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50 Signs That He Wants You Badly Sexually And What To Do About It

signs he wants you badly sexually

Today we’re talking about what are 50 signs that he wants you badly sexually and what to do about it!

Alright, listen up, folks! 

Checking out signs ain’t no magic crystal ball to read someone’s mind. 

If you really want to know what’s up, just talk to the person directly. 

Don’t be beating around the bush, be open and honest. 

And hey, remember, consent and respect are like the superheroes of any romance or sexy time. 

They should always be present and accounted for.

Now, I get it, we all have our reasons for being curious about this stuff. 

But remember, when diving into these discussions, keep it real, be considerate, and make sure everyone’s on the same page. 

Because at the end of the day, it’s all about good communication and getting that enthusiastic “yes” from both parties.

How important is sex in a relationship? 

Alright, let’s dive into the importance of sex in a relationship in a funny and informal way. 

So, here’s the deal: sex is like the spicy salsa to your relationship nachos. It adds that extra kick, flavor, and excitement. 

Just imagine eating plain tortilla chips without any salsa action going on. 

Bland, right? Sex is like the secret ingredient that takes your relationship to the next level of deliciousness. 

It’s not the be-all and end-all, but it’s definitely an essential ingredient for a satisfying and spicy romance. 

So, don’t neglect the salsa, my friend!

However, you should make sure you also want it. Otherwise there’s no fun in it. 

When should I have sex in my new relationship? 

Ah, the big question of when to get down and dirty in your new relationship! 

Well, my friend, it’s like deciding when to unleash the secret weapon in a video game. 

You don’t want to use it too early and risk losing its impact. But you also don’t want to wait forever and miss out on all the fun. 

So, here’s the deal: listen to your gut and follow the rhythm of your relationship. 

When you feel that comfortable connection, that chemistry that makes your heart go boom, and you’re both on the same page, then it might just be time to hit that level and unlock some steamy adventures together. 

Remember, there’s no set time frame, no rulebook. 

Just go with the flow, have open communication, and enjoy the wild ride!

Also, don’t be afraid to wait as long as you need to feel it’s the right time. 

Never allow anyone to bully you into trying anything you don’t want to try or do! 

What are 50 signs that he wants you badly sexually?

Alright, buckle up for a ride through these signs! Here are some examples to help you navigate the situation:

