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30+ Manifesting Methods That Help You Get What You Want

couple meditating in nature

What is manifesting 

Manifesting is when you realize that there is something you want and you’re trying to make it happen or appear in your life. Either an object or person. 

Basically creating a physical manifestation of a thought that you had. 

How does manifesting work? 

Regardless of the manifestation method you’re using, they all have 3 main steps.

Knowing what you want, asking for it and taking inspired action. 

I broke down various manifestation methods into different sections so it is easier for you to find the one most suitable for you. 

You can , of course, do multiple if you want. 

Or all of them, why not? 

There’s nobody stopping you. 

Manifesting methods what involve writing 

  1. Intention Journal 

You do this by creating a journal in which you write all the things you want. 

To make it easier and faster, try to focus on one thing at a time. And if you’re new to this, start with something smaller. Just to build up your trust that you CAN actually do it. 

Write it from a point of view that you already have that thing. Or a person in your life and describe how it would feel. Write in as much detail as you can. It helps make it more real. 

  1. Gratitude Journal 

Similar to an intention journal, only different in what you’re writing in it. 

If in the Intention Journal you’re writing about something that you want, in the Gratitude Journal you should write all the things that you are grateful for in your life right now. 

This will help you get focused on feeling truly grateful. You will get yourself more and more accustomed to feeling it regularly, hence making your manifestation possible. 

  1. Affirmations 

Affirmations are like little mantras that you can say to yourself over and over again. 

To be able to manifest anything we need the cooperation of our subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind. 

The main way how our subconscious mind learns and lets things in is by repetition. 

If you find affirmations that also rhyme, even better. 

Use these as a song that keeps playing in your mind. 

Your subconscious mind will eventually start believing that what you’re repeating is actually true. 

  1. The Pillow- method 

This manifestation method has quite a few variations. 

The most common one is to write your desire on a piece of paper, as if it already happened and you focus on feeling gratitude as if it has already happened. 

Then put this under your pillow before you go to sleep. 

The moment just before drifting off to sleep and the one when we just wake up are the most powerful ones for manifesting. 

So if your last thought before dozing off is about your desire being real, guess what? Your brain, God, the universe, will actually make it real. 

My mom used to just put money under her pillow. And that used to work too. 

It depends what speaks to you most. 

  1. A letter from the future 

Imagine yourself in a few years’ time, when you’ve already got your desire manifested. 

Then start writing a letter as if you would write it to you from the past and you explain how it feels to have the desire fulfilled. 

This too helps as whenever we imagine something, our subconscious doesn’t really know it’s not real. 

And if it accepts that as real, it will do everything it can to match that ‘reality’. 

  1. Scripting 

Scripting is quite similar to the Intention Journal and the Gratitude Journal. 

The difference is that you will have a list of things you want. Of paragraphs for each idea and you’re starting them by being thankful that you have x,y, or z. 

For example: Thank you for bringing X into my life. They’re an amazing person and I really enjoy their company. 

When I used this I wrote it once, and read it only a couple of times. A few months later, the whole list came true. 

It was only 1 desire that I scripted about, but it was quite detailed. 

  1. 369 Manifestation Method

This too means that you need to do some writing.

Basically formulate a phrase or paragraph about how your desire would look like, be like, make you feel like. 

Then write this 3 times in the morning, when you wake up. Remember I said previously that in the morning is easier to manifest? 

This is the case because our energy is more neutral when we wake up. We haven’t had the daily influences from outside, or even our own limiting beliefs. 

Then write it again 6 times at lunch time. 

And finally write it 9 times in the evening, just before bed. 

  1. 5 x 55 Manifesting Method 

This method is quite similar to the previous one. 

The difference is that you should write it 55 times each day, for 5 days consecutively. 

If you miss one day, start again. 

Don’t forget to attach the feeling of gratitude when you’re writing it and I mean REALLY feel it. 

  1. Belief Assessment 

This is best done in writing too, because it will help your brain focus better and not get easily distracted. 

This implies you writing down what it is that you want. 

Then write down all the reasons why you think you cannot achieve it. Write as many as you can. 

Once you have a long list, start writing down the counterpart of that and read it to yourself regularly. 

For example: I can’t run a marathon cause I’m not fit. Write the counterpart of this: I CAN run a marathon and I’m working towards being fit. 

This way you’re not lying to yourself (and your subconscious would know if it’s a lie) if you’re not really fit right now, and you are right as you’re working towards that goal. 

  1. I am enough technique 

This is a technique that I’ve recently found out and started implementing in my life. 

Everything that we do in life, we do to get a result. Good or bad, conscious or not, we always have a reason for doing or not doing something. Even so, the reason might not always be evident. 

One of the biggest reasons why so many people struggle with manifesting their desires is because they simply do not feel like they are good enough, or lovable enough or just enough in general. So they have a limiting belief that they don’t deserve that thing, or that loving person, even though they really want it. 

