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Past Stories Deck Physical


20 additional cards made to bring up dear moments from your own and your partner’s past. You can expect to have a smile on your face in no time through questions such as “when do you remember having the most fun with your childhood friends?” or “what is a great memory of when you visited your grandparents?”.

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Get ready to travel back in time with the Past Stories Deck Physical. The latest extension for the Better Topics Card Game for Couples.

This deck brings 20 intriguing questions focused on past experiences and the lessons learned from them.

It’s your golden ticket to explore the histories that shaped you and your partner. Making your connection even deeper and more fascinating.

Ever wonder what adventures your partner had before you two met?

Or what challenges they overcame that turned them into the person you love today?

The Past Stories Deck Physical opens up the floor for these discoveries.

It’s all about sharing, understanding, and celebrating each other’s journeys.

Better Topics thrives on deep, meaningful conversations, and the Past Stories Deck Physical adds a rich layer of history to your game nights.

While the base deck sets the stage for endless fun and connection, this extension dives into the stories that often go untold.

Each question is a doorway to the past, inviting you to explore the experiences that have left a mark.

What’s more, the beloved Modifiers and Rewards from the base game get a fresh twist, aligning perfectly with the theme of past stories.

Modifiers might prompt you to share a story in a totally new way, adding laughter and surprise to your trip down memory lane.

Rewards now include creative ways to honour and celebrate those past experiences together, making every round a win-win.

The Past Stories Deck Physical isn’t just an addition to your game night. It’s a journey of discovery. It strengthens bonds by highlighting the resilience, joy, and growth that come from life’s ups and downs.

Perfect for couples who love to look back as much as they look forward, this deck turns every question into an opportunity to learn more about each other’s pasts and appreciate the journey that brought you together.

So, grab the Past Stories Deck Physicaland get ready to uncover the tales that made you, you.

It’s time to celebrate the past, cherish the present, and look forward to the future, together.


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