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1000 BT Points


1000 points to acquire further features and cards within the online version of our game, so that it can benefit your relationship that much better.

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Better Topics points are the perfect way for you and your partner to add more features to the Better Topics game app.


Specifically, the “1000 Better Topics Points” enhance the captivating Better Topics app. This app, designed with couples in mind, turns communication into a fun and engaging journey. It lets partners explore each other’s thoughts and dreams, in ways they hadn’t imagined.


Moreover, with 1000 Better Topics Points, couples discover a wealth of opportunities to improve their gameplay. These points act as a flexible currency within the app.


Consequently, they unlock exciting modifiers that add a unique twist to the questions exchanged.


For instance, the “Reverse the Question” modifier offers a glimpse into the other’s perspective.

Similarly, “Cancel the Question” allows skipping difficult questions.

Meanwhile, “Add One More Detail” encourages a deeper exploration of answers. These options guarantee that every interaction is both unique and engaging.


However, the perks extend even further! Notably, the Better Topics app is celebrated for its weekly special challenges. These challenges, carefully crafted by experts, motivate couples to venture beyond their comfort zones. They encourage thoughtful acts and shared adventures.


These activities, ranging from simple kindnesses to exciting endeavors, aim to solidify the bond between partners. They do so by creating lasting memories and deepening emotional connections.


Therefore, with 1000 Better Topics Points, the possibilities are boundless. This virtual currency enables couples to tailor their experience, making their app journey as unique as their relationship.


Ultimately, this experience transcends mere question-answering. It’s about fostering a stronger, more intimate bond with each interaction.


Dive into the Better Topics app with your points today.


Begin to weave your unique narrative of laughter, learning, and endless love.


Unlock the full potential of your relationship now by claiming your 1000 Better Topics Points today and start playing with your partner!



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