This technique requires a bit of work and it should be done long term. But the effects are worth it. 

To do this you should write a list for yourself of small things that you can do for yourself to demonstrate that you actually are enough and deserving. 

Things like: give yourself the best piece of a cake without feeling guilty. Use the best bedsheets all the time, not just for holidays or when you have a guest. Wear the best and most luxurious underwear all the time, not just when it’s a special occasion. Use the best and cutest cup for your tea or coffee, and so on. 

There are many small things that you can do to prove to yourself that you actually do deserve things. 

The more you do it, the more your subconscious mind will accept it and let it through. 

Together with the feeling of being enough, the manifestation of desires tends to follow quite closely. 

Manifesting methods what involve water

  1. Charging water part 1

Water is a very interesting element of nature. It actually has its own memory and it holds onto different vibrations. 

Although its chemical composition still remains H2O, because of different vibrations that get imprinted onto it, the water can be used as an amazing source and amplifier of energy. 

If you’re curious and want to find out more about water, watch the documentary about Dr Emoto, who was a japanese scientist and did a lot of research on water and how it can be used. 

I’ve split this in 2 parts as there are 2 main categories how you can charge water. 

The first one is by meditating on it, or by prayer. 

Take a glass of water and hold it in your hand. Meditate to elevate your energy or say a prayer. 

When you get to a raised level of energy, imagine that all that good and positive energy goes into the water. 

Once you’ve done this, you can open your eyes, be thankful for your wish, as if it came true, and drink the water. 

By drinking this the water amplifies your feeling of gratitude and the sensation that you already had your wish. 

  1. Charging water part 2

The second part of this manifestation technique that uses water is to charge it by using healing stones or crystals. 

Healing stones and crystals are already charged to a certain frequency. 

So putting these into a cup of water, that you will then drink, they extend their healing properties to the water itself. 

Once you drink it, it is like drinking good energy that will lift your own even higher, making it easier for you to manifest your desires. 

  1. Holy water

If you don’t want to charge your own water, you can also go to a church and take holy water from there. 

They are basically doing the exact same thing. They are praying over water and charging it with positive energy. 

And it works the same by amplifying and elevating your own energy.

  1. Naturally charged water 

There also is the option of naturally charged water. 

This usually can be found in rivers, springs and wells too. 

The less the water is manipulated, the better as it keeps its original properties and energy levels. 

  1. The 2 Cup method

This method is quite effective as well. 

By now you know that water acts like a conductor and amplifier of energy. 

For this method you need 2 cups of water, one empty and one filled with water, 2 notes and something to write with. 

On one piece of paper write the current situation and glue it to the cup of water that’s already filled. 

On the other piece of paper write your desire, or the ideal situation and glue it to the empty cup. 

You then take the first cup and pour the water into the cup that has the note with the ideal situation on. 

Then start drinking the water, always focusing on the feeling of gratitude of already having your desire fulfilled. 

  1. Bathtub manifestation method

Although this manifestation technique uses water too, this time you’re not going to drink it, but bathe in it. 

Basically you should fill up your bathtub with water. Meditate on it first and try feeling gratitude as you enter the bathtub and soak in that water. 

Imagine that the water is gratitude and you’re literally bathing in it. 

It is super powerful because it is not only imagination but also physical sensations as you feel the warm water around you. 

Other types of manifestation methods

  1. Vision Board

I used to love doing this. We actually had a vision board together with my husband. 

In the middle we would put pictures of things we would want together as a family and couple. To the left side my husband would put things that he would want personally for himself and on the right side I would put things for me and what I wished for. 

We normally used only pictures, but text or any other things that help remind you of your desires are ok. 

The good thing is that you can do this exactly the way you want it. 

  1. Movie method

I love this so much and I’ve actually done this not even realizing what I was doing. 

There is a scene in the movie ‘The Holiday’ with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, where they’re in the car and coming from having been out and are looking at each other and they’re in a Range Rover somewhere in the UK countryside. 

I watched that movie sooooo soooo many times and every time I saw that scene I kept telling myself things like: I want that, I want to feel exactly like that, and I was ‘living’ the experience as if I would actually be there. 

It was a few years later that we had to go with my husband to Manchester and had to go through the country side roads as it would have taken us longer to get to the motorway (or highway if you’re from the US). 

The interesting thing was that our car actually broke down a few days before going there and the replacement car was indeed a Range Rover, exactly like the one in the movie. 

And as we went through the english countryside, with my husband I realized that THAT was the exact scene from the movie, in the same car, with a handsome guy and the only difference being that I’m not blonde ahahahah. 

I literally started crying with happiness because I literally got EVERYTHING I WANTED. 

So to do this, find a scene in a movie that you really like and would want to live. Watch that movie over and over again and appreciate that scene. Try to live it as the actors are playing it. 

