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Base Deck + Parenting


Our Base Deck includes 120 cards to cover the basics of any healthy relationship. Together with the Parenting Extension Deck (20 cards) it will help you focus on the aspects of being a parent.

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Better Topics Base Deck and Parenting Extension:

Dive into deeper conversations and a bucket-load of fun with the Better Topics Card Game – the ultimate game designed for couples who love to keep their communication lively and engaging.


Whether you’ve just started your journey together or have been navigating the ups and downs of life side by side for years, this game promises fresh dialogues every time you play. Why? Because life changes, and so do your answers to these cleverly crafted questions.


But that’s not all! The base deck is spiced up with Modifiers, throwing in twists and turns that make each round unpredictable and thrilling. Think of them as the wild cards of conversations, keeping you on your toes and ready for laughter or deep dives into each other’s thoughts and feelings.


And let’s talk rewards – because who doesn’t love a good prize? Winners get to choose from a variety of Rewards, which are basically awesome things you can do for each other or enjoy together. It’s all about building love, understanding, and appreciation, turning a simple game night into an opportunity to strengthen your bond.


Now, for the cherry on top: the Parenting Deck Extension.


This add-on brings 20 parenting-focused questions into the mix, perfect for couples navigating the beautiful chaos of raising kids. It’s a chance to reflect, connect, and laugh about the joys and challenges of parenting, ensuring that as your family grows, so does your partnership.


Better Topics Base Deck and Parenting Deck Extension are not just games. They’re your ticket to endless conversations, laughter, and love. Grab your partner, pick a card, and let the bonding begin!


There’s a lot to think about as a parent. However, these questions about parenting can help you clarify where your parenting values lie. Such topics don’t always come to us naturally, but we make them fun & approachable with this bundle.


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