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110 Couple Goals You Should Set for Your Relationship

What are couple goals 

 No matter what stage you are in a relationship, there are always couple goals to strive for. 

Whether it is making your partner laugh more or being more communicative, these 110 relationship goals will help improve any partnership!

Couple or relationship goals usually refer to goals that are set by both partners, for their relationship. Goals for them to achieve together, as a unit, as a couple.

How to set goals as a couple 

When trying to set some couple goals for you and your partner, there are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  1. Have a discussion about likes and dislikes. 

Even if you think you know your partner, it is still important to have an honest discussion about what it is that they like, what is important to them and what general direction they would like to go towards. 

  1. Make a note of their answer and include it in the couple goals lists you create together. 

I know this might sound straightforward. However there are many couples where one partner says they are asking questions, but they are not actually listening or taking on board what their partner told them.


  1. If you want to do something and your partner doesn’t, try to see the potential for any common ground where you can meet in the middle. 

In the case that partner definitely doesn’t want to do it, then it will have to be something you do on your own, as long as it is not hurtful or disrespectful towards your partner. 

  1. Should you feel your partner is not doing the work towards the common goal, try to support them in one way or another. 

Some of us are better at some things than others. It might just be a case of them not knowing what to do, or not having the appropriate motivation to work towards that goal. 

By discussing things together thoroughly you can get to a common ground and negotiate how to move forward. 

  1. The below couple goals are suggestions. That doesn’t mean that you HAVE to do or fulfil all of them with your partner, or that you cannot add to them if you wish. 

The list is more of a suggestion list, to help you get started and build from there. 

  1. Don’t forget to have fun and include many fun couple goals for your relationship. 

  1. Make a list of rewards. 

For each goal you should have some rewards for each other as well. This can be anything from a new t-shirt to a book, to a special night or weekend together. Or anything else that you both might enjoy. 

  1. With couple goals it really helps if you put a deadline to it and also a step-by-step plan. This makes it more real and more achievable. 

The most fun part of couple goals is that you get to work towards something together with your partner. 

100 Couple Goals You Should Set for Your Relationship 

Health related couple goals 

  1. Take age-appropriate vitamins and supplements

For each age group there are certain vitamins and minerals that should be taken every day. 

Unfortunately, our food is not as nutritious as it used to be when everyone was growing their own. Therefore, it would be wise to start supplementing. 

Try to find plant-based options and with less chemicals if possible. 

  1. Swap out the remedies and ointments you’re using. 

Try to find more wholesome and plant-based remedies and ointments 

Especially for home remedies and creams, try to find more natural ones, with cleaner ingredients. 

Even the things we put on our skin goes into our body. So why not do this as a couple as well. Where you both want to be healthier, bit by bit. 

  1. Enjoy excellent health by getting rid of anything that ails your bodies. 

Make a list of all your illnesses and your partner’s as well. 

Then take one by one and educate yourself on it as much as you can and help your body heal from within. 

You can do this in a few different ways. You can do it by making dietary adjustments, stress management and even by getting rid of toxic people around you. 

I’m NOT saying that you should give up your medication. I’m saying that you should HELP your medication work better, by taking better care of your body. 

Again, you can do this as a couple, and you can be each other’s support system. 

  1. Figure out a nutritious and delicious diet that you both can follow long term. 

Changing one’s diet is quite challenging, especially if you are moving towards a healthier lifestyle altogether. 

Because this is quite a big task and it rarely can be done in one go, try to do this together with your partner so you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

  1. Get adequate sleep. 

I know for some it is easier said than done, but if you truly have a good night’s sleep, your whole next day will be more energized and even less prone to stress. 

  1. Eat more vegetables

Again, this should be quite straightforward, but so many adults don’t eat their veggies. 

Make a plan and a goal of introducing a certain amount of veggies at EVERY meal, or at least at the main ones, like lunch and dinner. 

  1. Find healthier options for desserts and snacks 

I personally have a massive sweet tooth. And every time I’m trying to stick to a healthier eating way, I immediately tend to crave sweets. 

One way around this is to create and make my own sweets, with better and cleaner ingredients and sometimes even with low sugar and full of flavor. 

Just so you don’t get overwhelmed, try to find at least 1 dessert that you like, and it is somewhat healthy. 

Then after a while try to find another and add it to the list. 

You don’t have to find all the recipes overnight. 

It is ok if it takes you a bit of time to build your list of favorite recipes. 

