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Which One Deck Physical


20 extra cards to help you highlight and cherish the differences between you, or shed some light on needed improvements. Ever wondered if you and your partner agree on these differences? Well, find out today! We covered questions such as “which one of us do you think is a better driver and why?” or “which one of us do you think would respond quicker in an emergency situation and why?”.

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Introducing the Which One Deck Physical, the newest extension for the Better Topics Card Game for Couples.

This playful addition throws in 20 cheeky questions that spark debates over who in the relationship is more likely to do something… or not.

Ready to find out once and for all who’s the daring adventurer or the homebody between you two?

This deck is your fun-filled gateway to those answers.

The Which One Deck Physical takes your game nights from just fun to hilariously insightful.

Ever wondered who’s more likely to get lost on a trip or who’s the first to apologize after a disagreement?

Now’s your chance to uncover these quirks and much more. It’s all about getting you laughing and bonding over the peculiarities that make your relationship uniquely yours.

Better Topics has always been about connecting on a deeper level, and this deck adds a light-hearted twist.

While the base deck explores the changing dynamics of your relationship, Which One Deck Physical focuses on the present, capturing the essence of your personalities and behaviours in a playful manner.

Don’t forget about those Modifiers and Rewards from the base game—they’re still here to shake things up.

Modifiers might challenge you to defend your “Which One” answer, turning each question into an impromptu debate that’s sure to be filled with laughter.

And the Rewards?

They’re perfect for celebrating your discoveries, whether it’s doing something the “winner” loves or embarking on a new adventure together.

The Which One Deck Physical isn’t just another set of questions.

It’s an exciting way to celebrate your individuality and the joy of being a couple.

Perfect for those evenings when you want to keep things light, yet meaningful, it’s guaranteed to be the highlight of your game night.

So, are you ready to find out “which one” of you is going to love this deck more?

Grab the Which One Deck Physical together with the main Better Topics Card Game, and let the playful debates begin.

It’s time to add some extra laughter and surprises to your journey together!


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