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Intimacy Deck Digital


With this intimacy card game, you’ll get 20 extra cards designed specifically to lend a helping hand for your intimate life with your partner. You’ll ignite a brand new spark in no time with questions such as “what specific place would you like us to have a bit of fun in next week?” or “what’s something you’d like me to try or practice next time we get intimate?”. Have fun with online question cards while your intimate relationship gets spicy.

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Step up the heat with the Intimacy Deck! The newest extension for the Better Topics Card Game for Couples.

This sizzling addition introduces 20 daring questions. Focused on intimacy and bedroom secrets. Ready to explore each other’s desires and fantasies in a fun and safe space.

This deck is your key to unlocking new levels of closeness and excitement. Deepening your connection in the most playful and intimate ways.

Whether you’re aiming to spice things up or simply understand your partner on a deeper level, these questions are designed to get you both talking, laughing, and maybe even blushing.

It’s the perfect mix of fun and passion. Making your game nights unforgettable.

Better Topics thrives on creating meaningful conversations. And the Intimacy Deck takes this mission into the realm of romance and physical connection.

While the base deck covers a wide range of topics, this extension zooms in on the aspects of your relationship that often remain unspoken. Providing each question as an opportunity to express your feelings, desires, and curiosities.

Moreover, don’t worry, the beloved Modifiers and Rewards from the base game are here to enhance your experience.

Modifiers might prompt you to answer in a flirtatious manner. Adding a layer of excitement to your confessions. While Rewards are about giving back in the most intimate ways. From a romantic gesture to fulfilling a secret wish.

It’s all about building intimacy, one question at a time.

The Intimacy Deck is not just a set of questions. It’s an adventure into the heart of your relationship, designed for couples who are ready to explore their boundaries and connect on a level they never thought possible.

So, light some candles, set the mood, and dive into the Intimacy Deck.

It’s time to discover each other in ways you’ve never imagined, making every moment a step closer to ultimate intimacy!


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