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Use These 200+ How Well Do You Know Me Questions Today

Having a healthy and successful relationship depends a lot on your communication with your partner. The more you talk about everything in your lives, the closer you’ll get to one another. Asking some “how well do you know me questions” now and then is just another part of the process.

These questions are also a great way to see if your relationship is steady and for the long term, or if your partner is less committed than you thought.

You can find out if they’re as attentive as you’d wish, and if they’re sharing their life with you as much as you’re sharing yours with them.

Even if you’re already in the relationship for a few years, it’s always a good idea to do a “refresher course” now and then.

No matter what happens after the conversation, you should take the outcome as a positive thing. If you’ll both have the answers to each other’s questions, awesome!

It means you’re very connected to one another and your relationship is a strong and beautiful one. If not, well that’s the purpose of having these talks. Seeing if there’s room for improvement and then working together towards that common goal.

212 How Well Do You Know Me Questions

We all like to think that we know our significant other like no other person in the world, and that the vice versa is also true. While it can be the case at times, we’re always changing as people.

Picking up new skills, acquiring new tastes, switching our beliefs and values as we’re learning more and going through self development.

To always keep in touch with your partner’s emotional side and logical side, reserving at least 10 minutes a day for valuable conversations is a must.

Don’t take it to heart if you honestly don’t know for sure how to answer these questions, or if your partner doesn’t. You live busy lives and must remember a lot of things on a daily basis.

When you learn new information and knowledge, it must be “stored” somewhere in your mind, and sometimes that “storage space” overlaps with other bits & pieces.

Just make sure that focusing on your relationship is also a top priority. After all, the two of you are together thanks to the love, admiration and respect that you have for one another.

Here are some good, basic conversation starters to learn more about each other:

  1. What’s my middle name/nickname?
  2. What are my worst fears?
  3. What’s my favourite food or food type?
  4. What is the best memory that I have from my childhood?
  5. When’s my birthday? (if you see them struggling you can go for the month instead of the day)
  6. What am I most self-conscious about? Why do I think that?
  7. What won’t I eat under any circumstances?
  8. What foods I don’t really like, but will eat them if I’m hungry?
  9. What’s my favorite TV show or actor?
  10. What am I really specific about? What’s my biggest pet peeve?
  11. When I’m feeling down, what’s one thing that can easily make me feel better?
  12. Do you remember our first date? Where did we go, what did we do, when was it?
  13. What’s my favorite animal?
  14. What are my favorite colors?
  15. If I could choose any pet in the world, what would I choose?
  16. Out of any country in the world, which one would I want to visit right now?
  17. Am I more of a long-term oriented person, or do I like to live in the “here and now”?
  18. Is my career important to me, or do I view it as just a job and source of money for my passions?
  19. What do I admire most about you?
  20. What are 3 things I’m trying to change about myself?
  21. What’s my favorite music genre? How about my favorite musician, band, or singer?
  22. Do I like art (paintings, sculptures, photo exhibits etc)?
  23. What do I think I’m really good at, and will even get annoyed if someone says I’m not?
  24. Do I have a positive opinion about myself?
  25. What’s one talent I have that I chose not to pursue?
  26. How are my parents named?
  27. Who’s my best friend and how long have we known each other? What do I like about them?
  28. What scent do I just love?
  29. What do I prefer doing in my free time?
  30. Do I like talking with my parents?
  31. Cats or dogs? Which do I like more?
  32. Do I have any medical conditions that need treatment to be kept in check?
  33. Would I choose to be famous if I could?
  34. What’s one thing that I don’t want people to know about me?
  35. Do I think I’m a prideful person?
  36. Can I admit my own mistakes?
  37. Am I good at keeping a secret?
  38. Was I ever arrested or detained by the police?
  39. What do I dislike more? Doin the dishes or cleaning the house?
  40. Do I prefer cooking, ordering, or eating out?
  41. Who do I get along with better? My mom or my dad?
  42. What are the top 3 things on my bucket list?
  43. Do I like big family gatherings?
  44. Did I like going to high school?
  45. What’s my “role” in my group of friends? How do they see me?
  46. Do I think I have a great singing voice?
  47. What’s my favorite book or author?
  48. Do I play any video games? Do I have a favorite one?
  49. What’s one thing about myself I’m trying to change?
  50. How do you think I describe our relationship to my friends?
  51. Without peeking, what color are my eyes?
  52. What’s my exact street address?
  53. What’s my cultural heritage? Where am I/where’s my family from?
  54. What does the idea of a perfect day mean for me?
  55. Do I have a favorite name? What is it?
  56. What’s my sibling’s profession?
  57. Do I consider myself addicted to anything?
  58. What’s one thing I really love about myself?
  59. How many languages do I speak?
  60. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  61. Do I prefer calling someone over the phone or texting?
  62. Did I ever go to camps with school colleagues or friends?
  63. Do I have a favorite restaurant?
  64. What’s one thing I just couldn’t live without?
  65. Who do I look up to? Do I have a role model?
  66. How many boyfriends/girlfriends did I have?
  67. Have I ever been embarrassed to the point of just not saying anything anymore?
  68. Do I have any “rituals” that I feel like I must do?
  69. Do I like children?
  70. Do I have a driver’s license? If I don’t, do I want one?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Couples

