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The 17 Best Couple Game Apps to Download Today (iOS and Android)

Are you looking for the best couple game apps to download? 

Being in love is one of those feelings which you can’t describe in simple words, no matter how hard you try. The “butterflies in stomach” is a nice attempt, but we all know it’s more than that. 

Love goes beyond simple passion and constant thinking of your partner. Real love is when you have a genuine wish to spend your life with another person.

To share both the good and the bad. But sometimes, daily life just interferes with your ideal plans. 

Routine can quickly set in. While you still care about the other person, you start seeing them as something else than a romantic partner.

Or, maybe you’re just looking for a way to keep in touch throughout the day because you both have hectic lives. 

Well, here are 17 relationship game apps that are ready to come to the rescue! If you’re looking for intimacy, fun and constant connection, you’ve found the right solution.

Game apps for couples are both a great way to help you bond, and also to just spend time together.

Top 17 Best Couple Game Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

1. Better Topics

Meaningful conversations and plain old fun mixed into one package. Better Topics is the perfect solution for deep and worthwhile communication, with a lighthearted and friendly atmosphere.

There’s a wide variety of “question cards” which players take turns sending to one another.

These treat a lot of subjects: from curiosities, to memories and goals. Greatest among their benefits is that they’re replayable! So, no matter how many times or how much you play BT, you’ll never run out of conversation topics. 

What’s more, you also get to spice up the conversation with “modifier cards”. These bring unique twists on your conversation, or have your partner provide more details to their answer. 

Once you go through most of the question cards, the person who earned more “BT Points” (gained through answering questions) is basically the winner.

The winner then gets to choose 1 card from 3 random “reward” ones. These grant a special boon, like breakfast in bed!

There are also secret weekly challenges to be completed by each partner. As far as couple game apps go, Better Topics is aimed at strengthening the bond between any 2 people in a romantic relationship.

Give it a try today, it’s free to download!

Cost: FREE

Platforms: download on Android or download on iOS

2. Couple Widget

Do you need to keep track of your love life? There are many game apps for couples oriented in that direction. Among them is also Couple Widget, one of the tools in your romantic arsenal of bookkeeping. 

Never forget anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions again. Setting up a calendar reminder is all nice and fine, but Couple Widget is dedicated exclusively to your significant other.

There’s even customization where you can add photos of your S.O.

3. Sexy Dice

If you’re looking for the sexier side of game apps, there’s Sexy Dice for you to choose. This one is all for heating up for your evening date.

True to its name, the app is about shaking your mobile device to spin a few dice around. The outcome is always something naughty, which you and your girlfriend or boyfriend must then “execute”.

Sexy Dice is also a pretty large well of erotic ideas, which you can keep practicing with your partner.

4. Happy Couple

Sometimes, it’s enough for game apps for couples to be simple and classic fun. Happy couple is a series of quizzes which you can enjoy together with your significant other.

After all, it is very important to know as much as possible about the other person.

Discovering each other (and even oneself) is made easy and approachable with these romance quizzes. Additionally, by completing them, you also get access to couples challenges which you can complete together. 

Overall, the app lets you get valuable insights about your girlfriend or boyfriend that you may otherwise have missed.

5. Between

When you’re in a loving relationship, you must aim to communicate meaningfully, not just communicate. Not all couple game apps emphasize this aspect, but Between does. In fact, it’s an app made only for couples.

You can use a lot of free emoticons, gifs and also gif-ified selfies to create wonderful memories together. These precious moments are also stored and accessed easily.

If you want to stay in touch with your partner throughout the day, consider trying Between.

6. Truth or Dare

“Spin the bottle” is a tried and true pastime. It’s great for both groups of people (whether family or friends) and for just 2 romantic partners too. That’s why we’re filing it under the best game apps for couples. 

Depending on who you’re playing it with (and who’s playing in general), you can set what type of questions and dares will pop up (kids, teens, adults). Of course, you can also set custom questions and dares.

Then, you spin the virtual bottle and see what you have to answer or do. For couples, there’s a nice tempo building up to more thrilling questions and dares.

7. iPassion

It isn’t always easy to talk about the kinkier side of life. iPassion gives you an approachable method for discussing these topics. You get questions which you must answer, and then your S.O. has to guess what your answers were.

