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Renew Your Love Life With These 10 Question Card Games

Looking for a question card game to renew your love? 


But first, let’s start with the beginning: 

When you want to have fun with your significant other, you might be tempted to think of group activities or parties. But, that’s not all that you can do together. If just hanging out with one another doesn’t seem the most fun activity, you can easily make it so.

One of the greatest ways in which you can spend quality time together is in fact just having a nice conversation. Yes, we’re serious!

Communication is becoming an artform rather than a common occurrence, but it shouldn’t be so. 

It’s true that our attention spans are getting shorter as we’re getting more digitized. However, staying in touch with your partner through texts, memes and gifs alone is not going to develop your relationship.

Now, you have to ask yourself: what’s more important to you? Some momentary fun and staying with the subjects that are easier to approach in conversation?

Or, would you like to deepen the bond that you have with your partner? By planting the seeds of empathy, honesty and openness, you’ll see them bloom into increased happiness in your love life.

Thing is, you have to know how to approach communication in person too. It’s not surprising to most of us anymore to see our friends with their phones when we meet up, or our S.O. browsing the web during dinner.

But, what’s the alternative? Our proposal is some fun relationship card games that’ll help you reconnect. We’re big believers and supporters of actually talking to each other.

So, we’ve made a list of card games that are helpful in this regard.

The Best Question Card Game to Start Reconnecting

If your partner doesn’t seem open to the idea at first, don’t give up! Let them know that it’s just an engaging and fun way for the two of you to get to know each other better.

The games come with their own prompts, rules and questions that’ll make it easy to get into them. 

This way (especially with couple’s games like Better Topics), you get to approach even subjects that you normally wouldn’t, in a comfortable way.

You could even think of it as creating your own therapy session, but it also makes you smile and laugh in the process. 

1. Better Topics

Nothing feels better in a relationship than having a heart-to-heart that enriches both of your lives. Better Topics is a unique card game because it does away with questions that can only be asked once, such as “What’s your favorite movie?”. 

Instead, the idea is having replayable questions that you can discuss each and every time for even more benefits to your couple’s life (like “What small thing can I do next week to show you how much I love you?”).

What’s more, it’s also a fully fleshed-out game. Rules, modifier cards (reverse or skip the question, ask for more details, etc), reward cards for “winning”, the whole package.

The question card game also cover subjects such as goals, memories, curiosities, and more! 

Everything you need to deepen your love and knowledge of each other.

Better Topics is built from the ground up to address the issue of not having enough meaningful conversations with your loved one. But, it does so in an enjoyable way!

Get the physical edition now, or check out the BT mobile apps to keep the conversation going while away from each other. Plain old table-top fun, as well as taking great conversations with you on the go. 

Better Topics is the “refresher course” that your relationship needs.

2. Uncurated

This card game wants to be lighthearted from start to finish, and you can see that on the box too. With bright colors and a design that fits the name, Uncurated is about playing 3 rounds of cards.

You’ll find the questions themselves to be pretty cheery and positive, with a few hard-hitters in there too.

It’s all about striking a balance, right? You play 16 cards a round, and the build-up to the more significant ones is gradual. In the end, you’ll see the game creates a safe space where you get to have powerful and meaningful conversations.

3. Big Talk

Are you done with saying how nice the weather is today? Well then, time to rid yourself of such topics!

This game is mostly directed at acquaintances, or people that just started dating one another, but it works fine in a relationship too. The idea is that the question card game has subjects that are both personal and universal in nature.

Rather than making small talk, the game proposes you go for the “big” topics instead. It’s a great way of discovering more about another person and their view on life. 

The more familiar you are with each other, the smaller the gap between you.

4. We’re Not Really Strangers

Popularly abbreviated as WNRS, the game proposes an idea that’s straightforward: you and your partner (or potentially up to 3 other players too) go through 3 levels of red cards. 

The cards tackle ideas such as perception (of the other player), connection and reflection. Those are in fact the “levels” of the red cards. It should be noted though that the game’s more suited to the early stages of a relationship.

The reason for that is the nature of the cards themselves. The questions are pretty inquisitive, but you’d already know the answers to some of them if you’ve been in an honest relationship for a while.

5. Connect

A relationship game that’s definitely for the grown-ups. Connect goes another route, and does away with the more light-hearted aspects of previous games from this list. Now, the cards are nothing broody, so don’t worry about it.

Connect is simply more about deep thoughts, introspection and even philosophy. There are 100 questions to go through, and even a dice to switch things around rule-wise. You’ll discuss topics like aspirations, appreciation, forgiveness and growth.

Well, they aren’t exactly “questions”. Think more along the lines about being given a subject to talk about.

6. So…

You know that moment when you want to have a more meaningful conversation, but you aren’t sure how to start? Fussing about or dodging around the subject is common, don’t worry about it!

“So…” makes it easier to talk openly with someone by providing 52 conversation starters.

While it’s a great fit for couple life, the card game is also suited to families, friends, and even just strangers. There are 2 major ways of playing: the classic, and the “if I were you”.

With classic mode, you both/all answer the same question. 

“If I were you” stimulates empathy by having another person answer the question like they think the other/someone else would. There’s also the “power hour” mode for larger groups, which introduces alcohol into the mix.

7. Our Moments

An option for everyday use, Our Moments lets you connect better with your partner. You can play it during dinner, in the living room, or on a road trip. In a similar fashion to Better Topics, this card game centers itself around quality time.

After all, that’s the foundation of a healthy relationship. Great conversations, fostered in a great environment. Reimagine your date nights, make time for each other, and stay together in an ever-growing relationship. 

8. Fluster

True to its name, the game looks to fluster you a bit with unexpected questions. It’s a great tool for learning new things about your partner, friends, or family. By playing, you’ll create amazing memories and some potentially hilarious stories to recount down the line. 

The game doesn’t feature any playing length or objective however. You can stop whenever you want, or keep going!

9. Red Flags

We’re willing to bet that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend have had at least 1 date that didn’t go as you imagined. Red Flags basically lets you recreate that in a humorous and engaging manner. 

While traditionally for a group of friends, you can still play in just 2 and change some rules to fit your preferences.

One player can create the perfect date scenario, while the other uses specific cards to present a huge “red flag” about the situation.

It’s basically a question card game, since you learn what’s acceptable or not for your partner.

10. The Hygge Game

The concept of “hygge” is a Danish word that translates to well-being and togetherness. The Hygge card game is designed to create that feeling between its players through questions that will increase your “happiness quota”. 

Are you looking for some cozy conversations and to emphasize the good parts of life? Give this game a look!

Our Number #1 Pick

All the above games are worthy of being on this top 10 list, but only one card game can take the trophy home. We’re giving it to Better Topics, as it has elements from all other 9, plus all the questions are replayable!

Combine that with the big variety of categories and all available extension decks, and you can spend hundreds of hours lost in quality conversations. 

Besides, you don’t even have to be physically together with your partner, as there are apps for both iOS and Android.

No matter where your busy schedules take you, you can easily stay in touch with each other throughout the day.

For meaningful, loving and growth-focused communication, get Better Topics today!


Our mission is to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection.

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