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500 Better Topics Points


500 points to acquire further features and cards within the online version of our game, so that it can benefit your relationship that much better.

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Well, say hello to 500 Better Topics Points for the Better Topics app!

Ready to turbocharge your couple’s game night?

This isn’t just any upgrade. Indeed, it’s your ticket to the ultimate bonding experience.

Imagine endless nights filled with laughter, discovery, and just plain fun.

And the base deck?

Consider that merely your starting line. With these points, you’re embarking on an epic journey of conversation and connection.

Now, the genius of Better Topics?

It lies entirely in the questions.

These prompts, designed for the long haul, are the kind you can revisit time and again. As life inevitably throws us curveballs, and as things change, so do your answers, offering a fresh glimpse into each other’s minds with every play.

But here’s the spicy part: Modifiers and Rewards.

Modifiers cleverly twist the game into hilarious, unexpected turns, while Rewards focus on giving.

Whether choosing a treat for your partner or selecting something fun to do together, it’s not just about winning. It’s about giving back, creating a win-win every round.

By introducing a whopping 500 Better Topics points into your game, you’re unlocking more questions, more Modifiers, and yes, more Rewards.

This endless variety keeps the game fresh, exciting, and deeply rewarding.

Prepare to dive deep into meaningful conversations, all while maintaining a light and fun vibe.

Moreover, don’t let distance dampen your gaming spirit.

The Better Topics app excels when you’re apart, too.

Whether traveling, at work, or simply missing each other, just whip out the app to keep that connection strong.

Engage in real-time play or leave each other surprises to uncover.

It’s akin to being together, even when physically apart, perfect for maintaining that spark, no matter where life leads you.

So, get ready for an adventure filled with connection and loads of fun with these 500 points.

Let the games begin!


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