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Base Deck + Past Stories


Our Base Deck includes 120 cards to cover the basics of any healthy relationship. Together with the Past Stories Extension Deck (20 cards) you’ll bring up dear moments from your own and your partner’s past.

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Jump into the Better Topics Card Game Base Deck + Past Stories, the ultimate conversation starter for couples eager to explore deep topics while having a blast.

This game promises endless nights of fun, laughter, and discovery, tailored to evolve with your relationship.

Its questions, designed to be asked over and over, reflect the ever-changing dynamics between partners, ensuring a fresh experience every time.

The base deck is a treasure trove of intrigue, featuring Modifiers to shake things up and Rewards for the victors to enjoy together or as sweet gestures for one another.

It’s not just about winning; it’s about deepening your connection, understanding each other better, and making every round count.

Now, with the Past Stories Deck Extension, delve into 20 carefully curated questions that invite you to share the valuable lessons learned from past experiences.

It’s a chance to reminisce, reflect, and reveal the journeys that have shaped you both, offering a unique window into each other’s souls.

The Past Stories Deck isn’t just an add-on. It’s a gateway to intimacy, understanding, and empathy.

These questions encourage you to look back at the moments that mattered, the challenges overcome, and the wisdom gained along the way.

It’s about celebrating your individual journeys and the strength they bring to your partnership.

By combining the foundational game with the Past Stories Deck, you’re set for game nights that are not only entertaining but also richly rewarding.

Whether it’s uncovering hidden treasures from your partner’s past or connecting over shared experiences, Better Topics Base Deck + Past Stories Extension turns every question into an opportunity for deeper bonding.

So, gather around, pick your cards, and get ready to journey through each other’s pasts.

It’s time to add depth, laughter, and love to your relationship with every card you draw.


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