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New Couples Deck Physical


20 additional cards with people in new relationships in mind. Want to know as much about your partner as possible? We have you covered with some Better Topics to discuss, such as “what parts of how I think or who I am as a person do you like most?” or “how jealous do you think I am and what do you think triggers it most?”.

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Meet the New Couples Deck Physical, the newest addition to the Better Topics Card Game for Couples.

Designed for those embarking on a new relationship, this deck brings 20 must-ask questions to deepen your bond from the start.

It’s ideal for sparking meaningful conversations and building a strong foundation for your shared future.

New relationships are thrilling but filled with uncertainties.

The New Couples Deck Physical guides you through these initial stages, helping reveal hopes, dreams, fears, and expectations. It aims to foster important conversations often missed in the excitement of new love.

With questions ranging from discovering love languages to setting future goals, this deck opens crucial dialogues. These aren’t just questions. They’re gateways to deeper understanding and connection from the get-go.

Better Topics champions meaningful connections, and the New Couples Deck follows suit.

It includes the game’s signature Modifiers and Rewards, enhancing conversations and offering ways to act on newfound insights, thereby strengthening your relationship.

This deck is more than a game night addition. It’s a relationship-building tool.

It prompts you to tackle vital topics for long-term joy and compatibility, all while keeping the atmosphere fun and light.

So, pick up the New Couples Deck Physical and start laying the groundwork for your relationship with every question.

Embark on a journey of discovery, understanding, and love.

Cheers to the start of something amazing!


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