You can be inquisitive about your SO’s knowledge about you in all areas of your life. From job preferences to dreams of travelling to faraway places, don’t let any stone unturned! Here are some suggestions.

Job Questions

  1. Do I get along with my work colleagues?
  2. What do I think about my boss?
  3. Do I enjoy what I’m doing or do I absolutely hate it?
  4. What’s one thing I really like about my job?
  5. Would I be willing to change my workplace? What for?
  6. Have I ever considered turning my job into an entrepreneurial career?
  7. Is my field of work what I wanted to do as a child?
  8. Am I working on anything else apart from my job?
  9. Would I be willing to do contract work?
  10. Do you think I want to be promoted to middle/upper management?
  11. What would I never do at my job, no matter the benefits?
  12. Do I know my peers on a personal level? Do I want to?
  13. Have I ever thought about quitting?
  14. What have I achieved at my job that I’m really proud of?
  15. Do I have any goals for my job for this year?
  16. Money or passion? How did I choose my job?
  17. What do I value more? More money or less work/more free time?

Lifestyle How Well Do You Know Me Questions

  1. Do I want to have children?
  2. Do I want us to move in together in the future?
  3. Do I enjoy having others in my personal space?
  4. How many friends do I think I have?
  5. What do I think of people that live differently from me?
  6. Am I an active person or a couch potato?
  7. Do I care about my health?
  8. How do I react to unsolicited advice?
  9. What would definitely annoy me?
  10. Do I tend to stay angry for a long time?
  11. Do I enjoy solitude?
  12. Do you think I have expectations of you? What would they be?
  13. How many hours of sleep do I usually get?
  14. What’s my go-to free time activity?
  15. Do I like the place where I live right now?
  16. Would I move to another country?
  17. Do I want to speak more languages?
  18. Do I think I’m a judgy person?
  19. If it’s up to me, do I walk the distance, take a cab or take the bus?
  20. Would I pick a smaller apartment with everything I need to be comfortable but it has some maintenance issues, or a big mansion with pools, many garages, 3 levels, huge TVs and my own butler?
  21. Do I drink alcohol or smoke?
  22. What beverage would I choose over another? Sodas, coffee, tea, water etc.
  23. Do I like to make fun of grim situations?

Interests Questions

  1. Am I into pop culture?
  2. Do I prefer fantasy or sci-fi universes?
  3. What’s my Harry Potter house?
  4. Do I play any sports? Do I watch sports?
  5. If I could choose only one, would I pick Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
  6. Am I interested in fashion?
  7. Do I like reading scientific journals or academical studies?
  8. Am I more of a geek or a nerd?
  9. Do I keep up to date with world news?
  10. Do I collect anything like stamps, pressed leaves, figurines etc?
  11. Do I believe in zodiac signs?
  12. Am I looking to learn new skills?
  13. Do I want to travel? Where to?
  14. Do I have a favorite country that I think is just great?
  15. Am I into reading about history?
  16. Do I like to philosophize or do I take the world at face value?
  17. Do I fill my free time with real world activities or escapism?
  18. Do I think I’m similar to any of my favorite characters?
  19. Would I choose to just move to a fictional world if given the chance?
  20. Am I fascinated by any historical periods in particular?
  21. Was I ever considered an outcast because of my interests?
  22. What’s one of my passions that I’ll admit is strange?