  1. Constant eye contact and intense gazes: He’s staring at you like you’re a delicious slice of pizza, holding your gaze like he’s found the lost treasure map in your eyes.
  1. Frequent compliments on your physical appearance: He’s showering you with compliments, praising your looks like a hype man at a beauty pageant. “Girl, you’re hotter than a jalapeño pepper!”
  1. Leaning in close during conversations: He’s getting all up in your personal space, leaning in closer than a kid trying to cheat on a test. It’s like he’s trying to establish a direct connection to your brain.
  1. Touching your arm or back while talking: He’s casually touching you during conversations, like a mosquito trying to land on a juicy spot. It’s his not-so-subtle way of saying, “I’m here, and I like you.”
  1. Sending flirty or suggestive text messages: He’s sliding into your DMs with messages that make you blush harder than a tomato. He’s got a knack for turning innocent conversations into spicy flirtations.
  1. Making innuendos and sexual jokes: He’s a master of double entendres, dropping more innuendos than a comedian at an adults-only comedy show. He’s got a way of keeping things playful and steamy.
  1. Showing off his physical strength or athleticism around you: He’s flexing his muscles and performing athletic feats like he’s auditioning for a superhero movie. It’s his way of saying, “Check out what I’ve got to offer!”
  1. Always finding excuses to touch you, like brushing against you “accidentally”: He’s always “accidentally” touching you, brushing against you like a clumsy puppy who can’t resist getting close. Smooth move, Mr. Subtle.
  1. Constantly initiating physical contact, like hugs or playful punches: He’s a touchy-feely guy, always finding excuses to initiate physical contact. It’s like he’s playing a never-ending game of “I Can Touch You First.”
  1. Excessive teasing and playful banter: He’s the king of teasing, bantering with you like you’re characters in a comedy show. It’s all fun and games until you realize he’s low-key flirting.
  1. Staring at your lips or other erogenous zones: He’s fixated on your lips like a mesmerized puppy watching a treat being dangled in front of its nose. It’s like your lips are the main attraction in a lip-sync battle.
  1. Fidgeting or nervous behavior when you’re around: He’s as jumpy as a kangaroo on a caffeine overdose whenever you’re nearby. It’s like he’s got a case of the wiggles and can’t seem to keep calm in your presence.
  1. Regularly trying to find ways to be alone with you: He’s the master of “accidentally” planning situations where it’s just the two of you, like a secret agent plotting covert operations. It’s like he’s playing a game of hide-and-seek, but the only hiding spot is privacy.
  1. Invading your personal space intentionally: He’s like a curious cat who can’t resist squeezing into the tiniest nooks and crannies. He’s all up in your personal bubble, exploring uncharted territories with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
  1. Frequently mentioning sexual topics or experiences in conversations: He’s like a stand-up comedian whose punchlines always revolve around the birds and the bees. It’s like he’s enrolled in a “Sexual Topics 101” class and can’t help but bring it up in every conversation.
  1. Complimenting your body in a suggestive manner: He’s a master of complimenting your physical attributes, adding a dash of spice to his words. It’s like he’s trying to create a menu of compliments that makes you feel both flattered and a little naughty.
  1. Making suggestive gestures or using body language to convey his desires: He’s a modern-day mime artist, using his body as a canvas to paint suggestive pictures. From eyebrow wiggles to hip thrusts, he’s got a whole repertoire of body language that speaks volumes.
  1. Acting possessive or jealous when other guys show interest in you: He’s like a puppy guarding its favorite toy, ready to pounce on any potential threats. It’s like he’s marking his territory with invisible warning signs that scream, “Back off, fellas!”
  1. Becoming visibly aroused or exhibiting physical signs of desire around you: He’s like a thermometer that shoots up when you’re in close proximity. It’s as if his body has a mind of its own, giving away his desires like a neon sign.
  1. Initiating or suggesting activities that have a sexual undertone: He’s the master of planning activities that are as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. From “let’s go for a massage” to “how about a steamy hot yoga session,” he’s not leaving much to the imagination.
  1. Whispering in your ear or speaking in a low, seductive voice: He’s like a smooth-talking secret agent, whispering in your ear with a voice so sultry it could melt ice cream. It’s like he’s auditioning for a role in a steamy romance movie, and you’re the lucky leading lady.
  1. Sending explicit or provocative photos or messages: He’s like a master of emoji art, using every wink, eggplant, and peach emoji in the book to convey his desires. It’s like he’s writing a modern-day version of Shakespeare’s sonnets, but instead of sonnets, it’s a series of spicy texts.
  1. Making intense and prolonged eye contact during intimate moments: He’s gazing into your eyes like a hypnotist trying to unlock the secrets of your soul. It’s like he’s practicing his “eye contact staring championship” and aiming for the gold medal in seduction.
  1. Becoming more touchy-feely when intoxicated or under the influence: He’s like a walking cuddle monster who can’t resist the urge to turn into a human koala when he’s had a few drinks. It’s like he’s been granted a temporary license to explore the world of touch with reckless abandon.
  1. Finding excuses to engage in physical activities together, like dancing or sports: He’s the king of “let’s get physical” without breaking into an Olivia Newton-John song. It’s like he’s channeling his inner Olympic athlete, always suggesting activities that get your hearts racing and endorphins pumping.
signs he wants you badly sexually
  1. Giving you lingering hugs or embraces that feel more intimate than friendly: He’s a hugger extraordinaire, holding on for dear life as if he’s trying to fuse his body with yours. It’s like he’s creating a “hug time machine” where seconds turn into minutes, and friendship evolves into something more.
  1. Frequently complimenting your sexual attractiveness or desirability: He’s a walking compliment machine, showering you with words that make you blush harder than a tomato. It’s like he’s the president of the “You’re Hot and You Know It” fan club, and you’re the star attraction.
  1. Frequently mentioning his own sexual desires or experiences: He’s a self-proclaimed Casanova, always ready to share his tales of passion and desire. It’s like he’s reciting excerpts from his autobiography titled “The Chronicles of a Romantically Adventurous Soul.”
