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30 Day Relationship Challenges to Love Your Partner Even More

Are you looking for some fun relationship challenges? 

Are you feeling stuck in a rut in your current relationship?

Things just don’t seem to be moving along in a positive direction, and it’s all becoming a routine?

You can actually improve all of that in just 30 days! No gimmicks or tricks, just a little involvement from the both of you.

Of course, this 30 day “action-plan” isn’t going to be the magical solution to more serious problems. However, every action has a reaction.

So, if you go ahead and put in the extra effort in your love life, you’ll see your partner reciprocating.

Besides, this is a great approach to improve your couple’s life steadily. Big and significant changes head-on can be scary and hard to process. However, this way, you’re incrementally rekindling the flame of your love. 

Just 1 relationship challenge a day, that’s really all it takes. It’s intuitive and straightforward, and you’ll definitely find time in your busy schedules to include it. They’ll barely take 30 minutes to 1h tops of your time anyway. So, no restrictions!

A bit of planning might be required in some cases. However, you can leave those relationship challenges for later on in the month, and prepare for them in advance.

We also advise keeping a calendar of your special 30 days (or just download the image below), so you can track your progress.

If you want to spice up your relationship even more than just 30 days, download Better Topics today.

You’ll get weekly relationship challenges to surprise your partner, and they’re secret too! Besides, it’s also a fully-fledged fun & engaging card game made especially for couples.

Must-Try 30 Day Relationship Challenge

Day 1: Stare into each other’s eyes

They say that eyes are the mirror of one’s soul. When’s the last time you made it a priority to just look lovingly at each other? Not for a particular reason, just to appreciate who’s standing in front of you. Try this out and see the benefits for yourself!

Day 2: Watch a sunrise together

What’s a more romantic vista than the sun rising or setting on the world? Grab a cup of coffee together and just admire the beauty of nature while holding each other close. You can stay silent and just watch, or talk with one another in the meantime.

Day 3: Have a heart-to-heart conversation

The core of any healthy relationship is communication. You should always strive to talk freely about your feelings or personal problems. Your S.O. is also called a “partner” because that’s exactly what they are. Don’t hide your life or worries from them!

Day 4: Recreate your first date

There are few things as exciting as going on that first date with someone new. The anticipation, then tingling in your fingers, the “butterflies” in your stomach. Make the effort and do it all over again.

Day 5: Compliment each other

You’ll dedicate this day to making your partner feel on top of the world. Think about what really makes them smile; what makes their day better. Uplift each other and highlight your qualities.

Day 6: Cook something together

Food is one of those things that brings us all together, no matter our background or preferences. It’s that much better to eat something tasty which you’ve made yourself! So, get your aprons on and sharpen those knives. What’s more, it’s a great bonding experience.

Day 7: Talk about the meaning of love

Love doesn’t mean the same things to all of us. Some appreciate gifts, while others feel a strong need for physical touch. Communicate openly and let your partner know what is important to you.

Day 8: Play a few rounds of “would you rather”

These types of questions are great for understanding better how your partner would react in certain situations. It’s also a fun activity to see if your answers match up.

Day 9: Surprise each other

Bringing a bit of dynamism in your relationship will help “defeat” that feeling of monotony. Maybe you’ll plan a candlelit date night. Maybe you’re taking your significant other to a spa. You can also go for more budget picks, such as a home movie night with associated snacks. The choice is yours!

Day 10: Play a board game

Everything’s so digitized these days that we rarely make time for some plain old fashioned fun. Dust off your old school games and get to playing. Checkers is a great classic pick for two players.

Day 11: Slow-dance in the living room

Put on some fancier clothes and let the music flow in your home. Hold each other tight and just let romance guide your steps in dance.

Day 12: Discuss the important things

You shouldn’t approach just superficial topics in your relationship. You’re looking to build a life together, so you must have a profound understanding of how your partner thinks.

Day 13: Take pictures together

Memories fade in time, but pictures are forever! Whether you’re taking selfies or some more professional pictures, the important thing is having fun. You’ll love going through them together later.

Day 14: Abandon your tech gadgets

No phones, no laptops, no smart watches…basically no tech. Take a walk in the park, or just spend time together reminiscing. The idea is to focus on yourselves.

How are you liking these relationship challenges so far? 

Let’s continue! 

Day 15: Give each other a massage

We bear a lot of tension and stress during our daily lives, and it generally takes a toll on our backs and joints. Help your partner relax for 30 minutes by giving them a thorough massage. It might even lead somewhere else! 

Day 16: Volunteer together

Giving back to the community or just helping those in need can be a very rewarding experience. Seeing someone smile thanks to you can bring a special kind of light in your soul, which is great to share with someone important to you.

Day 17: Share romantic quotes

If you want to convey your feelings in a special way, why not try some classic relationship challenges? Such quotes can be shared via text, phone, or in person. We’re confident you’ll find one that matches your feelings towards your partner. Here are 130 romantic quotes to pick from. 

Day 18: Leave a sweet note

Under their pillow, or somewhere you know that they look daily. For an extra effect, choose a quality material and use handwriting. You can literally write just “Have a great day at work! I love you!”. The idea is what counts.

Day 19: Offer to be of help

We all think about how to help our spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, but they know best what’s inside their mind. Just ask them what you can do for them that day to best support them.

Day 20: Show your appreciation

Saying “thank you” can sometimes be very underrated. Showing gratitude for what your partner is doing is important, and it’ll touch their heart. Make sure to do this in person, as the effect will be greater.

Day 21: Prepare breakfast in bed

If you can be a little sneaky and get out of bed before them, that’s when this works best. It’s a tried & tested sign of attention for a reason. Try it out and see for yourself.

Day 22: Play Better Topics together

Our fun & replayable card game is built from the ground-up to create deep conversations. There are rules, a point system, and everything else you’d expect! We created Better Topics to nurture and preserve love. Download the game today (available on both iOS and Android).

Day 23: Do some renovations

Achieving a set goal together with another person is proven to bring you closer. DIY around your home is a wonderful place to start. Rearrange the bedroom, repaint the kitchen, clean the bathroom thoroughly, you choose!

Day 24: Visit the other’s family

All right, we know this isn’t usually on anyone’s toplist, but it’s a telltale sign you really care. Plan out a day with your SO’s parents, siblings, or whomever else they’d like. 

Day 25: Ask for some feedback

Relationships are about balancing “give and take”. To make sure you’re being the best person you can, just ask to find out.

Day 26: Don’t complain

As in, at all. About anything. We know some days are very testing, but your partner is dealing with their own difficulties too. It’s not always easy to listen to others talking about their problems when you have your own.

Day 27: Create a bucket list

Think on what you 100% want to do together in your lifetime and put pen to paper.

Day 28: List the reasons you love each other

This is a great way of making your S.O. feel loved, respected and appreciated. It’s also very fulfilling if you see your reasons match up.

Day 29: Work out together

You don’t need a gym. You can do push-ups, squats and planks just fine on your own, with your partner hyping you up.

Day 30: Check how well you know each other

We already have a list of 150 relationship questions. Just pick and choose the ones you like best.

Want More Relationship Challenges?

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