Family How Well Do You Know Me Questions

  1. Do I have any values which I got from my family?
  2. Do I have a large family? Do I stay in touch with them?
  3. Do I prefer my mother’s side or father’s side of the family?
  4. Does my family gather during holidays at one big dinner table?
  5. Do my family and I give each other gifts at Christmas?
  6. What religion are my parents?
  7. Was I taught by my family that some things are inherently “good” or “bad”?
  8. Do I want to have children?
  9. What would be the core value I’d have for raising children, if we had children?
  10. What’s my biggest wish for our children?
  11. Do you think I want our children to follow the same paths as us in life?
  12. What’s the silliest family time moment we’ve had together that I hold most dear?

Friends How Well Do You Know Me Questions

  1. How many true friends do I think I have?
  2. Do I value my friends more than I value myself?
  3. Have I ever helped my friends financially?
  4. Would I ask my friends for money if I needed it?
  5. Do I spend time on social media to look at how my friends are doing?
  6. Do I try to stay in touch as much as possible with my friends?
  7. How much time a month do I generally spend with friends?
  8. What are my friend’s opinions of you?
  9. Do my friends approve of our relationship?
  10. Do I rely on my friends emotionally?
  11. How did I meet my best friend? Do we know each other for long?
  12. Would I drop anything to go and help my best friend if they asked me?
  13. What do my friends appreciate most about me?
  14. What do I appreciate most in a friend?

Relationship Questions

  1. What’s one thing I’d like us to do every day?
  2. Do you think I ever feel neglected in our relationship?
  3. What’s more important to me? Expensive gifts or meaningful gifts?
  4. Would I be willing to spend just my money on some of our dates?
  5. What country do I want us to visit together?
  6. Do I dislike any of your habits? Which one?
  7. What do I think of your friends and family?
  8. Do you think I want us to spend more time together?
  9. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever made me?
  10. Do I have any activities I’d rather do alone than as a couple?

For even more questions to discuss with your partner, read our article about 150 relationship questions!

Politics Questions

  1. What are my political views? Am I left wing or right wing?
  2. Would I ever join the army?
  3. Do I have respect for local and national authorities?
  4. Am I a law-abiding citizen?
  5. Would I ever run for office? Would it be a local position, state level or federal?
  6. Do I think the government is using our tax money right?
  7. Do I think I’d do a better job than our government’s doing?
  8. What are my views on political revolutions?
  9. What are my views on sexual and racial discrimination?
  10. What do I think about equality?
  11. Would I share my political views with someone even if I knew they’d ridicule me for it?
  12. Have my political views ever placed me in social, economical or physical peril?
  13. What’s my general view on politics and politicians?

Funny and Random How Well Do You Know Me Questions

  1. What do I put in my bowl first: cereal or milk?
  2. Is pineapple on pizza acceptable in my view?
  3. If I were to choose, would I reach for the chocolate bar or the bag of chips?
  4. What fictional character makes me think of you?
  5. What’s my spirit animal?
  6. How much time can I focus on studying or work before getting distracted?
  7. What bubble gum flavour do I miss from my childhood?
  8. What are some things that make me smile instantly?
  9. Do I think I curse too much?
  10. Have I ever tried learning a musical instrument?
  11. In what juice would I mix alcohol to hide it?
  12. How long do I think I’d survive in the wilds?
  13. Have I ever kissed someone on a dare?
  14. Who was my first or biggest fictional crush?

Bonus How Well Do You Know Me Questions

We’re not done just yet! Here are some final questions with which to test your partner’s knowledge about yourself:

  • Do I like cooking for you?
  • Do I want to see my high school classmates again?
  • Would I take care of you unconditionally if you were sick?
  • Who’s my favorite famous person?
  • What do I think about open relationships?
  • Who was my high school crush?
  • Which season do I prefer?
  • What was I really good at in school?
  • Are there any mysteries in my family that remained unsolved?
  • When did I move out from home?
  • Am I happy with my life right now?
  • Who’s the one person in my life that annoys me to no end?
  • Would I prefer being rich but stupid, or poor but intelligent?
  • How many countries have I visited so far?
  • What do I think about social media?
  • Do I generally trust people?
  • Am I an honest person?

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