The more you do it, the better. And in no time you’ll realize that your wish did actually come true. 

  1. 17- Second Manifestation method. 

This is quite simple and fast. 

Every morning, when you wake up, even before you open your eyes, imagine how you would feel if your desire would have happened. 

Try to keep this thought and feeling for at least 17 seconds as these are THE most powerful 17 seconds as our daily thoughts haven’t rushed in yet and the outside world is not influencing our energy just yet. 

  1. Manifestation Box

This is a cute idea to manifest. It requires you to put in a box various things that remind you of the desire you’re wishing for. 

For example, if I would wish for a certain car I would put things like a small toy car, some old keys of cars, maybe the emblem of the car and some colourful things to emphasize the colour of my dream car and so on. 

  1. Meditation

Meditation helps because it allows us to leave all the limiting thoughts and low energy behind and just elevate our mood and vibration overall. 

If you want something that’s at a higher vibration than you are currently, you have to put yourself at a higher vibration level. 

What better way to do it than meditation? 

  1. Guided meditation

If you’re anything like me and your thoughts are always running through your head. And they never seem to slow down, a guided meditation might be the best solution for you. 

This will help you focus only in one direction at a time, without feeling like you have to struggle to quiet your thoughts. 

  1. Volunteering 

This might sound quite weird as a manifestation technique, but it works for several reasons. 

The first one being that we get to fully appreciate what we have in our lives right now. Not everyone has that. It gives us an opportunity to truly appreciate the smallest things like having a roof over our heads, or a warm bed that’s just ours and so on. 

The second is the fact that whenever we help others, our energies tend to shift and elevate. Other people’s gratitude towards us and our own joy that comes from giving help us have a higher vibration of our energy. 

  1. Prayer 

If you don’t really want to charge water and use that it is totally fine. 

You can just say a few prayers and calm your mind that way. 

Prayers are very helpful because they help ground us and focus us on one thing at a time. 

All religions have prayers included in their worships and there is a good reason why. Because it works, especially if done right. 

  1. Walking in nature & Forest bathing

Nature and especially forests have a higher level of energy, and it helps us borrow some of that. 

It helps us feel grateful even for the smallest things like an amazing view, or shadow if it’s too sunny. And it also helps us change with positive and healing energy. 

There are many studies done over the years where they demonstrate the benefits of ‘forest bathing’ and how well it calms people and helps them heal and be more positive overall. 

  1. Subliminals 

These are certain soundwaves that when played have a certain positive effect on our brain and body energy overall. 

Without any words, their vibrations influence our own vibration by lifting it higher and therefore helping us feel more grateful for longer. 

  1. Practice of Permission 

This is quite similar to the ‘I am enough’ technique where we’re allowing ourselves to manifest whatever we desire. 

Everytime you’re trying to manifest or talk about your desire, make a point of including the phrase that you’re allowing yourself and giving yourself permission to actually manifest your dream. 

By repeating this over and over again, our subconscious brain will eventually take it in and believe it and release any limiting beliefs we might have. 

  1. Positive people group 

A big part of manifesting is being in the right mindset and at the right energy level. 

Another great way is to be with people who are always positive and vibrant. Usually these people’s energy is quite infectious and therefore making it easier for you to keep your vibration high for longer periods of time. 

This is super effective especially when you’re struggling with keeping your energy high. 

The right people can lift your mood and vibration in seconds. 

  1.  Act as if

By acting as if you already have your desire fulfilled you put yourself in the right vibrational state. 

You’re literally feeling what you would feel if it would be real. 

As the universe only gives you more of what you are not what you wish you had, it will be bound to actually make your desire come true, especially if you’re already feeling it. 

  1.  Law of Attraction groups and forums 

If you don’t have a group of people whom you can vibe with and lift each other up, you can always find groups like these online. 

The more you read and hear of people who have manifested the strangest things, the more you will get to believe it and release any possible limiting beliefs around this. 

  1. Think outside the box 

This might sound a bit challenging, but in order for you to be able to manifest something you don’t have just yet, you need to do something you haven’t done before. 

Going out of our comfort zone can be quite scary. And it can come with a lot of fear. And it is this fear that is blocking you from manifesting many times. 

Hence the more you go out of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you will feel. 

Hence proving yourself that you don’t fear doing new things AND that you deserve your desire because you’re brave and going out of your comfort zone often. 

Key points

Whichever manifestation method you’re using, make sure you include each of the 3 main steps that all of them should have.

Regardless of which manifestation method you’re using, be consistent with them. If you’re constantly jumping from one to another, you’re just signalling God, or the universe that you actually don’t believe it works. 

Feelings of doubt block your manifestation powers. 

Try with something small at first and then as you build up more confidence you can manifest bigger things. 

You do have what it takes to manifest big things to begin with, it’s just that you, yourself, don’t believe it enough. So each technique helps you focus and be more confident that you can do it.


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