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Base Deck + New Couple


Our Base Deck includes 120 cards to cover the basics of any healthy relationship. Together with the New Couples Extension Deck (20 cards) you’ll have fun questions to recreate your first date.

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Dive into the world of Better Topics Card Game Base Deck + New Couple Extension. The ultimate game for couples craving depth and fun in their conversations.

This game is your go-to for nights filled with laughter and discovery. Designed to grow with you as your relationship does.

The questions, crafted for endless replayability, evolve as your journey together does. Ensuring no two game nights are ever the same.

The base deck is just the beginning, loaded with Modifiers that twist the gameplay and Rewards that sweeten the victory.

Whether it’s doing something nice for each other or choosing a joint activity, winning has never felt so good. It’s about connecting, understanding, and enjoying each other’s company, making every round memorable.

Enter the New Couples Deck Extension, adding 20 essential questions for those fresh on the relationship path.

It’s the perfect tool for breaking the ice and laying down the foundations of a strong, healthy relationship right from the start.

These questions cover the must-discuss topics, helping you navigate the new and exciting waters of your relationship.

From understanding each other’s quirks to aligning on future goals, the New Couples Deck is your roadmap to a deeper connection.

It complements the base game beautifully, bringing even more laughter, love, and insight into your relationship.

It’s about asking the right questions early on and setting the stage for a journey filled with understanding and growth.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to revisit the foundations of your partnership, the Better Topics Card Game Base Deck + New Couple Deck Extension is your ticket to a stronger bond.

Get ready for game nights that are not only fun but also deeply enriching for your relationship. Let the games begin, and may the conversations flow!


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