This leads to better mutual understanding of your intimate likes and dislikes. These types of couple game apps aim to bring you closer to your significant other.

8. Bliss

This is a romantic game for couples designed to be played in bed. However, it isn’t centered on sex or sexuality in general. Rather, it’s about the finer workings of intimacy between the two of you. It’s for creating and sustaining romance.

In practice, it’s basically a board game, with dice and everything. Depending on where you end up on the board, the game chooses one of its prebuilt actions for you.

This depends on what you’re wearing, how long you’ve been playing and other factors. It manages to stand out from other game apps for couples.

9. The Couple

Romance is just about the two of you. The Couple keeps track of your beautiful memories and helps you see just how great your love life is.

Together with your partner, you’ll create a space that’s just for the two of you within the app.

You can write stories, communicate on special occasions, and the app also automatically counts how many days you’ve been together.

10. Kindu

Some couple game apps are there to empower your imagination. This is one of those! Kindu has a ton of relationship ideas that you can put into practice.

It’s also inherently password protected, so no one will be able to sneakily see what you’re doing with your partner.

You’ll send challenges/ideas to your loved one, and they’ll send them back to you. You can also create custom ones.

11. WeFeel

Playing together keeps you together. WeFeel improves communication and trust between partners. You get different mini games that gradually increase how connected you are to one another.

That’s what earns it its spot in this best game apps for couples toplist. 

In a nutshell, its features focus on positive conversations, honesty, generosity and renewed interest in your couple life.

You should definitely give it a try if you’re looking to regain some of the intimacy which got lost along the way.

12. Can’u

This is strictly a sex-oriented game for spicing up your bedroom activities. The whole idea is giving sexy challenges to your partner, but you’re not fully aware of what you’re getting into either.

It is a game intended for people looking for dynamism and spontaneity. 

Aside from not knowing what the naughty surprise is, you also won’t be sure when it’s coming either. This creates exciting suspense. Levels of “hotness” are also available, depending on how extreme you want to be.

13. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Do you constantly wonder if your partner knows you as well as you’d like them to? This fun little game is filled with questions for new lovers, ongoing relationships and newlyweds alike. It’s also great for learning new things about each other. 

There are a few hundred questions available, with a great selection of topics. There’s no rush either; play at your own pace.

Answers also get saved, so you can use them down the line for gift ideas or date night setups!

14. Desire

After you get married, it’s harder to stay in touch with your partner on an intimate level. Daily activities and chores take over, and your concerns are split into multiple directions at once.

If you want to keep your relationship a priority with couple game apps, Desire is for you. 

Stay connected throughout the day and keep love & passion alive through daily dares. These will give you the necessary ideas to maintain freshness in your couple life.

15. Love Quiz

You and your partner both have some hidden sides, no way around it. But, wouldn’t it be better if you knew each other in those ways too? This game app for couples gathers a lot of the best relationship quizzes into a single, easily accessible spot. 

Start testing the strength of your love and knowledge of each other today. Suitable for both girlfriends and boyfriends.

16. Couple Diary

It’s time to build your love story. Couple Diary asks you a question each day. The questions gradually become your relationship’s memoir. The questions are already predefined, and they’ll start repeating after a year, so you can see if and how much you change as people.

We think this is a pretty unique take of the game apps for couples genre.

17. Love Nudge

Intentionally expressing love isn’t on the top of our to-do list usually. Love Nudge looks to help you create more meaningful moments with your partner.

It works its way around the concept of the 5 love languages, and helps you set and track romance goals.

Re-learn to truly say and do the things that scream “I love you” with Love Nudge.

Which to Download First?

With these many couple game apps to choose from, you can feel lost in the details. We strongly recommend to go for our #1 top pick first, Better Topics

Not only is BT built from the ground up to assure quality conversations on a daily basis, but it’s also genuinely fun to play.

The creators are fans of card games, board games and lazy Sunday mornings themselves, so they created a game that they’d like playing too (and they actually do)!

Better Topics was made with love, to preserve love. The mobile app is completely free to download, and you’ll grow as a couple by just playing the game.


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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