  1. Give up alcohol 

Alcohol is not good for you. Literally everyone knows this. 

Then why is it so difficult for people to actually give it up? Partially because of peer pressure. 

Therefore giving up alcohol at the same time as your partner does, it helps you both as you can support each other when you’re having withdrawal issues. 

  1. Give up smoking 

Same as above with alcohol. But you also get to use some nicotine patches until you get rid of the habit of lighting a smoke. 

Then you can slowly get rid of the patch too and be smoke free and clear out your lungs. 

  1. Have regular check-ups and tests done to make sure all is well. 

Often, we think we’re ok just because nothing hurts… or nothing is too uncomfortable. 

However, I know of many people who found illnesses in their very initial stages, and got treatment quickly, and definitely less damaging, just because of a routine check-up. 

Mental health related couple goals 

  1. Set some boundaries for each other and for you as a couple and others, like family, friends etc. 

When it comes to mental health, there is more and more evidence that we need to do something about protecting ourselves and our space. 

A big part of our stress can also come from other people in our lives. Like our families and even toxic friends. 

Let this be your queue to start either removing toxic people from your life or at least significantly reducing the interaction with them. 

You should notice how much better you feel just because there is nobody sucking out the energy out of your life. 

  1. Focus on self-love. 

Make a list of how you could both practice more self-love. 

Help each other out to find fun and great ways to do that. 

  1. Practice daily gratitude, either together or separately and share it afterwards. 

Practicing gratitude daily does not only help us get more of what we want, but it also makes us feel better.

It also helps us genuinely be more appreciative of the things and people we already have in our lives, only leading to us getting more of the same things. 

Regardless of your religion or cultural background, you can always find what to be grateful for. 

  1. Go to therapy, either together for your relationship, or just to support your partner through it. 

Unfortunately, there still is a lot of stigma around therapy. Which is quite sad, considering how many people would actually benefit from it. 

These days there are different types of therapy available via online as well, so you don’t even need to leave your house anymore. 

If you feel shy about it, then just don’t mention it to your friends or family. 

However, I do suggest you should both do at least 1 session of therapy together. Even if you don’t necessarily think you need it.

After doing at least one session you can decide whether that is something you two want to continue or not. 

But you might be surprised at the amazing benefits you get out of one session. Even if you think your relationship is going well.  

  1. Meditate, preferably together if you can. If not, separately will be fine as well 

Meditation has been demonstrated to help quite a lot with one’s mental health. 

If you both do it, it will only help the both of you and your connection as a couple. 

You also get to support each other whilst doing it. 

  1. Do positive affirmations daily 

Throughout the day we tend to fall back on old sayings, whenever something happens. This only reinforces certain beliefs that we have. However, not all beliefs we have are good and serve us. 

By doing daily positive affirmations, you slowly start replacing negative beliefs with positive ones and training your brain to focus on the good and positive things in life. 

  1. Have a ‘No Negative Words’ Day once a week. Increase it once you get used to it. 

This is a lot more difficult than it sounds like. 

We’ve tried doing this quite a few times, together with my husband. 

We didn’t even realize how often we used negative words throughout our day. 

However it does get easier the more you do it. You train your brain to pay more attention to what you’re saying, and after a while of doing it, you will see that your brain automatically will start thinking in better words. 

If you’re struggling with doing it for a full day, try for a few hours or even half a day and increase as you get better and better at it. 

  1. Shake things up once in a while. 

Break out from monotony. 

Monotony is good, but sometimes you just need to push yourself to do something else for a change.


Even if just to experience a new thing or place once in a while. It refreshes your mind and your energy.


And you might even find yourself being more adventurous by doing this. 

  1. Start a gratitude journal for each other. 

I started one for my partner a few months ago.

Although I haven’t been as consistent with it as I would have wished, I still gathered quite a few meaningful pages. 

I’m planning to give this to my husband on a special occasion. 

You can either do the same or maybe give it as a Christmas gift. 

  1. Reduce your time on social media. Swap this with 1 activity you can both do together. 

Social media is definitely fun. But it does tend to occupy such a large portion of our days and lives altogether. 

As we tend to put limits on children of the amount of time they should spend on social media, we should start doing that to ourselves as well. It will only benefit us. 

So instead of spending 4 hours on social media, try taking at least 1 hour of that and spend it together with your partner, doing something fun. 

Either going for a walk and a good conversation, or going on a date. Or maybe even just playing a board game together. 

