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Karmic Relationships: What are they and how to Deal with them?

Curious about karmic relationships and what they are? You’re in the perfect place. 

But let’s start from the beginning: 

After 5+ years together with my husband I still feel very much in loved with him. 

He’s my favorite person in the world. He knows, with just one look if I’m sad, happy, or if I want hugs… which is mostly a yes!… but you know what I mean!

And our connection has been super strong from the very first time we met. 

We hit it off soooooo well from the very beginning. It felt more like reconnecting with an old friend after years of not having seen each other. 

More like HOME. It felt like everything I ever thought a romantic relationship should be. 

We got married within 6 months of meeting each other. And we’ve been as happy, if not happier, as at the beginning of our relationship. 

I’m not telling you all of this to boast about my relationship. 

Okay, maybe I am just a little. But mainly to show you that things like these CAN happen if you’re intentional about them. 

But it also got me thinking about karmic relationships and soulmates and all of that. 

In our case I really feel like we’ve known each other for a long time. Or maybe I just recognise myself in him so much…. 

Whichever the reason, I started researching more and more about karma in general, karmic relationships and soulmates. 

This is what I’ve found out! 

What is Karmic Relationship?

Before getting into explaining things about what a karmic relationship is, I urge you to keep an open mind. I am going to talk… or write… about past lives, soul, soul connections and things like that. 

If this is not up your alley… it’s ok… you can continue by reading other types of articles that we have on the blog. 

If you’re interested in truly finding out what a karmic relationship is, please continue reading. 

A karmic relationship is usually referred to as a bond, or connection between two souls. But not any connection. A deep rooted one, that has been interrupted and not allowed us, or the other soul to finish some learning that we had to do. 

We’re all souls at the end of the day. And we all came to Earth to learn through experience. It’s one thing to read or know something in theory. And it is a totally different thing to actually experience it. You have a deeper understanding of what you know. 

There are certain things that we experience by ourselves, as individual souls. And there are certain things that we can only experience together with others and in relationships with others. Be it romantic or family or even just as friends. 

So a karmic relationship develops between two souls that have to learn a few lessons from each other, and/or together. But something happened and the connection got severed before they completed the lessons. 

This can be anything as an accident. Or maybe even one of the souls wasn’t truly ready to learn all the lessons they had to learn together. 

So what happens is that as the souls reincarnate through different generations. There comes a time when both souls meet again and are ready to pick up the learning from where they left off. 

By this time the new learning chapter will be different as in the meantime, those souls might have learned other things too… It’s not like they just floated around doing nothing hahahaha! 

The karmic relationships can be good, intense, or even negative. We have to learn from each type anyway. 

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

So how do you know that you actually have a karmic relationship with someone. Or if you do have one at all? 

Karmic relationships can be both positive and negative. Not necessarily at the same time.

Let’s start with 10 positive signs that you have a karmic relationship: 

  1. A feeling of intense spiritual connection and understanding.

It is a very hard feeling to describe. It’s like meeting a good friend that you haven’t seen in years. And you reconnect as if you’ve just seen each other the other day. This feeling… but with a stranger. Someone you’ve never met before. 

I know it might seem difficult to imagine… but when you actually experience it… trust me… you’ll know! 

  1. A feeling of deep trust and unconditional love between the two of you.

A karmic relationship doesn’t have to necessarily be a romantic relationship. It can be. But it is not necessary. 

You can also feel a deep trust and unconditional love towards a really good friend. Or your actual partner,  or even a member of your family. 

It’s like trying to diagnose an illness. You need to look at all the ‘symptoms’ before you can actually put a label on it. 

So let’s continue with the other signs. 

  1. You often have a feeling of “oneness” when together.

Basically you feel complete. Like nothing is missing. Like there isn’t anything else you want or need as you’re fully happy with just having them around. 

You don’t even feel hungry anymore. Because love and connection gives you enough energy to nourish yourself. You don’t need food for energy as much… love literally fills you. 

  1. Each partner can freely express their feelings without fear of judgment.

You feel like you can literally be yourself and tell them anything. They won’t judge you. They’ll love you the way you are and you don’t have to change anything about yourself. Maybe improve a little as this is one of the purposes of karmic relationships. 

Still you will find that you can easily communicate with this person, although you might not have known them too long. 

  1. You always find creative ways to work through any issues that arise.

You both feel comfortable even when issues arise. And you know you can work out anything and nothing is too big of a problem. 

