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The 1 Long Distance Game App You’ll Want To Check Out

Today we’re talking about long distance game app that you can play with your partner. Just because they’re far, it doesn’t mean we should stop playing with each other. 

Long distance relationships have always been talked about with a dose of skepticism, or have been outright harshly criticized by people who really don’t think they can work. To some extent, we must give merit to these claims, in the way that they are definitely more strenuous. However, under no circumstances should they be thought of as impossible to maintain! With enough commitment and effort from both sides, the spark of love will keep growing! What’s more, the modern age has given us the tools we need to keep our long distance relationships constantly flourishing, such as long distance games apps!

Of course, you can always go for a more “classic” date idea, but watching a movie together when you’re cities, countries, or maybe even oceans apart might not always be the best course of action. As long as you’re watching that movie, you’re not really talking to your partner, and shouldn’t that actually be your focus point? We know that just sitting down and having a conversation might not seem like a fun thing to do, but that’s where the game part comes in.

What if you could both have a lot of fun, and also constantly improve your relationship (even, even while being apart from each other)? Well, you can!

Better Topics, The First Replayable Couple’s Card Game

Unlike a standard long distance games app for couples, Better Topics isn’t just about decorating your chat with stickers, storing your favorite memories, or leaving each other notes. Instead, it’s basically a game (with rules and rewards) that helps you both stay in touch with your partner, as well as giving you more meaningful subjects to talk about.

How many long distance games apps do that?

So How Do You Actually Play It?

The premise is simple: you have question cards, modifier cards, and reward cards.

Every week, your digital deck gets shuffled, and you’re dealt 9 cards. You can ask up to 3 questions every week, and get points when answering your partner’s questions. The questions itself are perfect for replayability, and offer you the opportunity to have deep conversations with your partner (e.g. “Who is someone dear to you we could surprise next week?” or “What is something I did or said recently that you would prefer I do or say differently?”).

Even more, you get to spice everything up with the aforementioned modifiers. Ask for more details about an answer, choose to skip your turn, reverse the question to your partner, or choose to ask a question yourself rather than answering! But we’re guessing you’d rather talk to each other than just type since you’re away all day, so, you can! There’s an option for recording both audio and video, so that you don’t spend all day without hearing or seeing one another.

But There’s More!

The long distance game app will give each partner a secret challenge every week, to constantly remind their loved one how appreciated they are. You can take screenshots of these completed achievements, and show them to your loved one the next week.

There’s also the possibility to look back on all of your great conversations, voice memos, video answers, and pictures.

Oh, and by the way, remember we said this a fully-fledged game, with clear rules? There’s a point system to go along with those rules, and you can use them to acquire all sorts of goodies within the game, as well as real-life rewards! And no, there’s no paywall here. Simply earn points for connecting with your partner by answering questions and completing weekly challenges.

Intrigued By The Concept?

Doesn’t all of that sound great? The best part is that we’re funding this very game right now! Give Better Topics’ Kickstarter campaign a look, and support us in creating the first long distance game app of its kind!

We hope you’ll share in our vision of having fun, meaningful conversations with your partner, that ultimately help develop and grow your relationship into something beautiful, even you’re away from each other.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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