This will not only help you with your eyesight, but also with bonding with your partner. 

Christmas couple goals 

  1. Visit a Christmas market together. 

If this is not much of a goal for you. Try to visit as many Christmas markets as you possibly can, and get only 1 thing from each. 

It’s a super fun goal and filled with lots of Christmas spirit and cheer. 

  1. Have mulled wine together. 

But not any mulled wine. Have all the variations possible of mulled wine from around the world. 

  1. Do a Christmas movie marathon together and popcorn, or hot chocolate. 

I’m all for healthy eating and no sugar as much as possible. And there are healthier versions of popcorn and hot chocolate as well if you wish. 

But nothing says Christmas and winter holidays like cuddling up under a blanket and watching some good funny Christmas movies with your favourite snack. 

  1. Try volunteering together with your partner for the holidays. 

If you’re going away for the holidays try to either do it whilst you’re away, or just before you go. 

Don’t leave it until you get back as you might change your mind and not feel so giving as you were before the holidays. 

  1. Build a snowman together. 

This helps you work together as a team. 

And also reminds you of your fun childhoods. 

We should remember to have more fun together with our partner. 

  1. Go ice skating.

 If you don’t know how to do it, even better. You get a chance to learn. 

My husband and I don’t skate, but that never stopped us from being around an ice-skating rink. 

I love people watching and seeing them ice-skate. Also, I love seeing their excitement whilst they do it. 

  1. Do a Christmas photoshoot. 

I know to some it might sound cringe, but you should still do it at least once. Even if just to cross it off the list. If you find it difficult to do it in a professional photoshoot, set up a corner in your own house and do multiple shots. 

Put some Christmas lights and carols in the background to get you both in the mood. 

  1. Bake Christmas cookies together. 

Even if one of you doesn’t know how to bake, the other can hone their patience and teach. 

And you also get to have some delicious snacks at the end of spending time with your partner. 

  1. Have a Christmas ‘LIGHT’ walk around your neighborhood to see all the Christmas decorations in your area… and I mean all of them. 

I used to always ask my dad to come with me around the neighborhood to watch the lights. Literally every Christmas growing up. 

It has been like our little tradition that we used to do together. 

But as I’ve moved away to a different country, we stopped doing this as many times we would barely see each other for the holidays. 

However I’ve started doing this together with my husband and it still gives me great joy to see all the colorful Christmas decorations and the creativity that some people have. 

  1. Escape to an amazing Christmas lodge, just the two of you. If they have reindeers and a hill where to sledge even better. 

I’ve grown up thinking that for Christmas you have to literally run yourself into the ground with all the cleaning, cooking, preparing and guest waiting.

However, recently we’ve started going away for Christmas, or just before. Mainly because we didn’t want others to feel like they have to invite us over and go through all the stresses that the holidays can bring. 

And let me tell you. We enjoyed ourselves quite a lot. 

I suggest you do this at least once to see how it is. 

Family related couple goals 

  1. Fraternizing with the ‘enemy’. Try to spend some time with a family member of your partner’s that you don’t know much about.  

Do something fun together. That usually helps. 

You would be surprised to actually see what type of a person they are and what life experiences they had. 

You would certainly be more understanding of the way they are right now. As our experiences tend to mold us into the people we are right now. 

  1. Do something nice for someone in your partner’s family. 

Then do the same for someone in your family as well. 

Do like a little something to surprise them. 

It will not only make them happy for the unexpected surprise, but it will help you tighten the bond you have in your relationship because you’re coming together to surprise a loved one. 

  1. Have a family adventure day. 

Go somewhere new, have some challenges for each member of the family. 

  1. Choose a family mission. 

Also have matching t-shirts maybe? 

When you have a family mission, it gives you drive and a sense of purpose. 

Then everyone can contribute towards the mission. 

  1. Show more gratitude to someone in your family, or your partner’s family. 

This is quite similar to the above surprising goal, but different. 

This is about just connecting with someone in your family and your partner’s family and just letting them know how grateful you are for having them in your lives. 

Even if you think they know, actually telling them will make such a big difference. 

  1. Ask all the couples in your family how they’ve met. 

Make a photo album with their pictures and write their story under their pictures. Then for Christmas you can gift this to each couple that is in the album. 

Maybe even attach a picture from since they were young and one of how they look now. 

