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Parenting Deck Physical


20 additional cards made to help you focus better on the truly important aspects of being a parent, while also keeping things fun. You can expect questions such as “what life lesson have you tried teaching our children this week?” and “what’s something our children have done this week that you found super funny?”.

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Each question in the Parenting Deck Physical is carefully crafted to spark meaningful conversations.

Whether you’re expecting, already in the parenting trenches, or just planning for the future, these questions get to the heart of what it means to parent as a team.

The beauty of Better Topics?

It’s designed to evolve with you.

And the Parenting Deck Physical takes this to the next level.

As your family grows and changes, so will your answers to these questions.

It’s like a time capsule of your parenting journey, offering new insights every time you play.

Plus, the base game’s Modifiers and Rewards get a parenting twist.

Modifiers will challenge you to think outside the box, bringing laughter and lightness to even the most challenging topics.

Rewards now include parenting wins – like deciding who gets a night off or choosing a family activity.

It’s competitive, sure, but it’s also about celebrating the joys and challenges of parenting together.

The Parenting Deck Physical makes a great addition to your Better Topics collection, ensuring that game night is never just another routine.

It’s a chance to laugh, learn, and grow together as partners and parents.

This deck not only enhances your game nights but also strengthens your partnership in parenting, providing insightful and thought-provoking conversations that can lead to real growth and understanding as a team.

It’s the perfect way to make the challenging journey of parenting feel a little lighter and a lot more connected, making every question an opportunity to not just talk.

But truly communicate and bond over the shared experience of raising a family.

So, grab the Parenting Deck Physical together with the main deck of Better Topics Card Game. And let’s make parenting discussions the highlight of your next game night.

Get ready for laughter, empathy, and a deeper connection.

Parenting is a journey – why not make it fun?


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