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Check Out These 16 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day At Home

Today we’re talking about 16 amazing at home Valentines Day ideas. Valentine’s Day is more about the surprise, the spending of time together rather than where. You can have a perfectly fine at home Valentines day date at home as well. 

Fancy restaurants, expensive gifts, grand gestures and overwhelming getaways. We’re sure that you’ve heard that Valentine’s should be all about the above.

After all, that’s how you showcase your love, is it not? Well, we want to say that it actually isn’t, no. In fact, some well thought out at home Valentines day ideas can be way more satisfying for the both of you.

Love is tied to your home, and home is where the heart is after all! Besides, a lot of places are still under some form or another of COVID restrictions, so it’s really in your best interest to stay at home from all points of view. 

Besides, the love you have for one another surely isn’t tied to a price tag. Most things that you’d normally book in the city can actually be done in the comfort of your own home with little effort.

Additionally, you’ll get to work on them together, so that’s even more inherent value right there.

Not only are you going to be enjoying each other’s company for a romantic night, but it’s going to be a self-made event too. With all of that being said, let’s get into the specifics.

At Home Valentines Day Ideas

1. Cook A Special Dinner Together

Aprons on, it’s time for an at home Valentines idea: cookoff! Sure, takeaway is great and all, but the food’s going to be twice as good for two reasons. You’re making it together, and you’ll have fun doing it.

As a tip though, talk beforehand which one of you is doing what. You don’t want to trip over each other trying to reach the cutting board, the frying pan, and so on. 

If you’re into a bit of friendly competition, do two dishes: you will both cook the other’s favorite meal and then see how it turns out over a romantic candlelit dinner.

2. Create Your Own Spa

Why spend a load of cash on something which you can do at home for basically nothing? Prepare a bubble bath, light some incense and if you have the option, turn on some special lighting to “set the mood” ;).

No ambient lights? No problem! Nothing more romantic than a few candles arranged all around the room.

Turn on some music in the background, and we’re confident that your imagination will come up with what’s going to happen next. Hint: a massage is a great way to put things in motion.

3. Throw A Romantic Picnic

One awesome idea for a Valentine’s at home is to take it just a tad outside your home. Before your partner comes around, lay out a blanket and dress it up with your significant other’s favorite foods.

You don’t have to prepare a banquet, just 3 or 4 items. If it’s already springtime in your area, then just do the usual.

If it’s still snowy though, no reason to rule out this option. Prepare hot cocoa and some extra blankets, and snuggle together while admiring the snow and taking in that clean & fresh winter air. 

4. Go Dancing…In Your Living Room!

Remember your wedding day? How you danced away all worries and it seemed like the whole world could stop spinning for the two of you? Well, time to recreate that.

No need to put on your actual wedding dress or your suit, but definitely dress fancier (although in the case of the suit, we suppose there’s a chance it’s your wedding suit). 

Prepare “your” song, and just wait for your significant other at the door as gallantly or graciously as you can. Don’t be afraid to put on a show either!

Take on the attitude of an over the top romantic character, make your partner remember the day.

5. Have Memorable Conversations Through Our Fun Game

When’s the last time you two just sat down and talked? And we mean, really talked. Not about daily chores, about the bills, about the kids or the annoyances from work.

We mean those conversations about your wants, desires, goals, what you’d like to do together in the future or maybe what you want to change in your relationship.

Meaningful conversations shouldn’t be something you do once a year. Actually, they can be fun & engaging too! It all depends on how you choose to approach the subject, and that’s why we recommend giving Better Topics a shot this Valentine’s day.

It’s our own card game for couples (both physical and app versions) made to help you grow your relationship and become happier.

It’s all accomplished in a fun way, and we even have some special promos dropping for the 14th, so make sure to check them out! The app is free to download, and there are also physical decks for board game fans.

6. Do Some Make-Belief Exploring

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to actually visit a place in order to explore it. Have you always dreamed of Italy’s countryside vineyards, or maybe Japan’s serene vistas?

Time to bring those adventures to you. Do some research online and settle on some thematic and key elements of a place that you both daydream of.

After that, you’ll need to spend a bit of cash on the items you’ll need to recreate the atmosphere, but it’ll be worth it.

Put fitting music in the background, and maybe also have Google Maps open on your laptop so that the places are right there with you in a way.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to go ahead and roleplay as if you’re actually on a trip.

The idea is to embrace the silliness together, as that’s how great memories are made!

7. Create The Greatest Of Scavenger Hunts

Do you know what makes a unique scavenger hunt? Meaningful & fitting “treasures”. For this one, you’ll take a trip down memory lane.

Think of the first gift you gave each other, the place where you had your first kiss, where you said “I love you” for the first time. 

All of them can be tied to a little “treasure” that you can hide around the house (emotionally valuable items, gifts, photos, you name it).

You can then leave romantic notes and clues all over for your partner. Maybe the last thing they find is a bottle of wine that you’ll enjoy together? Or a box of their favorite chocolate? Be creative!