  1. Plan a theme for each family visit. Either around a holiday, or someone’s favorite animal or colour. 

It will give you something to really look forward to every time you meet. 

  1. Reconnect with a distant relative you haven’t seen in quite some time. 

One issue that keeps coming up, especially when it comes to family, is that sometimes we get the feeling that certain people only get in touch with us when they need something. 

What if you would just get in touch with someone and you wouldn’t really need anything from them? 

  1. Weekly family dinner 

Going to a weekly family dinner together with your partner can be quite a challenging thing, especially if they don’t really get along. 

However, by continuing to do this, you get to also support each other through more difficult situations as well. 

  1. Start a new family tradition

I love having cute family traditions and also the fact that I can include my husband in them as well. 

With my husband we’ve started a few by now and we keep them with excitement as they have a special meaning to us. 

One of the most important ones is to spend time with our families, either mine or his, or both, at least once a week. 

It’s not always possible to do it, especially if we’re traveling. But when we’re home we make it a point to see them and not just connect over the phone or internet. 

House related relationship goals 

  1. Do a DIY together 

This can be anything from changing some burnt out light bulb, to some more grandiose projects, if you’re up for it. 

My husband is not really good with DIY, whereas I LOVE IT. 

But he still is helping me at times, and I do appreciate him for it. 

  1. Fix up at least one place or corner of your house together 

We all have that one place in the house where most things just get thrown and it never looks clean or organized. 

Why not do this together and then you both have the satisfaction of having achieved a great feat. 

Although you might think that a corner like this doesn’t really matter, it actually does more than you think. 

Even if you don’t see it all the time, it still drains your energy as it is an open loop, that is at the back of your mind. 

  1. Do a big clearout. 

Go through things together and decide what you want to keep and what can go. It can be either donated, sold, or thrown away. 

Often, this falls on one of the partners. 

But what if you both do it together? 

This way it is not only a chore you need to do, but you also get to spend more time together… and maybe add some music to it too? 

  1. Keep the house super clean and neat for one full month. You both need to work on this. 

We have a running joke together with my husband where we constantly say that we should have more guests around the house. As those seem to be the times when we both clean it and keep it tidy. 

Otherwise we get so busy with work and other things that we literally just throw things around the house and it is days before we get to tidy up properly. 

  1. Your own corner. 

Design and create a space only for your partner. Somewhere in the house where they can either curl up with a good book, or play their favourite board game, or even do their favourite hobby. 

This will help your partner feel super appreciated and happy. 

  1. Make a list of all the improvements you both want to do around the house. 

Prioritize them and plan a budget and timeframe. Even if this won’t get done overnight, you both should be on the same page about the house you’re living in. 

  1. Go and see some open houses together. 

It will give you an idea of what’s on the market, and also you might get some cool design ideas you didn’t think about. 

And who knows, you might even end up finding a house you will actually buy together. 

  1. House viewing… your own house. 

Have a fun tour around your house, as if you’re house viewing. 

It will give you a new perspective and some great ideas of things to change or improve together.


  1. Get rid of old furniture that you hate anyway. 

Either sell it if it is still usable, or just throw it out and clear out the space. 

This is something that you can do together and feel good about doing. 

Even if you cannot replace it immediately, by creating the space you are most likely to actually put something that you will like and enjoy using. 

  1. Treasure hunting. 

Do a treasure hunting spree for something related to your house. Either a piece of furniture or even just a decoration. 

The catch is to do it at an unlikely place. For example a flea market or a second hand shop. 

Who knows, you might be surprised by the good quality and not expensive things that you might find and want to take home. 

Friends related relationship goals 

  1. Make a list of friends you actually want to keep and are enjoying spending time with. 

Agree on which one are those that you both consider toxic and try to limit your time spent with them.


Toxicity is like a bad apple, the only thing it does is spread and before you know it, your relationship starts to go downhill too. 

  1. Stay away from friends’ drama. 

It won’t help your relationship. 

If you can help them and want to then that’s fine, just try to keep away from the actual drama. 

Drama never helped anyone and others do tend to drag people in it just because they can. 

Don’t let yourself be dragged into anything, even at the risk of them getting hurt or upset by you.


This goes for both of you, by the way. Protect yourself and your relationship with your partner. 

  1. Be honest and be kind. 

If you think your significant other has friendships that are dragging them down, make sure to let them know how you feel. But please remember to be kind when you’re telling them that. Also be prepared for them not to let go of those friends. 

