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Is This The Secret To Effective Communication In A Marriage?

All relationships can be tricky to manage at times because no matter how committed you are, you won’t always know what the best thing to say or do is. Rest assured, that’s normal! Everyone goes through ups and downs, but effective communication in a marriage has one little secret which you can take full advantage of. 

In fact, maybe calling it a secret is a bit too much, since we’re sure you’ve already heard its praises being sung! We aren’t talking about anything complicated, or convoluted, or even revolutionary for that matter. Effective communication in a marriage, ultimately, hinges on honesty!

Yes, we know, it can sound very cliche at first glance, but we assure you that you’ll come to agree with us. Just read on. 

Honesty Is The First Step

I’m sure you can list a few reasons why you love your spouse, and we’re convinced they are wonderful people, which is why you should always be upfront with them. We know just as well as anyone else that “white lies” can sometimes be appealing, because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or in order to protect them from something.

However, these can gradually give way to you not being as open as straightforward, and the foundation of any solid relationship, romantic or otherwise, is none other than honesty.

Being Honest Doesn’t Mean Being Blunt

As with all things, you shouldn’t take honesty too far. As in, you want to be upfront with your spouse about what you like, dislike, what you expect from them and what you’d prefer they start or stop doing. However, this mustn’t at any point mean that you’re rude about it.

“I hated going to that restaurant” and “I’d have preferred we ate somewhere else last week” are two separate things. And they should be treated as such. Honesty will only ever yield positive results when coupled with mutual respect. If the two of you haven’t talked to each other in a while, and we mean really talked to each other, it might seem that doing so again won’t be worth the effort.

We aim to prove you otherwise.

Connecting With Each Other Again

Generally, people don’t consider sitting down and chatting about important life aspects too fun, but effective communication in a marriage depends on it. Still, there’s no reason why engaging in some better topics with your partner (like “when would you have liked me to give you more space this week”) shouldn’t be fun!

In fact, we’re currently funding our own card game for couples, which offers complete replayability, a complete set of rules, and even rewards. How is it related to the topic at hand you ask?

The main objective of the game is to get you and your partner to simply talk with each other by playing Question cards. We even plan on having a fully-fledged app to go hand in hand with the physical deck and keep you connected throughout the whole day. If you’d like to grow your relationship, why not give it a look? We’re confident you’d find it of great help. 


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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