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3000 Better Topics Points


3000 points to acquire further features and cards within the online version of our game, so that it can benefit your relationship that much better.

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Unlock endless fun and deeper connection with 3000 Better Topics Points for the Better Topics app!

This card game, designed specifically for couples, turns every conversation into an adventure of discovery and laughter.

With these points, you’re set to explore an expansive range of questions that grow with your relationship, ensuring you never run out of things to talk about.

The beauty of Better Topics lies in its dynamic questions.

Even if you ask them over and over, your answers will evolve just as your relationship does. It’s like having a new conversation every time you play, keeping things fresh and exciting.

But that’s not all.

The base deck comes loaded with Modifiers and Rewards that take the game to another level.

Modifiers throw in unexpected twists, making each round more interesting. Rewards, on the other hand, offer the victor a choice of sweet gestures or shared activities, turning competition into cooperation and deepening your bond.

Now, with 3000 points, the game’s depth and variety explode.

You’ll unlock more questions, more Modifiers, and more Rewards, guaranteeing your game nights remain a highlight of your relationship.

It’s the perfect blend of fun, passion, and meaningful conversation.

And here’s the kicker: the Better Topics app shines even when you’re apart.

Whether separated by work trips, living in different time zones, or just missing each other during the day, this app keeps you connected.

Engage in playful banter or deep discussions, leaving messages for one another to find, or playing in real-time for that instant connection.

It transforms distance into an opportunity for growth, making it feel like you’re together, even when miles apart.

So, dive into the 3000 Better Topics Points and let the conversations, laughter, and love flow. Whether together or apart, make every moment count.


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