  1. Sending late-night texts with a sexual tone: He’s the midnight poet of desire, crafting messages that make you go “Whoa!” in the wee hours of the night. It’s like he’s transformed into a nocturnal creature, unable to resist the allure of a steamy conversation.
  1. Playfully biting his lips or touching his own body while looking at you: He’s like a performer in a lip-biting circus, putting on a show that’s equal parts seductive and comical. It’s like he’s auditioning for the role of the “Sexy Lip-Biter” in a cheesy soap opera.
  1. Displaying signs of nervousness or excitement when you’re alone together: He’s like a human-sized jitterbug, fidgeting and babbling like a caffeine-fueled squirrel. It’s like he’s trapped in a rom-com movie, where his nerves and excitement take center stage.
  1. Making excuses to be in close proximity to you, even in crowded spaces: He’s a master of strategic maneuvering, finding ways to be closer to you than a clingy octopus. It’s like he’s playing a real-life game of “Close Quarters Chess,” always plotting his next move to be near you.
  1. Playfully spanking or touching your buttocks: He’s like a mischievous comedian who thinks he’s auditioning for a role in a cheesy ’80s sitcom. It’s like he’s channeling his inner playground joker, taking playful gestures to a whole new level.
  1. Initiating conversations about sexual fantasies or desires: He’s the CEO of the “Fantasy Discussion Club,” always ready to explore the depths of your imagination. It’s like he’s a curious explorer venturing into uncharted territories, eager to know your deepest desires.
  1. Expressing curiosity about your sexual preferences or experiences: He’s a curious cat with a never-ending list of questions about your bedroom escapades. It’s like he’s conducting an unofficial survey titled “Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Partner’s Preferences But Were Too Shy to Ask.”
  1. Frequently inviting you to his place or suggesting intimate settings: He’s the unofficial mayor of “Let’s Get Cozyville,” always extending an invitation to his personal space. It’s like he’s mastered the art of creating the perfect ambiance for romance, complete with mood lighting and a velvet-smooth playlist.
  1. Constantly seeking opportunities to initiate physical contact, even in subtle ways: He’s like a stealthy ninja, finding sneaky ways to touch you like it’s a secret mission. It’s like he’s enrolled in a top-secret course called “The Art of Subtle Seduction,” where every touch is calculated and designed to leave you wanting more.
  1. Maintaining a flirty and seductive tone in his voice when talking to you: He’s the smooth-talking maestro, conducting a symphony of charm and seduction through his voice. It’s like he’s got a PhD in “Seductive Linguistics,” using his voice to create an irresistible melody that resonates with your desires.
  1. Complimenting your physical attributes with explicit language: He’s the Shakespeare of explicit compliments, crafting phrases that make you do a double-take. It’s like he’s the head of a linguistic revolution, reinventing the dictionary to include saucy and spicy definitions for compliments.
  1. Becoming easily distracted or losing focus when you’re around: He’s like a goldfish in a sea of distractions, easily captivated by your presence. It’s like he’s starring in his own personal sitcom, where his attention span shrinks to the size of a peanut whenever you’re nearby.
  1. Engaging in prolonged and suggestive flirting: He’s like a smooth-talking flirtatious ninja, keeping the flirtation game going for what feels like an eternity. It’s like he’s the CEO of a company called “Suggestive Banter Unlimited,” where he takes every opportunity to keep the sparks flying.
  1. Displaying open admiration for your sexual confidence or appeal: He’s your personal hype person, cheering you on like a rowdy sports fan in the stands. It’s like he’s the president of the “Sexy Confidence Appreciation Club,” making sure you know just how incredible and attractive you are.
  1. Talking about sex in a casual and open manner: He’s the unofficial ambassador of “The Talk Show: After Dark Edition,” always ready to dive into spicy discussions. It’s like he’s the host of a late-night radio show, where no topic is off-limits and every conversation takes an unexpected turn towards the steamy side.
  1. Offering massages or physical relaxation techniques: He’s a self-proclaimed certified expert in the art of relaxation, ready to knead away your stress like a human masseuse. It’s like he’s the grandmaster of “The Zen Zone,” using his magical hands to transport you to a world of bliss and tranquility.
  1. Making sexual references while discussing unrelated topics: He’s the king of unexpected innuendos, turning even the most innocent conversations into an adult comedy show. It’s like he’s a walking dictionary of double entendres, effortlessly slipping in cheeky references that leave you simultaneously amused and blushing.
  1. Trying to make you feel jealous by talking about other women or ex-partners: He’s the self-proclaimed master of the “Jealousy Jedi Mind Trick,” using strategic mentions of other women to test your reaction. It’s like he’s auditioning for a role in a drama series, where he plays the heartthrob with a knack for stirring up emotions.
  1. Frequently mentioning his own sexual stamina or prowess: He’s like a walking billboard for his own sexual talents, never missing a chance to give himself a high-five in that department. It’s like he’s the CEO of “The Stamina Academy,” where he proudly brags about his prowess like it’s a gold medal he won in the Olympics.
  1. Initiating or suggesting watching sexually explicit content together: He’s the self-proclaimed director of “Movie Night: Unrated Edition,” always ready to push the boundaries of your viewing preferences. It’s like he’s the host of an adventurous film club, suggesting movies that make you question whether you accidentally stumbled into the adult section of the streaming service.
  1. Making subtle hints about his sexual skills or techniques: He’s the master of the mysterious tease, dropping hints about his bedroom talents like breadcrumbs on a treasure map. It’s like he’s the Indiana Jones of seduction, leading you on an exciting quest to discover the hidden gems of his intimate skills.
  1. Making it clear that he finds you incredibly attractive and desirable: He’s your very own hype squad, expressing his admiration for you like an overenthusiastic cheerleader. It’s like he’s the president of the “Admiration Association,” where his sole mission is to remind you, in every way possible, just how irresistible and desirable you are.