  1. Communication is always open and honest.

You know you can trust them to be honest with you in everything. From telling you if your clothes do actually fit you the way you want them to… to more serious issues like ditching unhealthy habits, or unhealthy people in your life. 

Also if something is not working properly in your relationship with each other, they will be open to discuss it and even find ways to sort it out. 

  1. You always find joy in the simple things you do together.

You don’t need to be climbing Everest together to be happy. You can, but you don’t need to. 

Even the smallest things, like a walk in the park, or a coffee together would bring you joy in a positive karmic relationship. 

  1. You both have a strong sense of mutual respect for each other.

Respect usually comes with certain boundaries. Where there are certain things that you just don’t do to those whom you respect. 

And not just out of politeness. But rooted from the love you have for each other. 

This type of respect is not commanded or imposed. It is simply given. 

  1. You both have a strong sense of purpose and higher meaning in the relationship.

You feel that the two of you coming together is more than just spending time together randomly. Is to helping one another grow internally. 

It is more than just hanging out. It is about growing and evolving together and become better because of it. 

  1. You both have a strong desire to grow spiritually together.

Because the connection is so strong you feel that the growth you’re going through together is so much more than just a friendship, or a romantic relationship. 

It’s the person you want to grow with and support each other on your spiritual growth. 

There also are some negative signs of a karmic relationship. 

I did say previously that karmic relationships are meant to help us learn different lessons. Unfortunately not all of them are positive, happy vibes lessons. There can be some difficult ones to learn too. 

Here are some … not so positive signs of a karmic relationship. 

  1. Unhealthy patterns of codependency; 

You might feel that, although the person you’re having the karmic relationship with, is not the healthiest person. Or that they are somewhat dragging you towards a path you don’t really want to go on… you still cannot seem to be able to pull away. And stay away. 

  1. Lack of trust and communication; 

Although you might be quite close to this person, you don’t feel like you can trust them or what they say. 

Mainly because time and time again they’ve proven to you that they cannot be trusted. And yet, you still cannot pull away for some reason. 

There still is something like a string holding you from fully releasing them and fully terminating the relationship.

  1. Unresolved conflicts; 

There also might be some unresolved conflicts. Those things that have been left unsaid. Once said you know it will be the end of the relationship forever. But you still cannot get yourself to ‘pull the plug’ and actually do it. 

So you end up pushing it under the rug. 

  1. Power struggles and manipulation; 

We might not even notice these, especially in the beginning as 

  1. Lack of emotional or physical intimacy; 

Through intimacy we get to experience someone on a deeper level. We get to connect deeper and better. Understand and feel them closer. 

The same is true for both emotional and physical intimacy. 

However there might be people who literally lack showing these. And there too is a lesson that we can learn from. 

We get to experience how that feels too in contrast with true intimacy. So we recognise intimacy when we see it. 

  1. Feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied; 

  1. Difficulty setting boundaries; 

The closer the person the more difficult it is to set boundaries. Although you’re trying, somehow you never seem to be able to do it properly and it might even backfire. 

  1. Feeling taken for granted; 

Not feeling appreciated in a relationship, whether romantic or not, can also be a sign of a karmic relationship. 

You still have a lesson to learn in this too. Either to ask for what you want or to simply not accept that kind of behaviour anymore and move on. 

It can still teach you a lesson of self-worth and self-love. You don’t need anyone else to love you as long as you truly love yourself. 

If they do, that’s like a bonus, but you don’t need them to love you. 

  1. Feeling like a victim; 

Feeling attacked in a karmic relationship can be quite a common occurrence. 

The good part about it is that once you realize you have these feelings, you can take steps to either get help and get out of the relationship or actually stand up for yourself. 

  1. Unhealthy attachment and fear of abandonment.

Like the other signs, this too can help you realize what are the areas you still need to work on. 

The good part is that if you do the necessary internal work on yourself, your outside circumstances will also change. 

And even if you had to go through a relationship that had all the negative signs and none of the positive, you can rest assured that it had a purpose. And that purpose was for you to learn and evolve. 

To become better, stronger, smarter and to stand up for yourself. 

Unfortunately not all karmic relationships are positive. Or better yet, they have both positive and negative signs that you can notice. 

But what they all have in common is that they are happening so we can learn. We can learn and experience true love, commitment, and support. And we can also learn the negative side of it: manipulation, lack of trust and communication, feeling taken for granted and so on. 

