and the first player without any cards left in their hand is declared the “winner”. The “winner” then draws from the reward cards pile. 

Rewards also focus on your relationship, and they could be about getting breakfast in bed, or having your partner read a chapter from your favorite book. 

Above all, Better Topics acknowledges that communication is the most important part of a healthy relationship. The game is structured to make stimulating conversations fun, desirable and approachable. 

Get the game today and start developing your love life into its next chapter!

22. Cards Against Humanity

If you enjoy some dark humour, this one’s for you. CAH is normally for at least 4 players; but with a little creativity you could enjoy it only with your boyfriend just fine. Each turn, there’s a card that has a statement which has blank {…} spaces.

You hold other cards in your hand, which are used to fill out those blanks. Normally, 3 players offer an answer and the fourth one chooses a winner. However,  you 2 could reveal your answers at the same time and come to an agreement about which one’s better.

It’s all about having fun, but remember once again: CAH is often characterized by very dark humor!

23. Exploding Kittens

One of Kickstarter’s greatest successes, the game is simple enough: you have to avoid drawing kitten cards, which are going to “explode” in your hand. If a kitten explodes, you lose the game. 

To avoid this big boom, you’d use strategies built around other cards (which defuse, mitigate or help you completely avoid drawing kittens). 

Think of it like a version of UNO, but with a few more rules.

24. UNO

And speaking of, UNO! This has become one of the classics of the card game world. You have cards with different numbers and colors, as well as special cards that could make your boyfriend draw extra cards or have their turn skipped.

The goal of the game is to get rid of all cards in your hand. Once you have just 1 card left, you have to yell out “Uno!”, or you draw more cards. 

You take turns playing cards following simple and straightforward rules. It’s one of the easiest games to play with your boyfriend that you can both get into.

This is great because it leaves ample room to just talk to each other while playing.

25. CodeNames Duet

Ready to become secret agents for the night? The game has you working together to identify 15 enemy agents that are looking to sabotage your plans. It’ll be crucial to develop and follow a strategy to catch them all, while also avoiding assassins and saving civilians.

Board Games

26. Wavelength

Do you think your boyfriend really knows what’s on your mind? Are you one of the most intuitive girlfriends out there? Time to put those theories to the test. Wavelength basically lets you “check” if you’re both on the same “wavelength” of thought. 

It challenges you to guess what’s on your boyfriend’s mind and vice versa.

27. Pandemic

A bit on the nose since it seems that we’re in a never ending pandemic ourselves, but maybe that’s why it’s a perfect suggestion. You take on the roles of disease experts that go around the world and eliminate a variety of viruses.

Maybe you’ll even be able to solve the mess we’re in right now; who knows?

28. Monopoly

Ever wanted to build a capitalist real-estate empire? Now’s your chance! If you somehow haven’t heard of Monopoly until now, it’s about time you join in the fun. Basically, you roll dice to walk around a board and buy properties.

You build motels and hotels on them, taxing the other player every time they land on that square. There’s also negotiation involved if you want to buy something from them, or make other types of trade deals.

You can also end up in jail, and other types of special events.

29. Ticket to Ride

Speaking of building your own empire; how about one based on railroads? Ticket to Ride is an adventurous and fun game where you have to connect a multitude of big cities around the United States. The player with longer train routes at the end of the game is the winner.

Communication Games

30. Would You Rather

In a new relationship and looking to break the ice with your boyfriend? Already in a steady relationship but you don’t know everything about each other yet? This is a simple concept where you simply ask each other to pick between 2 options.

Ask anything you want; let your imagination run wild.

31. Twenty Questions

You each take a turn thinking about literally anything that you want. Then the other person can ask up to 20 questions. The person thinking of the thing can only answer with “yes” or “no”. The winner is the one who can guess the thing with the least amount of questions.

32. Arts & Crafts

Creating something together with your boyfriend is going to be a special experience that brings you closer. It doesn’t really matter what you want to craft together. A scrapbook of your travels? Origami? Maybe draw something together? Think about what you’re both passionate about.

Our Favorite Recommendation

We hope our list of 32 games to play with your boyfriend is going to keep you occupied for quite a few evenings. However, some of these games can only be played once, while others aren’t as enjoyable when you play them again.

But then, there’s Better Topics. A game that was made specifically for couples from the beginning. 

Available as both a physical card game and as a mobile app (available on iOS and Android), the game is for people dedicated to the success of their relationship.

Better Topics creates powerful and meaningful conversations that are still easy to approach. Only 15 minutes a day of this downright fun activity is enough to develop a better bond with your boyfriend.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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