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Base Deck + Intimacy Deck


Our Base Deck includes 120 cards to cover the basics of any healthy relationship. Together with the Intimacy Extension Deck – (20 cards) will give you a helpful nudge to your intimate life.

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Dive into the world of Better Topics Base Deck + Intimacy Deck Extension. The card game where couples get to explore deep conversations and have loads of fun.

This isn’t just any card game. It’s a journey through the ever-changing landscape of your relationship.

The base deck kicks things off with questions designed to evolve as you do. Ensuring the answers vary as life throws new experiences your way.

Modifiers in the game twist questions for unexpected fun. While Rewards offer the winning partner a choice of delightful acts or shared activities.

It’s not just about getting to know each other better. It’s about building a stronger bond through playful competition and shared experiences.

Enter the Intimacy Deck Extension, a thrilling addition that spices things up with 20 questions centred around intimacy and the bedroom.

This deck takes the exploration deeper, inviting couples to connect on a whole new level.

Whether you’re looking to ignite a new spark or keep the flames burning bright, these questions are your ticket to a more passionate connection.

The Intimacy Deck doesn’t shy away from the topics that matter most, offering a safe space for couples to express their desires, explore fantasies. And communicate openly about their needs.

It’s the perfect blend of fun, passion, and intimacy, enhancing your Better Topics experience.

And the best part?

Better Topics Base Deck + Intimacy Deck, is perfect for couples near or far.

Whether you’re side by side or miles apart, this game keeps you connected.

So, grab the Better Topics Card Game Base Deck + Intimacy Deck Extension. It’s time to discover, laugh, and love together in ways you never imagined.


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