  1. Make plans and schedule them to go out with friends on set dates. Like a weekly games night or something. 

Even if it is not going to happen EVERY week, at least you have something booked. 

Once booked it has higher chances of actually happening. 

  1. Have a city break together with your friends. 

It always is interesting to see your friends in a different light. And going to a new place will certainly help with that. 

It also gives you a chance to see how you and your partner are different, if you are in a different city and still around friends. 

  1. Have a bake off with your friends. 

Have a challenge where you and your partner bake something and your friends need to bake either the same thing or something different and then see who won. 

You can do this either at your place, or at theirs. 

It is quite fun and challenging too. 

And you get to have 2 desserts in one night… what’s not to like about that?

  1. Surprise your friends with something unexpected. 

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. 

But it does have to be something thoughtful and that shows how well you know each other. 

If you do this together with your partner, it will be easier as you have a teammate on your side. 

  1. Challenge your friends to do a health goal. 

If you do this in couples, it not only makes it more difficult, but more fun too. 

You also get to spend more time together when you’re working out, or even just having longer walks or hikes. 

And you will have more than one accountability partner. 

  1.  Don’t criticize your friends. 

Even if they’re your best friends, refrain from criticizing them. 

Instead opt for friendly suggestions. Have your partner help you with this. 

Either with giving you alternatives you can use or even just to keep you in check when you overstep. 

  1. Play Better Topics The Dating Game and learn about their funny dating experiences from the past. 

You don’t need to get into the specific details, but it would still help you both get to know your friends even better. 

Travel related relationship goals 

  1. Make a bucket list of places you want to travel to 

Include at least 1 place where you wouldn’t normally think of traveling to. For example if you love warmer climates, find one place that you would actually like to go, even if it’s colder. 

  1. Have a set weekend each month, or every few months, where you’ve doing a short city break together. 

  1. Travel to a place that your partner would like to visit. 

And who knows, you might end up liking it too. 

You get bonus points if you also plan some fun things to do in that place. 

  1. Do a virtual tour together. 

Because of what has happened in the past few years, many tourist places almost went bankrupt. 

However, due to virtual sightseeing services they could still help people who couldn’t physically travel, see amazing places, as if they would be there. 

You also get a guide that is showing you everything and you get to be a part of that from the comfort of your own home. 

  1. Map out your hometown, or city and find the most cheesy and ‘touristy’ attractions. 

Visit those places together with your partner as if it would be for the first time. 

  1. Go on a bus tour in your city. 

I knew most of the buildings in my hometown, but I never actually knew their history. 

So, when a bus tour option came along, I didn’t even have to think twice about going on it. 

Got my husband to join me and we’ve enjoyed it a lot more than we thought. 

It was a mixture of recognising the buildings, and also learning about their amazing history and purpose. 

  1. See the Northern Lights. 

You do have to be mindful of the time of the year you’re going, as they don’t always appear. 

But if you are lucky enough to catch them, they’re an amazing and incomparable sight to be seen. 

  1. Visit a pyramid. 

Although your first thought might go straight to Egypt, there are actually loads of pyramids around the world. Just not all of them are so well known. 

Find the nearest to you and make sure to visit it and get a guide if you can as well. 

It is always more interesting to listen to someone tell you its story than read about it. 

  1. Visit a cathedral near you. 

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, but a cathedral is generally a work of art and it can tell you so much about the period in which it was built. 

You also get to see the stained glass windows from inside and enjoy the light that comes inside through the windows. 

Why not experience this with your partner? 

  1. Go on a cruise together. 

Many have the impression that cruises are for old people. 

However, I think they’re a great idea, even if you only do it once. You get to be in a floating hotel… literally… and get to wake up in a different place every day and visit so many different cities in a week or two. 

I think this is one of the best combinations ever! 

Finance related relationship goals 

  1. Set a saving goal for you as a couple. 

This is especially important if you have a separate account. Have a joint savings account where you can both contribute for things that you would both enjoy together, a house, a car, a holiday. Whatever you guys want. 

  1. Set a spending limit per month and week. 

In every relationship there is one who is the spender and one who… is not. 

In my relationship I am the spender, by far. However, when we have something to save money towards, I do put a limit for myself and our overall household spending habits. 

This helps us get to our budget goals quicker. 

  1. Start contributing towards a ‘war chest’ 

A ‘war chest’ is usually referred to money put aside that you don’t touch unless you really, really, REALLY have to. 