These signs can vary in their meaning and interpretation. 

It’s essential to have open communication and ensure that both parties are comfortable and on the same page. 

Keep the laughter flowing and enjoy the humorous side of relationships!

Remember, it’s important to communicate openly and ensure that both partners are comfortable and consensual. 

And don’t forget to enjoy the playful and humorous moments along the way!

signs he wants you badly sexually

What are 10 things you can do if he wants you badly sexually, but you don’t? 

If a guy is desperately after you in a sexual way and you’re not into it, here are 10 things you can do:

  1. Pull out a “Nope” card: Just whip out an imaginary card from your pocket and playfully wave it in his face, signaling that you’re not interested in joining his team.
  1. Show off your ninja skills: Start dodging his advances like a pro ninja, with quick moves, spins, and ducking techniques. 

Show him you’re a master at avoiding unwanted attention.

  1. Channel your inner comedian: Respond to his advances with hilarious comebacks or puns that leave him laughing but make it clear you’re not interested. 

Make him crack up while understanding you’re not up for anything romantic.

  1. Embrace the power of reverse psychology: Reverse the roles and become the world’s clingiest and neediest person. 

Bombard him with excessive attention and affection to make him realize how it feels to be pursued relentlessly.

  1. Adopt a pet rock: Introduce him to your new best friend, a rock named “Nope” or “Not Today”. 

And insist that it has a higher chance of reciprocating his desires than you do.

  1. Become a master of distraction: Whenever he starts getting flirty, pull out your phone and show him videos of adorable baby animals or engage him in a hilarious dance-off. 

Divert his attention to something harmless and fun.

  1. Create a “Friend Zone” bubble: Literally blow an imaginary bubble around you whenever he gets too close, emphasizing that you value your friendship and aren’t interested in crossing that line.
  1. Deploy the power of absurd excuses: Respond to his advances with outlandish and ridiculous excuses like, “Sorry, but I can only be romantically involved with someone who can recite the entire alphabet backward while juggling flaming pineapples.”
  1. Master the art of ghosting… but in person: Playfully disappear behind random objects or use creative camouflage techniques whenever he comes near, leaving him wondering where you vanished to. 

It’s like a game of hide-and-seek with a not-so-subtle message.

  1. Share your secret obsession: Tell him you have a deep passion for collecting toenail clippings or knitting sweaters for garden gnomes. 

Unleash your weirdest, most absurd hobbies to make him rethink pursuing you.

Remember, humor can sometimes be an effective way to convey your lack of interest while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere.

signs he wants you badly sexually

What are 10 things you can do if he wants you badly sexually and you want him too?  

Alright, if you’re both on the same page and you’re totally into a guy who wants you badly sexually, here are 10 funny things you can do:

  1. Organize a celebration committee: Declare yourself the president of the “Let’s Get It On” club and plan a quirky inauguration ceremony complete with confetti cannons and a catchy theme song.
  1. Create a secret handshake: Develop an elaborate and hilarious secret handshake that you both have to perform before engaging in any intimate activities. 

Make it as ridiculous and entertaining as possible.

  1. Have a consent agreement signing: Design a comically oversized agreement document, complete with fine print and an official stamp, just to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to boundaries and consent.
  1. Get matching “Desire Squad” t-shirts: Rock matching tees that proudly display your newfound mutual attraction. 

Extra points if they come with sparkles, sequins, or outrageous slogans.

  1. Develop a secret code language: Invent a playful secret language that only the two of you understand. 

It could be a mix of inside jokes, funny phrases, and suggestive emoji combinations. 

Use it to communicate your desires discreetly in public.

  1. Create a “Mischief Manifesto”: Draft a silly and cheeky document outlining your joint adventures in the bedroom. 

Include ridiculous objectives like “Master the art of synchronized tickling” or “Conduct extensive pillow fort research.”

  1. Playfully tease each other: Engage in friendly banter and playful teasing to keep the mood light and fun. 

Come up with hilarious nicknames for each other that are both affectionate and humorous.

  1. Plan a themed rendezvous: Arrange a themed date night, complete with costumes and props. 

Whether it’s a pirate adventure or a superhero showdown, let your imagination run wild and have a blast.

  1. Share a “Desire Playlist”: Collaborate on a special playlist that’s all about seduction and passion. 

Fill it with both cheesy and funny songs that capture the essence of your mutual attraction.

  1. Create a “Desire Jar”: Get a jar and fill it with slips of paper containing wild, sexy, or funny ideas for your intimate moments together. 

Whenever you’re in the mood for a surprise, reach into the jar and let fate decide your next adventure.

Remember, keeping things light and humorous can add an extra layer of enjoyment and playfulness to your mutual desires.


In conclusion, recognizing the signs that a guy wants you badly sexually is crucial for navigating your relationship dynamics. 

Understanding his intentions helps you make informed decisions about how to proceed, ensuring both your comfort and mutual respect. 

Whether you choose to embrace his advances or establish boundaries, the key is clear communication and mutual understanding.

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