8. Let Your Artsy Side Flow Freely

Are you particularly skilled at an artistic activity? Maybe you have a great voice, or you’re a talented painter, or you make collages like no other. Even if not, no matter!

Once again, the purpose of your Valentine’s together is to enjoy each other and have fun.

The idea here is to create something special for your significant other. A love poem, a drawing of the two of you, a quirky song that you’ll then interpret seriously or jokingly.

Even if it’s a painting of 2 stickmen with a heart between them, chances are it’s still going on the fridge, so have fun and make your partner feel loved.

9. Create A Video Log

Keepsakes are awesome because they remind us of treasured times that have alas passed. They never fade from memory though, and they can become a part of your personal history too!

Do you remember wondering how your own parents met, or wanting to see how they looked when they were younger?

Well grab your phone and start making a recording of the two of you. Both for yourselves as well as for your children. Talk about whatever’s on your mind at the time.

Reminisce on how you two got together, or what your favorite memory is. It’ll be a special occasion forever, and you can always add to this video journal.

10. Write Your Relationship’s Biography

Valentine’s all about celebrating love, and what’s more romantic than putting pen to paper (or you know, keyboard to digital notes) about why you love your partner?

Write in detail about why you love them so much, how they made you feel in the past, and how much they mean to you now.

Talk about that one gift that meant the world to you, or when you went to your favorite restaurant and it was the best outing ever. In other words, make them a personalized love letter that’s about your relationship. 

Valentine’s Day Ideas For New Relationships

While the 10 suggestions above are great ways to spend your day in an already well established relationship, it can be trickier if it’s something new. 

“Fresh” relationships are amazing from all sorts of standpoints: the discovery, the intrigue, the passion; everything stimulates the senses and you overflow with emotion.

Things are a little confusing when it comes to events like Valentine’s though.

Do you celebrate it “normally”, like you already love each other and you’ve been together for a while? Do you just ignore it? We say that the answer is in between.

There’s no reason to go all in just yet, but ignoring it is a risk. Your boyfriend or girlfriend could take offence to it, and it could extinguish the spark abruptly.

So, we say that you go ahead and acknowledge it in a moderate way, that’ll nonetheless show you care.

1. Go For A Hike Or A Walk

Ok so this isn’t exactly “at home”, but you can take advantage of the idea without spending any money. It’s also a safe date idea, with the whole pandemic still being in full force.

A quiet walk through the park or a forest can be precisely what the two of you need. It’s a great opportunity for you to be intimate with one another in a relaxed environment, without the implications of a fancy dinner or expensive gift weighing down on you.

Just stargaze together, breathe in that still clean end-of-winter air, and hold your SO in your arms.

2. Learn Something New Together

Now of course, we don’t mean advanced physics here. Think of something that’d be both enjoyable to learn as a skill, but it involves the both of you. You could, for example, give origami a shot.

Maybe you could create some hearts with a loving message inside, or just have fun and create whatever shape comes to mind. The idea is to spend quality time together.

3. Share Something About Yourself

We’ll go on an educated guess here and assume that you don’t know everything there is to know about one another yet. Besides loving gestures, at home Valentines days ideas are also about growing closer to one another, reinforcing your bond to be that much stronger. 

Tell a funny story from your childhood, or about the first time you tried to cook for yourself and it came out as a mess. You’ll learn more about one another, and by opening up you also make the other person more comfortable opening up.

We’d recommend avoiding talking about your first crush this time though!

4. Make An Awfully Cheesy Playlist

Here’s a new relationship at home Valentines day ideas that’ll stick with you for a while. Get together and select the cheesiest love songs ever for a playlist. Go for guilty passions or just something you can’t stand.

Sure, you might get into a playful fight about “how can you not like this song?!” but it’s all fun in the end if you don’t take it too far. 

You’ll learn more about each other’s music preferences, and if you happen to have a song you both really like, you might’ve just found “your” song.

5. Volunteer Together

Love isn’t always just about the one’s that’s shared between the two of you. Valentine’s can just as well be about spreading love and affection to those around you.

You certainly have people in need in your community, and this is as good a time as any to lend a helping hand.

You’ll both spend time together, and have the volunteering itself as a shared experience and simply a good time. It’ll also make you appreciate each other more for helping the less fortunate.

6. Play A Few Rounds Of Better Topics

Our fun & engaging card game for couples isn’t exclusively for people that have been in a relationship for a long time. Actually, Better Topics even has an extension deck for new couples!

If you find yourself not knowing what to say or ask at times, we’ve got your back. The more you play Better Topics, the more you grow your relationship in every way.

Be sure to check out our at home Valentines ideas and offers. 

And those are our 16 of the best at home Valentines Day ideas, but they don’t have to be reserved just for Valentine’s. Keep them on hand, as you can really make use of them every regular evening of the week.

Actually, the more you do, the more you show your partner that you care.


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