My husband and I use the ‘war chest’ money for bigger investments. And we don’t touch this money for literally anything else. 

Figure out how much you both can contribute towards it every month and set it so it is automatically removed from your main account. 

After a while you will even forget about it, and before you know it, you’ll have saved quite a pretty penny for your investments. 

  1. Find new ways for both of you to increase your income 

This can be anything from teaching a course on your expertise, to diy crafts to even a second part time job if you want. 

  1. Unsubscribe from all platforms that are not serving you live a better life

Only once I went through each of my bank cards, I realized how many useless subscriptions I’m paying every month. And they all add up. 

Even if you think it’s only $2, it still ads up, especially if you have quite a few subscriptions that you’ve signed up for. 

Be quite frank with yourself and go through both of your subscriptions lists and clear the unnecessary ones. 

  1. Make a list of everyone who owes you money and start asking back for it. 

It might not seem like an easy task, but unless you ask for it back, it is very likely that they’ll either drag their feet or not even give the money back. 

And this will lead you to just build up resentment. 

You should both make this list and each tackle your own list. 

Make sure to support each other when doing this as it is not easy or straightforward all the time. 

  1. Make a list of everyone you owe money to and start paying them back. Discuss monthly payment plans, or set deadlines for yourself. 

This goes the opposite way as well. If you owe people money, make a list and set exact deadlines of when and how you will start paying them off. 

Some might agree to give you chores instead of asking for money. 

Be honest with yourself and your partner and also the person you’ve asked money from.

Everything can be figured out if you really want to. 

  1. Find investments that you would both agree on 

Even if one of you is better with money than the other and even with investing, still discuss these together. 

Your partner might see things from a different perspective, which can also be helpful when deciding on a new investment. 

  1. Have a special savings account for holidays and save towards that every month. 

Holidays and traveling can be quite a sensitive topic for some, especially as it has a lot to do with finances and budgets. 

If you know you get stressed every time a holiday is approaching, make sure to set up a specific savings account only for the holidays. 

Even if you only put $10 – $20 in it every month, over a year it still adds up and by the time the holiday season comes around, you have a bit of help. 

If you do this as a couple, it will lead to an even bigger budget to spend on holiday related things. 

  1. Read a finance related book per month, together with your partner. 

Aside from the basics of increasing your income and saving as much as you can for investments, make sure to also read up about it once in a while. 

It might give you some really good alternative ideas of how to become financially more stable with less work. 

And although money doesn’t bring happiness. We all know that it helps keep it, especially in a relationship where you don’t have to constantly worry about it. 

Fitness related relationship goals 

  1. Run a half marathon or a full marathon together 

  1. Get fit and lose x amount of weight or gain x amount of muscle. 

Each one of you should choose your own goal. Share it with each other. And work together towards it.

  1. Commit to viewing your fitness journey as a lifestyle change and not just a diet with a deadline. 

  1. Compete in a race together. Either something like a mud race, or a circuit type of race. 

If one of you is fitter than the other, you should work as a team and help and support each other. 

  1. Set a minimum number of steps you should do per day. The minimum number is 10k steps. But if you’re used to walking then  you can increase that. 

There also are many apps out there that reward you for walking more. 

Also, whilst you’re having walks with your partner, you’re not only getting fitter but you also get to have interesting conversations with each other. 

  1. Stop snacking when you watch tv. You can work out whilst watching something, or just have a walk on a treadmill. 

If neither are an option then every 30 minutes of a movie you take a 5 min break and do a light 5 min workout. 

I love movies, and one way to avoid laying for too long on a couch and snacking is that I watch them whilst I’m walking on the treadmill at the gym. 

This way the walk doesn’t even seem strenuous or like it’s taking too long. 

The more you do this with your partner the better. 

  1. Do 100 squats per day 

If you’re at the beginning of your fitness goal you can start with less and as you get stronger increase the number of squats. 

Whichever of you guys is reaching 100 the quickest wins a prize. 

Make sure not to reward yourselves with food. 

  1. Do 50 push-ups per day. 

If you’re anything like me and can barely do 1 push-up, then try with wall-push ups until you get better at it and then increase the incline, and hence the intensity. 

It might take you a good few weeks or even months to get to do a full push-up with correct form. But that’s the goal, right? 

Once you do 1 good one you can start working on increasing the number. 

Again, don’t reward yourself with food when you reach a new milestone. 