And how do you know which one is a karmic relationship? 

You can have multiple karmic relationships in your life. And not always with the same people. Each person comes into our lives to help us learn and grow. 

The karmic relationships give us the opportunity to actually become more patient, loving, kind, wise. 

When we pray for kindness we don’t just get kindness. We get the experiences and situations that give us the opportunity to be kinder. 

Same goes for love. We don’t just get love. We get situations that allow us to be loving. 

5 Difference Between Twin Flame, Soulmate & Karmic Relationship 

Now that you have an introduction as to what a karmic relationship is, I want to help you not confuse them with soulmate, twin flame relationships. 

As I previously mentioned, a karmic relationship doesn’t necessarily need to be a romantic relationship. 

We can have a karmic relationship with a friend, partner, or even a family member. 

Here are 5 differences between karmic relationships and soulmate relationships. 

  1. Karmic relationships tend to be much more turbulent, while soulmate relationships are generally more peaceful and harmonious. 

  1. Karmic relationships are focused more on the past and lessons to be learned, while soulmate relationships often look forward to a future together. 

  1. Karmic relationships may be more short-term and fleeting, while soulmate relationships are more likely to last a lifetime. 

  1. Karmic relationships often involve an unequal balance of power, while soulmate relationships are based on mutual respect and understanding. 

  1. Karmic relationships can be emotionally draining, while soulmate relationships often provide a supportive and uplifting environment.

Karmic Relationship Stages

Similar to the karmic relationship signs, the stages as well can be positive and negative. 

Essentially there three main phases: 

  1. The Meeting Stage. 

This is when two individuals come together and learn about each other. When they actually meet, connect and start sharing to get to know each other better. They might even share secrets and also become more intimate. Emotionally or maybe even physically. 

A lot of people confuse this stage with ‘falling in love’ stage of a romantic relationship. 

  1. The Awakening Stage

This usually happens when the two people in a karmic relationship realize there is a strong connection between them and that the relationship is more than just friends. 

Some might try to fight this connection hence why they might outright react negatively. 

Hence why you might notice some of the negative signs of a karmic relationship at this stage. 

  1. The Transformation Stage

Depending on the lesson you both had to learn from this karmic relationship, this is the stage where you either experience a deep sense of love and understanding for each other, or this is the stage where things actually start to break down. 

Usually this is when the two people involved in this karmic relationship learn to accept and appreciate each other as they are. Or it can be the stage that marks the beginning of the end of the relationship, if they don’t. 

It really depends if the lessons were learnt and whether you need each other afterwards or you can both go on your separate paths from now on. Moving on to the next level as you’ve both learned your lessons in this one. 

Or if things get very intense, more intense than you can handle, maybe you’ll decide to put the lesson on hold and the relationship will just fade away. 

 The good news is that although it might be a karmic relationship you’re having with someone, and you might have to learn a certain, or multiple, lessons, you still have free choice and you can decide how to learn it, and whether to learn it now or at a later date… as in a next life. 

Purpose of a karmic relationship 

The purpose of a karmic relationship is to help us learn from our past experiences and work through any unresolved issues. 

It is typically an intense and emotionally charged relationship that can bring up issues from past lives, such as unfinished business, unrequited love, or unresolved conflicts. 

These relationships often involve powerful lessons that require us to look at our own behavior and learn from our mistakes in order to heal and grow. 

Ultimately, the goal of a karmic relationship is to help us become more conscious and balanced individuals.

How to survive a karmic relationship?

Surviving a karmic relationship can be a difficult challenge, but it is possible. Here are some tips to help you survive a karmic relationship:

1. Acknowledge the karmic cycle. Acknowledge that this relationship is part of a larger cosmic cycle, and that it is teaching you important lessons. This acceptance can help you be more patient and understanding with yourself and your partner.

2. Set boundaries. Establish boundaries and make sure that both parties are clear on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

3. Communicate openly. Speak openly and honestly about your feelings and expectations for the relationship.

4. Practice self-care. Make sure to practice self-care and take time for yourself to process your emotions.

5. Have patience. A karmic relationship may take time to unfold and it is important to have patience and not rush the process.

6. Seek support. It can be helpful to have supportive people in your life that you can talk to and get advice from.

7. Let go. When it is time to let go, do so with grace and understanding. Acknowledge that this relationship served a purpose and has now come to its end.

By following these tips, you can survive a karmic relationship and learn valuable lessons that will help you grow.


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