  1. Do a 30 seconds hand-stand

Same as before, but work towards a handstand. 

  1. Once you reach your ideal fitness level keep it for at least 1 year. 

Our bodies have a certain baseline. Even if this baseline is not the healthiest, the body is always trying to get back to that because that is where it is used to being. 

Therefore, in order to make your fit body a baseline, you need to keep this level of fitness for at least 1 year. 

When the anniversary for it comes round, make sure not to reward yourself with food. 

Pampering relationship goals 

  1. Have a weekly couples’ massage

If you cannot do it weekly, then at least once a month. 

You get to enjoy something super relaxing together and something you both look forward to. 

  1. Set a weekly date night, only for the two of you 

Date nights are super important in a relationship. More so if you have children. 

Having a set weekly date night can help you so much especially when your lives get busy. It helps  remind you to reconnect with each other as your partner is your closest teammate. 

  1. Have a gift jar. 

Get some popsicle sticks and divide them in 2. Give half to your partner and you each have to write smaller gifts that your partner could give you. What are some gifts you would like to get? 

Do be aware of your finances as a couple and don’t put anything crazy unless you know your partner will be able to fulfill it. 

Also write your name on yours, so in case you end up drawing yours, you’ll know to just put it back into the jar. 

Your partner should do the same. 

Once you have all of them written down, put them in a jar and label it accordingly. 

Whenever you want to surprise your partner, choose a gift from the jar and either do that (if it’s a service or act) or get that for them (if it’s an item). 

This is super useful especially when important anniversaries come up and you have no idea what to get for your partner. 

And it also helps your partner get something nice for you too. Something that you will definitely like. 

  1. Have a spa day once in a while with your partner. 

You both deserve a relaxing day once in a while. So why not just book a spa day for the both of you. 

You get to work on so many different things together, why not also relax together. 

  1. Go to the cinema once a month. 

Get some nice popcorn or cheesy nachos. Or both, if you’re anything like my husband. 

  1. Wine tasting. 

You get to enjoy some good wine and also learn more about it. 

  1. Hire a chef for a romantic dinner at home. 

Although you might be able to cook a very good meal, sometimes you just don’t want to be the one cooking. 

And you deserve a little extra pampering, where you can get a private chef to cook a special meal just for the two of you. 

  1. Visit a local chocolate factory 

The good thing about visiting a chocolate factory is that the tour always concludes with tasting a looooot of chocolate… What’s not to like about that? 

  1. Lazy Sunday at the food market. Taste a little bit from various food stands. 

I love sharing my food. Or better yet, sharing my husband’s food. And we get to do this when we’re going to a food market where we get to taste a bit from a large variety of foods from around the world. 

  1. Sunbathing together with your partner. 

Take a day off, get some Vitamin D, and just relax together with your partner. 

Children related relationship goals 

  1.  Read 1 parenting book per month. Each partner should read at least 1 parenting book per month. It can be the same some. And then take note of the techniques you want to use in parenting your child or children, if you have more than 1. 

  1. Each partner spends 1 on 1 time with the child, separately, at least once per week. If you have more than one child, make sure you spend time with each. This can be anything from 1 hour to a full day. It depends on your usual schedule and how many children you have. 

  1. Keep a united front for at least 5 things each week. Children are always trying their limits. And this is one way they experiment and learn. Many times it might be easier, at the moment, just to give in to their request and please. But keeping a united front makes it better for the child’s long term education. This way neither partner will undermine the other’s authority. The more you do it, the easier it will be with more and more instances. 

  1. Make a list of all the important lessons you both want to teach your child, or children if you have more. 

Every week or month pick one and work on that with your partner. 

  1. Learn a new language together with your child

There are a few ways you can do this, and your child will be more likely to want to learn if he sees the two of you excited about learning as well. 

  1. Be a coach or supporter at the little league, where your child is playing. 

Not everyone can coach, but if you can’t then you should definitely be there to support them. 

  1. Build a wooden treehouse with your children. If you don’t have the tree, then just build the house. 

The good thing about that is that nowadays there are many blueprints online that you can work with. 

And you also get to build something with your child, or children, and spend quality time with them. 

  1. Watch documentaries with them and try to be as curious and open to the documentary as they are. 

  1. Have a picnic in the park with your children and play frisbee

Again, some quality time and relaxing as well. 

  1. Go to Disneyland. 

I believe this is self-explanatory. You’re never too old or too young for Disneyland. 


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